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Q: The ones who are labeled as the “second 2NE1,” Black Pink, debuted.

CL: I’m reminded of our old days when I see them promoting. I had thoughts that we used to work hard just like them as well.

Q: Did you sometimes give any advice?

CL: To be honest, I have to focus on myself and got my own things to worry about. I’m not in a position to offer advice to others.

Q: How do you feel when people say Black Pink is the “second 2NE1”?

CL: When 2NE1 first debuted, we were also labeled as the ‘second Big Bang.’ It’s only natural since we’re both from the same label. I believe it shows that we have a lot of influence so I don’t feel bad. Black Pink and 2NE1’s colors are very different.

Black Pink debuts: They’re copying 2NE1

CLC has a comeback: They’re copying 4Minute

Red Velvet debuts: They’re the walmart version of F(X)

Gfriend debuts: They’re Apink wannabes

Apink Debuts: They’re copying SNSD

Twice debuts: They’re just trying to be SNSD

Seohyun has solo debut: She’s copying Ariana Grande

Girl/Girl Group does anything = being criticized

Boy Groups: Literally do the same shit over and over again

You guys: