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Slothquisitor’s Follower Celebration!

It has been well over a year since I did one of these. I kept watching milestones go by and thinking, oh when I have more time. Now I’m at nearly 600 followers, and it is now summer for me, so time do to this! 

I don’t have a lot to offer beyond my writing, but that’s probably what you’re here for anyway, right? So I’ll be taking prompts from now until Friday, June 2nd. I’ll reblog some prompt lists, but you’re definitely not restricted to those. My main parings are: Cullen x Mara in Class Act AU, Reparation AU, or the canon-verse, and Barris x Rosalie in Reparation AU. I’ll take prompts for anything in the stories, so was there something that went unanswered in Class Act you wanted to see? Want to know more about the Rutherford siblings? Send over a prompt. All of this will be tagged as #slothquisitorfollowercelebration for your blacklisting convenience.

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Case one: “Hey, be mindful of these characters’ ages and power imbalances with each other, people could find the portrayals of them pretty skeevy pretty fast. Just realize it could make people uncomfortable”


Case two: “don’t reblog ANY content of that ship whatsoever for all eternity, because it’s a Problematic™ Ship, regardless of how harmless the context of the actual content itself is, your blog must be cleansed of all impurity for my righteous eyes”

blacklist it and Go away



(( Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another raffle! ))
(( It seems we’ve reached 5K followers! Whoof, what a number! ))

* You don’t say, P!
* And it’s ALL thanks to my lovely worshippers, too! Look! I’m famous!

(( Now… You may be thinking, “What could these two offer us that they haven’t offered already?” ))
(( Well, let me tell you what! ))

In the last place, the winner gets to request a sketch drawing of up to 3 characters without background, no nsfw, kinda like how the drawings on this post are!

In second place, the winner gets to request a fully colored picture with a simple background (3 characters max, no nsfw, you know the drill), PLUS a small up to 3 seconds sketch animation!

And in first place, the winner gets to request a fully colored and shaded picture with full background, a small flat colored up to 3 seconds long animation, and a cameo in this blog!

(( You’ve got until Friday the 2nd of Jun to reblog this! ))
(( Good luck everybody! And remember… ))

* In THIS world, it’s WIN or be a LOSER!

Anonymous asked: *banging fists on table* give us more precious cats!!1!1!!!1! (pls)

Ask and you shall receive, all of these are from my snapchat skddklal, excuse my mom and sis in the bg

The Battle of Hogwarts was real.

It didn’t just happen in the books, with paper and words. It didn’t just happen on the big screen as we watched it play out.

It happened in our hearts.

When our favourite characters came rushing in, our hearts soared with them. When our favourite characters met with death, we plummeted alongside them, our bodies turning cold. When they fought and fought and fought with nothing but the goal to save their school, we were right there, urging them on, praying for strength, offering our silent encouragement.

Witches, wizards, creatures, animals alike, they weren’t exempt from our vice-like dreams and wishes of hope and motivation.

We were their driving source, they were ours.

When they rose, victorious, we shared the ecstacy. When they fell, some fell farther, because how could we stay alive when they were gone?

The Battle of Hogwarts was real, and it left scars, battle wounds, and marks on us all. It’s a time we’ll never forget, because like all things good and bad, it changed our lives forever.