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30 Day KPOP Challenge

Day 12: The very first k-pop song you’ve ever heard

LOLLIPOP - BIG BANG & 2NE1. My cousin’s friend who’s my friend on facebook posted the music video, it looked weird but I decided to watch it anyway. The first thing that caught my attention was the dance. It made me want to learn it because I love to dance. Then I started to look for more BIG BANG videos and I fell into Kpop. It was a big change for my because I used to listen to emo/rock music like My chemical romance and Green Day. I got out of my depression phase and now, because of this one song, I’m happy everyday! ^^

Myers Briggs Types as Asian M/Vs

ESFP: Psy - I Luv It

ESTP: Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang

ISTP: Lim Kim - Awoo

ESFJ: Girls Generation - Oh

ISTJ: Lee Hi - 1. 2. 3. 4

ISFP: G-Dragon - A Boy

ENTP: G-Dragon - Crayon

ESTJ: BTS - Dope

ENTJ: 2ne1 - I Am The Best

INTJ: Blackpink - Whistle

INTP: Norazo - Superman

ENFJ: Got7 - Just Right

ISFJ: Twice - Knock Knock

INFP: Twice - TT

ENFP: Bigbang & 2ne1 - Lollipop


Pt.I : Day [Listen]
Comeback when you hear this song - 2pm // I swear - sistar // Darling - girls day // A - got7 // nana - jay park // solo day - b1a4 // idea - akmu //  party(xxo) - glam // summer love - f(x) // starlight song - f(x) // falling in love - 2ne1 // hot summer - f(x) // happiness - red velvet // touch my body - sistar // lollipop - 2ne1 // too very so much - myname // don’t flirt - winner // bang bang crossroads - electroboyz // attack on bangtan - bts // bang diggy bang bang - mfbty // open the door - wonderboyz //
Pt.II Night
beautiful night - b2st // tonight - bigbang // don’t forget me - girls day // like oh - got7 // gotta be you - 2ne1 // good tonight - got7 // zero - bap // encore - epik high // always awake - beenzino // evolution - jay park // up all night - beenzino // midnight- crucial star // rich - epik high // shop selling dreams - crucial star // silversonata - gaeko // c’est la vie - crucial star // tomorrow - bts // summer night - gray // i like it - bts // love belt - jonghyun //

KPOP Nostalgia 2007-2011


FT Island - Love Sick

Wonder Girls - Tell Me

Big Bang - Lies

SNSD - Into the New World

Wonder Girls - Irony

FT Island - Thunder

Super Junior - Don’t Don

Super Junior - Marry U

Epik High - Fan

Epik High - Love Love Love


Big Bang - Sunset Glow

Rain - Rainism

2PM - 10 Out of 10

Gummy - I’m Sorry

Wonder Girls - So Hot

SNSD - Baby Baby

Lee Hyori - Hey Mr. Big

Epik High - One

Jewelry - One More Time

2AM - This Song

SHINee - Replay

Davichi - Love and War

Brown Eyed Girls - LOVE

SNSD - Kissing You

Son Dambi - Crazy

DBSK - Love In The Ice

DBSK - Mirotic

Wonder Girls - Nobody

Lee Hyori - U Go Girl

Brown Eyed Girls - How Come

Big Bang - Haru Haru


FT Island - I Hope

2NE1 - Fire

f(x) - La Cha Ta

f(x) - Chu

G-Dragon - Heartbreaker

SS501 - Love Like This

T-ARA - Lies

2NE1 - I Don’t Care

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong

4Minute - Muzik

Beast - Bad Girl

8eight - I Don’t Have a Heart

Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra

Brown Eyed Girls - Sign

T-ARA - Bo Peep Bo Peep

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah

2PM - Again & Again

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

Big Bang & 2NE1 - Lollipop

SNSD - Gee

Super Junior - Neorago

2PM - Heartbeat

SNSD - Genie


CN Blue - Love

SNSD - Hoot

Miss A - Good Girl Bad Girl

Homme - I Was Able to Eat Well

2NE1 - Clap Your Hands

CN Blue - I’m A Loner

KARA - Lupin

2PM - Tik Tok

Super Junior - No Other

Super Junior - Bonamana

SHINee - Lucifer

SNSD - Run Devil Run

Beast - Oasis

2PM - I’ll Be Back

Secret - Magic

2NE1 - Go Away

Sistar - Push Push

SHINee - Hello

FT Island - Love Love Love

SS501 - Love Ya

2PM - Without U

Infinite - She’s Back

T-ARA - Why Are You Being Like This?

G.NA - Supa Solo

f(x) - Nu Abo

SNSD - Hoot

Beast - Shock


JYJ - Empty

T-ARA - I Go Crazy Because of You

Narsha - Bbi Ri Bba Bba

BoA - Hurricane Venus

Big Bang - Beautiful Hangover

2PM - Without U

TOP - Turn It Up

Taeyang - I Need A Girl

U-Kiss - Bingeul Bingeul

2NE1 - Can’t Nobody

Se7en - Digital Bounce

SNSD - Oh!

4minute - I My Me Mine


Beast - Fiction

Kara - Step

T-ARA - Cry Cry

Infinite - Paradise

TVXQ - Keep Your Head Down

2PM - Hands Up

U-Kiss - Neverland

f(x) - Hot Summer

MBLAQ - Mona Lisa

2NE1 - Lonely

2NE1 - Ugly

Kim Hyun Joong - Break Down

Big Bang - Tonight

Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

Shinhwa - Venus

f(x) - Danger

GD & Top - High High

Seungri - VVIP

4Minute - Mirror Mirror

G.NA - Black & White

IU - Good Day

Girl’s Day - Twinkle Twinkle

Apink - I Don’t Know

T-ARA - Roly Poly

Sistar - So Cool

Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

Infinite - Be Mine

Secret - Shy Boy

DBSK - Before U Go

B1A4 - Beautiful Target

B1A4 - OK


Sistar - Ma Boy

Super Junior - Mr. Simple

Miss A - Goodbye Baby

Super Junior - A-CHA

4Minute - Volume Up

2NE1 - I Am The Best

SNSD - The Boys

Big Bang - Love Song

Hyuna - Bubble Pop

Rania - Dr. Feel Good

Kpop has lost its meaning

Before you’re going to insult me read this post first. As you all know Kpop has become very popular all around the world. This is exactly the problem of Kpop. Because it is so successful the entertainments think they should do it like the american music industry, to get more international fans and to be well-known. They’re telling their idols to show more skin and to act differently to impress the western fans. but it doesn’t impress me! What I mean is they don’t have to do this! In the end all what matters is the fame and money. Like always. I mean look at the Girlgroup ‘Wassup’ seriously twerking? excuse me but, since when is that Kpop? are they portraying Miley Cyrus? when you listen to K-pop and American music there’s no difference. Kpop music is now just upbeat music with dubstep and electro in it. example: 2NE1’ s falling in love. is this kpop for you? Just because they speak some Korean and the rest is just English? or CL, GD, etc. No wonder that Lorde and other artists have interests in them. But tell me was it like that before? When Kpop wasn’t that American? I became a Kpop fan because I thought it was different! I was sick and tired of American music and all what is was about! In Korea exists rap music too, sure like in every country. but it isn’t Kpop. Since the Gangnam style Era Kpop changed way TOO much. What I am trying to say Is people started to say “I like Gangnam style I am an Kpop fan now!” that’s what i mean people don’t even know what exactly Kpop is! and it doesn’t matter how much Kpop will turn American or be popular there will always be people there who dislike it. Seriously the Entertainments can’t expect that every one knows or will like Kpop! For example in the country where i live the most people don’t even know what Kpop is! I even showed a non-kpop friend of mine GD’s michigo Mv she said “the song is s*hit” “he is crazy” etc. See? Yeah some people are ignorant and racist, but that’s not the matter now. I am an K-pop fan since 2009 and believe me I know what Kpop is. And I am sure many of you know that too. When you look now the rookies make hip hop music etc. The true Kings of Kpop are for me DBSK and Super Junior. Although DBSK split and SJ’s music changed a lot into dubstep and of course American. I may sound to you like I totally dislike American music. NO! I don’t dislike it! I just don’t want that Kpop and the idols are influenced by the American music industry. Just some Kpop groups have this Kpop concept like A-pink etc. I am sure that I look to you like an old Kpop fan that stuck in the “Sorry Sorry” and “Gee” era. lol no and believe it or not I am an EXOTIC. too be honest I hate the thought of it that Kpop will grow more because The people who talked shit about Kpop started to like it! It’s like all my non-Kpop friends that absolutely hate Kpop come to me spazzing over their ‘bias’  and sing to korean songs! What the actually f*ck?! When BIGBANG became popular with “fantastic baby” and “BLUE” Taeyang changed a lot! Sure he wants to experience an other style and make other music but, as he came up with cornrows and Snoop Dogg like hair i was like “WTF” what I mean is they seriously want to “try” it that way. I am not bashing Kpop, I am self a fan! But Kpop isn’t Kpop anymore! They even get choreographers from other countries. And composers as well. Do you see my problem here? they even get help to be more like the western artists! I don’t even want to talk about I Got A Boy.. Search for examples like SHINee’s Juliette or ring ding dong, Lucifer, 2ne1 & big bang lollipop ect. you will see the difference from then and now. Kpop was,cute, it gave’s songs with meanings, ect. Of course they are still such songs and concepts. but it changed too much and most groups make just hip hop now. I have no choice, either I like it or I hate it. But i can’t force myself to like it. be honest please wasn’t it one of the old Kpop songs that made you to an Kpop fan? groups like DBSK, SJ, SNSD, KARA, or B2ST, BIGBANG? Because many people came trough this groups to Kpop. I turned trough DBSK’s Balloons into an Kpop fan.

I feel so better now that i let it all out. And i was afraid to post this on my tumblr because of some crazy fans, and I am sure al would get mad at me. I am sorry for my bad English it isn’t my language. Please Please don’t bash me. This is my opinion and respect it please. Like I said, I am not a hater I am self a Fan. and I know that many of you think otherwise or disagree with me. that’s all I wanted to say. if you want to bash me please do so. Just because I think otherwise. anyways thank you for taking your time to read this.

anonymous asked:

uHm i really wanna. listen to kpop stuff but i have no idea how to start nd basically what are you favourites?? it all looks really cool nd i have no idea where to start oh man,,

let me share with ya my faves! check em out! maybe you’ll like some of them!

(if the links don’t work right or they are linked wrong, pls tell me!)


B.A.P - Best Absolute Perfect

  • STOP IT (probably the only cutesy song by them ; everything else they do is very ‘aggressive’ and ‘heavy’ sounding)
  • Warrior (FAVE)
  • No Mercy
  • Never Give Up (just only has the two main rappers, Bang Yong Guk and Zelo, in it)

Super Junior

  • Mr. Simple (really smooth and WOWEE AAHH there’s one part in this song where it sounds all shoujo like for a few seconds aaaaahh!!)
  • Sexy Free and Single




  • Pandora (prolly the only song i’ve ever listened to that’s by them)


Girl’s Generation ; SNSD

Big Bang Throwback M/Vs

  Because it’s Friday night where I am and I’m getting nostalgic:

Solos and GTOP: