2nd season please

even pledis is shocked lol

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I was thinking yesterday; is it possible that we have a sexy photoshoot/cover of them on the beachfront with the ships and wet pirate's clothes? c'mon they can do something like that.. as far as we know, the third season will be more sexier than the 2nd season soo...

Please make this happen!!! 

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rucas + tropes (part 1)

2nd season please give me less “Narsus-samaaaaaaaaa” and more Alfreed kicking asses, I’m not asking too much so pleeeeease???

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1 ep left  。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

戻らない日々に 涙零して

気づけたのなら 今




”A new wind blowing in 3rd season: Seigaku vs Yamabuki!?”

Apparently today after the show ended, they announced two additional casts for Yamabuki team (and twitter kinda exploded, me included). Yes, Yamabuki’s other jimi doubles, Nitobe Inakichi and Kita Ichiuma, finally appear in the musical! 

Nitobe will be portrayed by Tonoshiro Yuuma (1992 / 03 / 10) and Kita-kun will be portrayed by Aoki Jin (1992 / 05 / 26). Both played at Live Spectacle Naruto as ensemble casts.

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