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Critical/Battle Skill Cut-ins for the Children and their respective parents


Ajin アニメ「亜人」 PV 2

There’s a small issue within the taegi ship that I would like to address, and it pertains to this video where Yoongi makes a small offhand remark after Taehyung sings a snippet from “Hold Me Tight”.

I read comments saying how Yoongi was a little harsh for saying it and that Taehyung was upset with his side remark, but honestly, I saw nothing biting about Yoongi’s small comment, and I really don’t think this needs to be an issue at all! This was said as casually as someone joking and calling someone out for, idk, spelling their name wrong by accident or something. Nothing serious at all. I mean, look at this cuties face after Yoongi said it. He’s not even fazed by what he said and just a little shy that he made a tiny mistake. He’s giggling. 

I know I’ve made a post before regarding the minor argument between Taehyung and Yoongi on their 2nd anniversary video about Yoongi saying “Hold Me Tight” placed second only because it was after the title track, but in no way does that mean Yoongi dislikes Taehyung or that there’s any unresolved conflict between them. That was a one time thing that should not be carried out into the rest of the boys’ relationship and how you should perceive them. Yoongi is generally a very straightforward person with everyone, so please don’t think he’s only like this to Taehyung! He has no bad intentions, and generally, I think taegi as a whole are very underrated when it comes to the friendship pairings in Bangtan. 

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Here are cut scenes from the Yuko Oshima Documentary, where we see members of the Original Team K, current and graduated, recording Kyou Made no Melody. (Unfortunately we don’t see Sae, Umechan and Meetan here.)

It sure is wonderful to see and hear the 2nd gen members singing together again after such a long time. Several of these girls still have such beautiful voices like Sayaka, Yuka, Tomomi, and Kaorin. Amazing how we see this Team K gather so much, whether outside work in their private time or for special AKB events.

And in the end we see Yuko listening to all of Team K’s voices put together in the PV’s finished form…which just sounds beautiful.

Ah I just love this Team K’s kizuna.


Are you aware of how much you’re not aware of? Probably not. And that’s a good thing! (Also, photographic memory: fact or fiction?)

2nd video in our SEEING ISN’T BELIEVING episode is up!

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i love new politics so much they are bringing back the ‘everyone’s in each other’s music videos’ trend and i lovE it like yes fuck yeah brendon and travie and fall out boy are in that video… is this 2007 or 2015 i just don’t know anymore.. but i wanted to express my gratitude thx


More Gangnam Style.

But this time…more…Hyuna.

God. I love PSY.