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[PHOTO] 150829 Jaeki Cho’s Instagram Update: “Hi, @chaelincl. Hope you’re well. Enjoyed the “Dr. Pepper” video. Please hurry up and drop more songs. And holla at @goldtonguenyc if you need more jewelry, music, and grills. You won’t wear @wontymenyc, right? ‘Cause all your Korean 광고 endorsers might get upset. All good though. If you want to wear a conglomerates shirt around the house, let me know. Be well, hope to see you soon. PS. I kind of miss 2NE1. Is @haroobommi aight? What’s @_minzy_mz and @daraxxi up to? Hope y'all do another show, so @rekstizzy and I can get buck wild. He still wants to smell Minzy’s socks. Aight, peace.”