[160725] Twitter Hansol (Compilation)

[HANSOL] My best Beast songs★
When I listen to sunbaenims’ songs,
I really like their uniqueness
that makes you feel like you’re gonna cry any moment
I listen to Beast-sunbaenims’ songs a lot.. ..ah…♥
B2uty Blackjack forever ♥ pic.twitter.com/3XNIrd5d0J

[HANSOL] Oh my, you must be ToppKeuls
I’m a B2uty who is also a Blackjack hehe
Let’s get close
lackjacklackjack b2utyb2uty keulkeulkeulkeulkeulkeul

[HANSOL] They’ve told me I look very similar to a friend called Hansol of ToppDogg hahahaha I’m embarrassed to be told I resemble that crybaby fussy kid haha..
Oh my, I didn’t mean anything by that, it’s not a diss hehehehe ToppDogg oppas are cool. I really liked their song ‘Annie’. I listened to it a lot together with 'O.A.S.I.S’.

[HANSOL] BBCsㅜ The song Tell Me What is so good♥

T/N: He wrote 'What’ in Korean as short for 'Yes or No’.

[HANSOL] You already watched 'Isul Live’, right?
He sang like that, having a drink
But he didn’t get out of breath ah… He’s really so good*

T/N: *=Written like he was mumbling.

[HANSOL] I Am You You Are Me sung by Zico-nim having a drink was so good too

[HANSOL] Why doesn’t Riri have a fanclub name…
Riri…Riri-yah ㅠㅠㅠ… Riri..ㅠㅠㅠ
[Crying sounds]

T/N: 'Riri’ = Rihanna.

[HANSOL] Jabtang is delicious…
The world is full of so many pretty and cool people, how can you like only one person
Just take me freely, make me captivated

T/N: 'Jabtang’ is a dish made of rice mixed with fish and vegetables.

[HANSOL] I calmed down after that short excitement
It’s because there are many people in me, everyone

[HANSOL] We’re flying out soon
But I’m running out of batteryㅠㅠㅠㅠ
ToppKeuls, I got the chance to go see ToppDogg oppas’ performance
You’re jealous, right?ㅋㅋ SydneySydneySydneydneydney

[HANSOL] I’ll give you many fanaccounts
My friends ToppKeuls♥
If I go, he’ll become my oppa, right?
I found that Hansol guy quite ok

Trans: DoggOnTopp

Get to know me!

So I made my studyblr about a week ago when I realized that I haven’t made an introduction post!

My name is Ally and this upcoming year i will be a sophomore! This year I’m taking Comp/World Lit, Algebra II honors, Chemistry, Spanish III honors, AP World History, and Japanese I. I love learning languages, which is why I’m taking two this year. And I’m learning Korean outside of school! I’m also playing water polo and swimming for my schools team. I was motivated to make a studiedly because I’m really unorganized and was hoping to improve my study habits and organizational skills. I also play violin, but unfortunately don’t have the time to be in the school orchestra.

I love listening to music a lot. I listen to kpop, pop, hip hop, and rap.I’ve been listening to kpop for to years and my favorite groups are exo, bts, big bang, ikon, and 2NE1. I spend most of my time drawing or watching netflix(mainly bones).

Some studyblrs that inspire me are @tbhstudying @studyign @cloudedstudy and @elkstudies

Anyways, if you are a studyblr, please reblog this so I can follow you!

YG Entertainment has updated their plans for BLACKPINK’s official debut.

On June 26, a source spoke with news outlet Star News and revealed BLACKPINK’s new debut schedule. Apparently the group will either debut on August 1 or August 8. The source said, “BLACKPINK’s debut date is still being discussed. It is likely that it will be either of those dates. However, the date might change depending on circumstances.”

The source continued, “We’re still discussing the debut date and music show appearances.”

Previously, it was reported that BLACKPINK would be debuting in late July. Also, the group has finished filming three music videos and is highly likely to film more following their debut.

source: soompi