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Yang Hyun Suk reveals his plans for the ‘ladies of YG’!

Seeing YANG’s training of LEE HI and AKMU who joined YG after winning SBS TV’s “K-Pop Star” to become a “music chart monster”, there is no doubt about his talent and skills. No one would deny that YG is the label who creates the trendiest music in the Korean music scene.

Daily Sports met YANG HYUN SUK, at the after-party held on April 26 in late night to celebrate the beginning of BIGBANG’s new world tour. Over a glass of drink or two, we heard about his plans for YG singers. Some point out that YG has too many artists to handle, but YANG has meticulous plans for each and every one of them.

Plus, YANG cares much about the fans of YG artists, too. He even well-knows fans’ criticism on him for delay of release of new albums. However, his plan and intention are firm, that he should wait until a really good song is created.

YANG says, ultimately, a singer’s success cannot be judged by what it looks like externally, like what is shown in TV performances. The most impressive remark from YANG was the easiest story that a singer can achieve success only when he/she creates the best music and shows the best performance, which is actually the hardest thing to do. Daily Sports is unveiling a series that introduces YANG’s thoughts on YG artists.

Q: Watching “K-Pop Star”, I was wondering why you did not decide to pick Jung Seung-hwan.
YG: “I really liked Jung Seung-hwan. However, honestly, Lee Jin-ah and Jung Seung-hwan have a color that is a little different from YG’s. I thought they should wear a cloth that perfectly fits them”.

Q: How is LEE HI doing?
YG: “As you saw in ‘K-Pop Star’ recently, she is good. Haha. I really like her. She is now more matured, as she is now twenty. So, I’m thinking about trying a new style of music for her. I made LEE HI and Katie have a collaboration performance on the stage of ‘K-Pop Star’, but the two did not go perfectly well together, as their colors are too much similar. So, I gave up the plan to make them a duo. Both of them are better to perform as solo artists”.

Q: When can I listen to LEE HI’s new song?
YG: “I went to a barbecue place with HI a few days ago. I promised to her at that time, ‘Now I’m so busy working on BIGBANG, but after that, I’ll do my best for your music’. She was very happy. We already have a lot of candidate songs for her. In terms of timing, I think this fall will be the best. The same for AKMU, too”.

Q: Can I listen to Katie Kim’s debut song soon?
YG: “I’ll try my best to release her music as soon as possible”.

Q: Many people are curious about CL’s debut in the United States. I heard news that the preparation is going well.
YG: “I can’t say if it’s going to do well, but Scooter Braun, PSY’s manager in the Unites States, is making a lot of efforts to help her, with his affection for her. I think she has a big potential in the country as well, if only an appropriate promotion is carried out. Korean in the eyes of the American people and the Korean people are different, especially in the case of women. You think pop star Nicki Minaj would succeed in Korea? So far, there has been no one case of Asian female singer achieving success in the United States, especially for female rappers. However, as a new paradigm has been formed in the country, foreign singers have recently succeeded in the country. Scooter Braun is such a smart man, so he looked at Asia right away, for a new potential. He liked CL, in that she is a good rapper and good dresser. Actually, in terms of just external beauty, Korean girl groups are better. However, Americans see things differently. They like cool girls. CL may succeed in the States or many not, but I’ll do my best as she has the potential.”

In addition to these, many are curious about BIGBANG & 2NE1′s contract statuses. All members of their respective groups’ contracts are ending next year. Yang Hyun Suk shed some light to ease the fans’ worries.

YG: “BIGBANG and 2NE1’s contracts will expire next year. The time frame to renew their contracts is the same for all the members within each group.”

“We have been with BIGBANG for nine years. My personal desire is to be with BIGBANG for nine more. After the contract expires, I want them to continue their activities with the renewal of their contracts.”

“I am planning the release of 2NE1’s new album for after CL finishes her solo activities. 2NE1 will surely show you good work until the expiration of their contracts.”

*NOTE: Members that also released solo albums have separate contracts as a solo artist for their solo activities. CL renewed hers recently.

Source: Ilgan Sports & TV Report

Translated by: YG LIFE / SOOMPI