My new classes ~ 1st year law major

From September 5th I will start my law major so I decided to make a list of all the class I will take. It might slightly change because I can chose some of my classes and I’m still not sure. 

1st semester

Introduction to civil law  Introduction au droit civil
Introduction to constitutional law  Introduction au droit constitutionnel
Historical introduction to law  Introduction historique au droit
English  Anglais
General introduction to law  Introduction générale au droit
Introduction to economics  Introduction à l’économie
Introduction to administrative management  Intro à la gestion d’entreprise 
Regards croisés sur la frontière (I don’t know how to translate it, it’s like a critical analysis of frontiers)

2nd semester

Family law  Droit de la famille
Constitutional law  Droit constitutionnel
History of law  Histoire du droit
International relations  Relations internationales 
Foreign governments  Régimes politiques étrangers
European institutions  Institutions européennes
Politics and society  Politique et société