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can I ask who are your favorite visuals in kpop? I'm curious about your tastes eheheheh

Kim Jinwoo/JINU, 1991 (WINNER)

Kim Seokjin/Jin, 1992 (BTS)

Bae Joohyun/Irene, 1991 (Red Velvet)

Ahn Hee-yeon/Hani, 1992 (EXID)

Sandara Park/Dara, 1984 (2ne1)

Kim Seokwoo/Rowoon, 1996 (SF9)

Jung Jae-won/One, 1994

Lee Ha-yi/Lee Hi7, 1996

Choi Seung-hyun/T.O.P, 1987 (Big Bang)

Choi Minho, 1991 (SHINee)

Jung Soo-jung/Krystal, 1994 (f(x))

Lee Hoseok/Wonho, 1993 and Chae Hyungwon, 1994 (Monsta X)

Kim Jisoo, 1995 (Blackpink)

kpop stans:

*sees a touched up, clear picture of bias* - wow omg :) so cute :)

*sees a blurry lq picture of bias* - THE LOVE OF MY LIFE 💖💗💘💕💕 THEY LOOK SOOOO 💖💗💗💕GOOD 💖💗💗💖AESTHETICCC💗💗💕💘💕💖 WOW IM SOAKING UP THE SUN ☀️💕💖☀️NEVER BEEN SO BEAUTIFUL 💖💗💕💘

A piece of advice to my kpop fans all over the world.

Rules of thumb:

Don’t :

  • Ask your idol to show their abs
  • Bash your idols for the song that they don’t have control
  • Tell your idol they don’t look good without makeup
  • Pressure your idol to speak other language
  • Rush your idol to make a comeback
  • Ask for other members when the said idols are doing vlive or instagram live etc.
  • Tell your idol he’s the reason that the group are even born
  • Disturb their privacy by stalking them
  • Tell them that are being annoying by sharing their feelings
  • Tell them to get over it
  • Tell them that their feelings are an excuse for them to gain attention.


  • Encourage them to be healthy
  • Patiently wait and encourage your idol with warm words when their on hiatus.
  • Compliment them for their hardwork.
  • Praise them for being comfortable with/without makeup.
  • Tell you love them and cherish them every day.
  • Let them date
  • Let them eat what they want.
  • Protect them again antis by drowning the hate words by praising, complimenting and encouraging.
  • Tell them it’s okay to feel sad and cry
  • Be there for them
  • And lastly do let them do what they want in their live and support them throughout their journey