I was tagged to do my 10 favorite albums at the moment by furiouslydecorative

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If the Muse albums were people
  • Showbiz: The really punk rock kid who writes sad poems all the time and seems angry but is actually super sweet and caring. Will 100% make sure you're okay if they see you crying and give you some life-changing advice.
  • Origin Of Bliss: The super intense person who always has weird ideas and enough energy to start riots. Probably talks really loudly but it's okay 'cause everyone is too fascinated by them to care.
  • Absolution: The really deep, philosophical person that can also be super romantic and everybody thinks they're hot af (probably has great cheekbones and amazing hair too)
  • Black Holes and Revelations: That weirdo who's totally obsessed with aliens and flashy aesthetics and wears sweatshirts with funky prints all the time and has a tumblr where they reblog abstract .gifs
  • The Resistance: The really delicate person who looks like the world's biggest sweetheart but when you piss them off they will tear you apart. Probably carries a copy of '1984' all the time.
  • The 2nd Law: The kid who's really into avangarde stuff and has mood swings all the time and always talks about super fascinating conspiracy theories
  • Drones: That person who feels every emotion really intensely and will take you on really cool adventures if you become friends with them. They probably think a lot and then start talking really randomly and blow your mind