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Hey :) can you tell me some Chanyeol's facts? i'm trying to get to know exo better, and your previous facts really helped me xx

  • Chanyeol comes from a somehow wealthy family
  • He’s not actually that much of a “happy virus”
  • Chanyeol doesn’t know to read music notes, he plays every single instrument by ear
  • Before entering SM, he appeared in a talent show/contest
  • He’s a Coldplay fan
  • Apparently, he used to have a girlfriend before joining EXO
  • Chanyeol is a very romantic guy
  • He used to be self conscious about his ears but now he thinks they’re his main charm along with his deep voice
  • He’s very close to Baekhyun
  • Chanyeol’s female crush is Sandara from 2NE1. His Cyworld was full of 2NE1
  • He likes Secret’s Hyosung and Miss A’s Suzy
  • Chanyeol loves to annoy Kyungsoo 
  • Whenever he’s with Baekhyun at the dorms, he gets hyper. They’re pretty loud (please don’t misunderstand)
  • He’s never satisfied with his dancing skills, so he often asks Sehun/Jongin for help. As a trainee, he often stood till very late in the night, in hopes of improving
  • Chanyeol used to play in a band named “siren”
  • His parents own a Italian restaurant called “Viva Polo”
  • In sixth grade, Chanyeol attended a meeting called “ferret-loving club” since he used to have a ferret as a pet
  • He’s quite good at beatboxing
  • In his spare time, Chanyeol likes to compose and produce his own songs
  • When he was young, Chanyeol’s parents sent him to the Philippines so that he could study English
  • Along with Suho and Jongin, he appeared in DBSK’s HaHaHa song 
  • Chanyeol also appeared in SNSD’s Genie M/V (JPN. Ver)
  • He can take alcohol quite well compared to other members
  • Chanyeol is the kind of person who never gives up