This dance is too cute! And it’s my favorite song on the album~


SHINee’s incredible performance with Beatburger

UMF Korea Concert 130615


Unseen Footage from Nemousu TV Season 4 that takes place during the “Fume Taikyu Race”, in volumes 5-6, where the members are to endure a whole night without any sleep.

In this scene, with only 40 minutes left until the end of the race, Ogi puts the remaining members that are still awake–Sayaka, Sae, Kana, Yuttan and Tomo–into another impossible obstacle: listening to a long lecture from Ogi while receiving a nice, hot, relaxing foot bath, for more than 15 minutes. Now that’s not going to be easy since it was around 6 in the morning at this time and they’ve been awake the whole night.

How impressive is it that the remaining girls that have managed to stay awake are old Team K and 2nd gen members? That’s our sports-minded Team K girls for you!

Watch out for some funny moments in this clip that includes Sae fighting to keep her eyes open many times(my gosh she is just hilarious with her sleepy expressions and her white eyes XD), Kana caught dozing off a few times, quiet but strong Sayaka doing a bit of air piano to keep herself occupied, and of course the members taking notice of a sleeping Nacchan(who was already out of the race) who somehow ended up on the floor after rolling out of her futon. XDDD


New Video! Find out what it’s like to be an only child


Something that’s just been on my mind lately..


More Gangnam Style.

But this time…more…Hyuna.

God. I love PSY.