2ne1 don't stop the music


Showing my Kpop love in my first post on here. For those that don’t know what Kpop is: it’s Korean pop music and its been gaining momentum in every country within the last year. I have been a fan since 2004.

This video contains one of my all time favorite songs “Don’t stop the music” from one of my favorite groups, 2ne1. Their name is pronounced "twenty one".  They are an all girl group that is sassy and fierce. the video is cute, fun and awesome. Fun fact: these girls are one of ten women in music to watch in 2012. 

My all time favorite group is DBSK but is now formed into 2 different groups : JYJ and Tohoshinki. My main reason for loving Korean music is that they are talented with their voice and dance moves. They use both at the same time. Imagine that America!!! Lately I have identified more with Asian music than American music since they actually have lyrics when it comes to pop music! Gasp!

All in All, Korean music is my love <3. I am part of a Korean dance crew and I love rocking out to the music. Hope you guys will love this video. :)

hobibaehyung  asked:

Hi! I'm kinda of confused over BTS MV record break. I've heard that 2NE1's MV "Don't Stop The Music" reached over 9M+ views a day, so why aren't they #1 in the record list?

I’m posting this publicly because we’ve seen other people asking/talking about this as well.

This MV record applies to K-pop group music videos that were just released - so the first 24 hours of the release date. The 2NE1 MV in question got that 9M views, but some time later. You can check the statistics on the video if you want but I’ll post the photo here as well. This is why they were never considered as a part of that list, which has been around for a while. Everyone else whose fandoms have already celebrated their accomplishments on that list (Big Bang, SNSD, etc.) achieved it in the course of a full 24 hours since the video’s release. This wasn’t something that newly came about just for Bangtan.