Novice rounds

As I still don’t have a national costume, I went with the 2nd best choice - my medieval dress. 😁❤️ It is sown from my own meassurements, buuut with a B-C cup, so I still have some room to grow in to. Here is to hoping at least! 😁 Bought from armstreet if anybody wonders.

10 basic facts for moon in Sagittarius

1. They are the biggest social justice people around.

2. Such sass and charisma in one human (quite scary).

3. Mix between a 5 and 70 year old person.

4. Always looks amazing (2nd best dressed for the moon signs)

5. Either has a sailor mouth or not at all.

6. #1 most obsessed with Starbucks.

7. Acts chill even when ready to kill someone.

8. ALWAYS LATE (they needed Starbucks).

9. Perfect person to vent to (they really are).

10. 2nd most known to make puns (besides sun in cancer)