2ne1 bom and minzy

Things 2NE1 has personally taught me
  • A woman defines her own goddamn sexuality. She is beautiful whether she dresses skimpily or conservatively.
  • Insecurities will continue to exist into your 30′s. That’s okay. You are still perfect.
  • Coming from a broken family is okay. You’re not less valuable just because someone didn’t know how to love you.
  • Gay is a-okay.
  • Thick is good. Petite is good. Women’s bodies are always good. So, so good.
  • No matter how much society denies it, you are fucking gorgeous and will have many chances to show it.
  • Your body is yours. Get plastic surgery. Get tattoos. Reject each vehemently. Just do what feels good.
  • Never let a man’s opinion of you shape how you see yourself.
  • It’s okay to just walk away from it all.

Today is the day to thank those angels, who have made 8 years of debut and changed the history of k-pop. Thank you for everything these girls did and did for me and all blackjacks. Even as soloists I will never leave you, I will always be with you for everything, just as you Dara, CL, Minzy and Bom are and are with me for all this time. I love you, these girls.  #8YearsWith2NE1FIRE ~~ @bommiie; [♡]