Contrary to popular belief, kpop fans, like myself, don’t only listen to Korean music. We aren’t only attracted to Korean or Asian men and women. We don’t only watch Korean shows and movies. We aren’t only interested in Korean culture.

And if you prefer to listen to kpop and watch kdramas, that’s perfectly fine. There isn’t anything wrong with you. You learn more about another culture by immersing yourself like this. And I respect you for loving something wholeheartedly because you want to, even though it sometimes goes against your community’s societal norms.

Please stop generalising and judging kpop fans. We’re just out here to have a good time, thank you.

With Nam Taehyun's recent admission that he suffers from Bipolar Disorder, he has further opened the discussion on mental and emotional health of Idols.

So far, there had been a significant number of Idols who admitted to have suffered or are diagnosed with mental illnesses/disorders.
1. Bang Yongguk - Panic Disorder, Depression
2. Changjo (Teen Top) - Eating Disorder, Depression, Bipolar Disorder
3. P.O (Block B) - Stress Induced Schizophrenia
4. SM Milk Club (Onew, Taeyeon, Yoona, Leeteuk, Yoochun) - Depression
5. Park Bom - Depression, PTSD
6. IU - Anorexia
7. Wooshin (Up10tion) - Mental Stress/Exhaustion
8. Lee Joon - Bipolar Disorder, Depression
9. Kiseop (Ukiss) - Depression, Openly admitted to Suicidal thoughts
10. Sunggyu - Anxiety Disorder
11. Jun jin (Shinhwa) - Panic Disorder
12. Henry - ADHD
13. Sojung (Ladies Code) - Eating Disorder
14. Heechul - Depression
15. Suga - Depression
16. Himchan - Eating Disorder
17. T.O.P. - Anxiety Disorder, Depression
18. Amber (fx) & Jonghyun (Shinee) - Stress Induced Insomnia

I dream of a day that idols can talk about their mental health freely, without fear of backlash, judgment, and labels such as weak, broken, and retarded. That when they do comeback from a mental health break, they aren’t looked at with pity but with the same level of respect they had before their hiatus. That psychological and emotional health is as much of a priority as physical health and that support network such as therapists and psychiatrists are of easy access.

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