2nd salute

emojlover101  asked:

*kim looked at the girl and how pink she was, today was the day i decided to go to the park* "jesus you're so pink and are you a real bunny?"

*looks at her* Well pink is the element of Easter’s Marshmallow making. I work as a Bunny Easter basket factory where we ship chocolate eggs and candies around the world into the human world before Easter begins. But yes, I am a bunny. Please to meet you! the names Mimi Hanasan. *salutes* 2nd Class bunny worker in the “Easter Company” 

my email to management

I’m going to say this as nice as possible but it’s not going to be so nice. We American mixers worked so hard to get Little Mix to tour here. Do you realize that some us have been waiting since 2011?! We deserve this okay? I personally have done so much to help get the girls noticed and bigger over here and nothing would help more than a headlining tour. The girls can make their album when they get back from the tour. It hasn’t even been a year since the 2nd album (Salute) has been released. Why the hell cancel a tour? Do you know how many hearts have been broken? Do you know how many birthdays have been ruined? Do you know how much money has been wasted? An album is not worth canceling a whole tour for fans that were willing to pay money to go see the people they love. I HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE TWO THOUSAND AND FUCKING ELEVEN TO SEE THESE GIRLS AND I WON’T GET TO NOW UNTIL AT LEAST 2015 OR 2016. This was NOT the right way to go about the situation for the 3rd album. Why even announce a tour and sell tickets when you know they have to work on an album. Don’t get so many people excited and get their hopes up for nothing. If it’s because ticket sales do your fucking job and promo them in the US. How do you expect them to get fans if they aren’t getting promoted. One, two week trip a year is NOT enough. I regret to tell you that this is going to make Little Mix lose fans and if the time comes for another tour here (which probably won’t happen) no one will buy tickets with the fear of this happening again. I can’t wait for the day when Little Mix drop your shit management.