2nd planet

Sun through the houses

Sun in the 1st house:  With the sun in the first house, great effort is put into creating and maintaining a good self image. The way you are perceived by others is paramount to first-house sun people. Accept that you need to be a leader or an innovator, and go for it, but be careful not to be overbearing with others. A sunny disposition is generally attributed to this placement and a positive confident attitude is normally displayed. 

Sun in the 2nd house With a second-house sun, a person’s identity is developed and expressed by defining personal values and accumulating objects of value. You have the ability to attract money and resources, but you can’t always hang on to it or it doesn’t bring you the happiness you expected.   Avoid over-identifying with what you have. Take pride in the solid and secure foundations that you build, as well as the lasting relationships you aim to maintain, while being careful to avoid possessiveness.

Sun in the 3rd house: Gemini, the natural ruler of this house, gives Geminian overtones to all traits. You is driven to learn, explore and enjoy their immediate environment.  You have an uncontainable desire to acquire knowledge. You relish in taking various pieces of knowledge and putting them together like puzzles that need solving. You’re observant, optimistic, flexible and you’re a superb communicator, able to relate ideas clearly to others. You would make make an excellent teacher, lecturer or writer.  

Sun in the 4th house: The chart holder with a fourth-house sun is not happy unless their home life is happy. Because the fourth house can be deep and emotional, the sun here has to work extra hard to liven and inspire things. They thrive and excel in a home that is active, alive, open and loving. If they aren’t in this type of home environment, they will not feel invigorated about their life. They will strive to make the changes necessary to give them the home and family life they need. 

Sun in the 5th house: The sun is comfortable in its own house. In fact, it is driven to shine here. At its best, it creates a chart holder who is confident about who they are and how they affect others. You want to be noticed for your unique and special qualities and your creativity. You are happiest when you are expressing yourself in a special way and attention comes your way as a result. You have a flair for drama and/or sports. You are proud of your fun-loving attitude towards life. As you demonstrate your ability to shine, avoid grabbing center stage all of the time.

Sun in the 6th house: The work that you do, and the services that you offer, are very important to your sense of identity. In order to feel good about yourself, you need to be busy with daily activities and to produce work you can be proud of. Focus on finding a suitable and rewarding avenue for expressing this part of you, being extra careful to choose an occupation in which you can express yourself. You are sensitive to criticism about the work you do, and you work best when you can create your own schedule.

Sun in the 7th house: Libran traits are accented with the Sun in this house. You take pride in your ability to negotiate, and to establish harmony in your relationships. It is important to you to have a partner, as you feel incomplete without one. You can be fickle about partners because new partners inspire them and allow them to see themselves in new ways. You’re self-confident, popular and have favorable dealings with your superiors. You’re good at public relations, sales and promotions.

Sun in the 8th house: You have a great urge to go farther or deeper into life every step of the way. You want to experience more, and your desires are both powerful and intense. It is hard for you to find satisfaction in common experiences, and you have magnetic power if you choose to use it wisely. You are fascinated with what lies under the surface, and at some point in your life, self-improvement is a big interest. You are attracted to unexplored or taboo areas of life, and you avoid all things superficial.

Sun in the 9th house:  You have a deep need to understand the world around you. You have high ideals and you have your eye on what’s on the horizon. You are looking ahead, and at times can seem quite restless. You are proud of your knowledge and of your morals. Be sure to avoid self-righteousness in your enthusiasm to share your knowledge. When used correctly, you are a tolerant, adventurous, and curious person, and you want to see the best in people and in life

Sun in the 10th house: The traits of Capricorn are much in evidence. Your career takes on greater than average importance. You feel the need to improve your career and is usually successful and involves your whole personality, possibly at the expense of your marriage and friendships. You’re ambitious and intrigued by power, which may make you too authoritative and dictatorial. You’re a leader in whatever you do and people pay attention to you. You may become arrogant or rebellious if you let that attention go to your head.

Sun in the 11th house: The Aquarian traits are stressed here and you simply want to do your own thing. You have many clear-cut objectives and usually achieve what you set out to do. You have a strong desire to gain recognition through mental achievements and inventions. You have strong organizing abilities and are usually a leader in any group you are involved with– societies and groups are an important part of your life. You’re apt to be a humanitarian with concern for universal human dignity and brotherhood

Sun in the 12th house: You have a tendency to be introspective and need some space and seclusion in order to pull up your strength. You may avoid the spotlight, and if you do find yourself in a public role, you tend to hide your true self behind that role!  However the sun sheds his light on this house giving the native zero worries under stressful situation. No matter what the problem is, the native will sleep sound, and will be able to see all the secret dealing happening behind or against him or her. This also can take a native to foreign lands.


Sun in the 2nd house: the native understands themselves based on their belongings. They find themselves through obtaining & define themselves by what they own. They focus on quality of life; it contributes to self-esteem.

Moon in the 2nd house: the native is comforted by their belongings. Their emotional security depends on financial security & security of status. Their mood is dictated by their self-value. They easily form sentimental attachments.

Mercury in the 2nd house: the native learns best through sensory experience & material collection of information. Their intellect is driven by owning knowledge. Their belongings/status influence their communication.

Venus in the 2nd house: the native greatly values beauty & their self-esteem is dictated by superficiality. They share what they own because they know more can be gained in unity. Overestimate the value / quality of things.

Mars in the 2nd house: the native is driven toward material gain & it energizes them. They are impulsive & obtain on whims or instinct. They may become wasteful because they don’t stop to appreciate or be grateful.

Jupiter in the 2nd house: the native can become gluttonous, wasteful, or frivolous. They are very generous & innately understand the worth of things, though they can exaggerate it. Typically “run out” because they expect not to.

Saturn in the 2nd house: the native is extremely conservative & will refuse to obtain unless it is necessary to do so. They may always feel like they never have enough so they acquire slowly & rarely expend it. Often become wealthy.

Uranus in the 2nd house: the native has no concept of what the “right amount” is & fluctuates wildly. Innovation is expressed when quality is sparse or plentiful. They place too much value on uniqueness or rarity.

Neptune in the 2nd house: the native is oblivious to what they actually own. They expend their belongings/finances without full awareness. They do not (or cannot) draw a clear distinction between what is valuable and what is not.

Pluto in the 2nd house: the native is extremely possessive & private about their belongings. Most people do not know how wealthy or penniless they are because they don’t reveal it. Their belongings may change who they are.

Bad Neptune

Deception, deceit, and disintegrated boundaries. May I present to you the negative aspects of Neptune in the houses:

1st House: total loss of self, with no definition of who or what you know yourself to be; the identity is uncertain and unstable, which leads to deceptive and duplicitous personas; the person is impressionable, unclear about how they are received.

2nd House: extremes of wealth and poverty; money is an elusive commodity – either it is abundant and divine or scant and unreachable; wasteful and frivolous spending; financial fraud and self-deception; delusions about being saved by money, or saving people with money.

3rd House: a scattered mind and lack of concentration leads to daydreams that distract and deaden awareness of reality; easily hypnotized, lulled by self-concocted fictitious imaginings; shallow mentality with a devotion to useless, esoteric studies.

4th House: early roots are in disarray leading to heavy confusion about one’s own family and upbringing; deep, unshakeable longing to remain protected and safe by parents or parental figures; enmeshment; discontent at home and let down by the reality of the family; unrealistic expectation from domestic life.

5th House: deception in love affairs, which leads to scorned romances and paramours; often aligns with underdogs; over dramatizes life and love, and loses self to glamour due to substantial quixotism; using fantasy, entertainment, and artsy pleasure are used in excess to escape the self.

6th House: ungrounded and untidy, with great difficulty being practical as it pertains to daily-to-dos, which leads to harmful avoidance of work and routine; disorganized living; swamped by health concerns and details; hypersensitive hypochondriac.

7th House: projections and disordered reflections of self; unreal relationship ideals and expectations; tends to glamorize relationships, making one blind to potentially fatal flaws of the partner, leading to codependency; wants to rescue and save spouses and lovers.

8th House: obsession with death, sex and confuse, sometimes scare causing overwhelming emotional wounds, which lead to destructive avoidance and damaging habits; the identity disintegrates into  a cesspool of possessive manipulation.

9th House: optimism, though abundant, is unrealistic and hopeless; restless and fervent yearning for some type of ecstasy and/or heaven; personal beliefs can lead to increased vulnerability to religious misleading and philosophical misperception.

10th House: the career and one’s calling is in a constant state confusion, which causes hallucinations about one’s true purpose in life; difficulty finding position in society, and establishing a reputation that is separate from the identity; bewitched by achievements and success.  

11th House: finds society deeply unsatisfying and wants to wash away the pains of the world, but cannot separate fact from fiction; strange altruism; continually let down, influenced, and enchanted by unreliable, careless friends and associates; acquaintances drift away and apart.

12th House: the ego is overwhelmed, feeling helpless and vulnerable, protected by nothing and no one; an aversion to the mundane causes a comatose existence riddled with seclusion, self-containment, and make-believe; feelings of isolation and victimization are byproducts of inner loneliness.  

Persona Charts: What do they mean?

Okay so it is common knowledge that the Sun is the bones of the personality. It’s what allows the other aspects of ourselves shine through. These other aspects or personas if you will, are characterized by the planets in our chart. This is where persona charts come from, there is no persona chart for the Sun because as the most important, the Sun’s persona chart is our natal chart. So what do the other nine person charts show us about ourselves?

There are 12 personalities but 9 persona charts because some planets rule two signs meaning that persona chart is applicable for both.

Moon Persona Chart (Personality 4): Corresponds with the “Mother” archetype and so can be used to interpret the native’s perception of their mother or the relationship there. Can also be interpreted as their inner child and emotions. This persona chart helps us find what makes us feel emotionally secure or what subconscious factors we have playing in the background.

Mercury Persona Chart (Personality 3 and 6): This chart speaks for both our intellect and style of communication as well as adaptability. It can be interpreted as both our interaction with others and our capability to accept and adapt to necessary changes.

Venus Persona Chart (Personality 2 and 7): This chart speaks for both our values (of others an ourselves), our security and insecurity and our beauty as well as our relationships with others and the world itself.

Mars Persona Chart (Personality 1): Takes on the archetype of the Warrior. It shows us our capabilities to take charge and assert ourselves in life. It shows us what fuels our motivation and how we execute our desires.

Jupiter Persona Chart (Personality 9): This persona chart shows us our relationships with religion and philosophy. It shows us our inner therapist and wanderer.

Saturn Persona Chart (Personality 10): This chart shows us the nature of our life lessons and where they appear in our lives. Here we see vocations and truths.

Uranus Persona Chart (Personality 11): In this persona chart we see where we must feel free, where we feel the need to rebel and where we cut ties. It shows us our localisation independence and liberty.

Neptune Persona Chart (Personality 12): Here we see how we as individuals transcend the mundane world. It shows us our spirituality and is great for looking at possible “gifts”. It shows us how to see through the illusions.

Pluto Persona Chart (Personality 8): This persona chart in particular shows us how we face our demons and come to peace with the darker side of ourselves. It shows us how we turn the darkness into our own light.

Planets and Houses

The Sun rules the sign of ♌ Leo and is associated with the ego, its wants, and creativity
The Moon rules the sign of ♋ Cancer and is associated with the emotions, the subconscious needs, and the memory

Personal Planets:
Mercury rules the signs ♊ Gemini and ♍ Virgo and is associated with communication and intellect
Venus rules the signs ♉ Taurus and ♎ Libra and is associated with love and relationships
Mars rules the signs ♈ Aries and ♏ Scorpio(Sub) and is associated with passion, aggression, and vitality

Social Planets:
Jupiter rules the signs ♐ Sagittarius and ♓ Pisces(Co) and is associated with expansion and grace
Saturn rules the signs ♑ Capricorn and ♒ Aquarius(Co) and is associated with restriction and discipline

Transpersonal Planets:
Uranus rules the sign ♒ Aquarius and is associated with change and upheaval
Neptune rules the sign ♓ Pisces and is associated with illusion and spirituality
Pluto rules the sign ♏ Scorpio and is associated with transformation and control

The 1st House represents the self, self-image, and body
The 2nd House represents the value system, finances, and security
The 3rd House represents the communicative ability, skills, and learning
The 4th House represents the home, family, and connection to the past
The 5th House represents the creative ability, amusement, romance, and children
The 6th House represents health, routines, and analytical ability
The 7th House represents one-to-one relationships, the law, and marriage
The 8th House represents collective finances, depth relationships, and the transformative ability
The 9th House represents travel, higher education, philosophy, and religion
The 10th House represents career, public persona, and aspirations
The 11th House represents social networks, dreams, and rewards
The 12th House represents isolation, the subconscious, spirituality, and undoing

  • when someone's planet falls into your...
  • 1st house: it is trigger-some; you react strongly around them in accordance to the planet's energy; you are their muse/inspiration for the planet; you are completely captivated or completely repulsed by it; it is completely exposed to you; it gives you an ego boost/makes you feel more confident or active with this planet's energy; you take on the effect of this planet; you identity them with this planet(s)
  • 2nd house: it is objectified/treated as a possession; it feels used by you or you feel used because of it; it feels secure or insecure with you or driven by security
  • 3rd house: it is discussed with you; you open or close their mind to this planet's effect; it feels judged by you; it creates flowage with you; your communication is defined by this planet's effect
  • 4th house: it feels at home with you; has a sense of of familiarity with you; family/building a home is more central and the planet's energy affects this; it becomes evident around family/in a family setting; the planet(s) feels burdened by you
  • 5th house: it is ignited/put into play; it inspires/entertains you; the planet's energy is extremely attractive to you; the planet(s) reacts dramatically; you find this planet(s) to bring out your playful/creative side in relation to what it stands for; you find this planet's energy to be too immature
  • 6th house: they feel obligated to provide or attend to this/you feel entitled to it; it feels one-sided; adds structure to this planet; it feels under review by you; it is cooperated with you
  • 7th house: the relationship is defined by the planet's energy; they'll hate you or love you or have a love/hate relationship for this planet's effect; they admire or reject the planet's energy; adds a more personal undertone; you project this planet's energy onto them
  • 8th house: it feels out of control; you challenge the planet(s); you could become obsessed with this planet's effect; adds an instant/intimate/unconditional (sometimes too instant/intimate/unconditional) connection; your finances may take on this planet's energy; there will be sacrifices/sharing in the name of said planet
  • 9th house: they add a certain need for exploration or expansion in relation to the planet(s); they broaden your horizons and make you question/theorize the planet(s) substance; you find it to be utterly fascinating; they are a teacher for the planet(s)
  • 10th house: its motivates/benefits you in relation to the planet's effect; it becomes evident to the public; you look up to them for said planet's energy
  • 11th house: you support the planet(s); it feels informal to you; it becomes evident in social settings/gatherings with friends; adds a mutual/friendly/casual undertone; your aspirations for or with them center around this planet's energy
  • 12th house: it is brought to surface/it exposes you; you are at your knees to their planet(s); you feel liberation or restriction from this planet(s); awakens or represses this planet's energy
Moon:2nd house ✨💰🌙💰✨

-Emotional spender and finances tend to fluctuate for this reason
-Your wellbeing depends on material possessions and comfort
-Money will be easier hold on to if your moon is in an Earth or a Fixed sign
-Have a strong need for financial security
-Intuition can be applied to money matters
-Your mother may be attached to you
-Your mother may be a stay at home or attached to her home
-Money can be made through the public,or food(restaurants, cooking)
-Generous with money and possessions but greedy at times
-Good business ability
-Making money from home
-Money made through the mother,women
-Money could even be made through using ones imagination and creativity -You could be financially dependent on your mother

The similarity between Saturn & Pluto is very under-acknowledged. Saturn can be just as devastating, and almost worse in a way, because there is no definite rebirth afterwards – sometimes it’s just misery for the sake of misery, whereas with Pluto, there is always a new beginning. They both have the capacity for extreme morbidity and suffering, but there is a higher purpose to it.

I used to wonder why I identified so much with Pluto when I have very few natal Pluto aspects and it’s not in an angular house; then I realized Saturn is my 2nd most dominant planet, and it all made sense. Saturn is crushing and Pluto is consuming – but it can be experienced / manifest in nearly identical ways.

moon in 2nd house: lets buy food
mercury in 2nd house: lets buy books
venus in 2nd house: lets buy fashion/makeup
jupiter in 2nd house: lets buy everything
saturn in 2nd house: lets buy nothing and save up

This is true for natal placements but, as I have found, also for transits! whenever venus is transiting my 2nd house, i have a very strong desire to go shopping!! but i have natal saturn so im naturally thrifty.

Mercury:2nd house 💰📝💰

-good at making quick decisions
-you pursue education to earn more
-gains through writing,communications,
-could possibly work with siblings or other relatives
-this is one position that’s likely to be more vulnerable to theft
-multiple sources of income
-smart, original methods of handling money

Indicators of Wealth in Astrology

Pluto aspects to Jupiter and Venus
Pluto aspects to Moon and Neptune.
Jupiter/Venus aspects.
Favourable aspects from Jupiter/Venus to rulers of 2nd, 11th house.
Jupiter, Venus, or Sun in 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 11th houses
Abundance of Earth/Water signs, especially Cancer and Capricorn.
Planets in Cancer, Capricorn, or 10th House 
Abundance of Taurus and Sagittarius.
Multiple planets in 2nd, 8th house.
Aspects of chart ruler to 2nd and 8th house ruler.
Strong stelliums.
10th House ruler aspects to Venus, Jupiter, or Saturn
2nd house ruler in 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th house
5th house cusp in Sagittarius shows luck through gambling or taking chances.
5th house cusp in Capricorn shows better rewards from long-term investments.
Planets in 8th show money from marriages or inheritance.
Pluto/Neptune aspects show money made through occult means/practices.

Pluto in the 2nd House
  • fears owing too much, living on credit and not being self-sufficient
  • believes money is a power symbol
  • fears losing control & financial humiliation
  • fights tooth and nails for what they own
  • obsessed by the fear they’ll lose everything
  • understands the value of self-worth, not only money
  • can become self-made millionaires
  • has an ability to transform something into a greater value

“True beauty grips your gut and squeezes your lungs, and makes you see with utmost clarity exactly what is before you. True wisdom then steps in, to interpret, illuminate, and form a life-altering insight.”
― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Tarsus Rising: Once you really find your worth and value is not connected to what you own or hold on to but is connected to your soul and your beauty in and out. Once you reach this point you will truly shine deeply. 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure and it rules 2nd and 7th house but we will focus on Taurus’s house which is the 2nd house. When the planet of sensual pleasure and beauty is on the ascendant you can’t blame people who become captivated with your calm aura and charming beauty. 

With this rising you will have a calm presence about you that makes people around you go quiet and feel safe when you are near them. You evoke the feeling of warmth of home and this makes people trust you easily. You tend to be introverted and contemplative and when you enter a place for a first time you sit and keep to yourself. You are super protective of the ones you love and will put a great amount of passion and love in every relationship and friendship because you like to give it all once you trust the other person.  

Just like Scorpio rising you also want to be in control of your life and you will always make sure you appear elegant and timeless. Fashion, looking good and money are and will always be your top priorities. You believe that you are the best at what you do and you do not trust other people with your work, possession or money. That’s why people might see you as a possessive person over everything that you own, including people and this may cause problems cause people are in the end are free individuals and you can’t decide they are yours just because you love them and they are with you. Also you are super stubborn and it’s your way or the highway and this behavior is not fair to the people you love. you got to teach yourself to be more open minded and try to listen to people instead of forcing your opinions on them.   

You are warm and passionate when it comes to love and you love with your whole heart and you expect this passion and dedication from others, so if they can’t provide this then they don’t have a place in your life. You are someone who needs constant PDA in your life as your whole life is based on sensual love, touch and image. So kissing, hugging and feeding each other is very important to you and you like to spoil the one you are with and you expect to be spoiled as well. 

With this rising you will have on your 7th house/the descendant the sign of Scorpio. It is your opposite sign and it suppose to indicate the type of partners you like and how you will behave when in love. It is your opposite sign and it is the sign that balances you out, you may think of it as your shadow side when you are in private or in love. With Scorpio on the  descendant you are possessive, clingy and needy when in love and you crave loyalty and intensity in love. You are super romantic and need someone who can love you deeply and makes you feel safe and secure in yourself and in your love. 

Features: They depend on the planets that exist on the first house, so having other planets can change your features from your typical Taurus rising.

Generally Taurus rising have small well proportioned features that project the sensual side of the planet of Venus. The nose is small “button nose” and is well shaped and the mouth is average size with plump lips. The jaws are usually sharp and edgy and the face is usually Oval. The eyebrows are thick and well shaped as well and the face usually gives of the feeling of the bull when you look at them.   

I have Natal _____ in the 2nd House

Sun: Security is very important to you and you have very strong ties to your belongings. You need to remember that you are not what you own, and that your wealth does not dictate if you are a good or bad person.

Moon: The amount of money/belongings has an impact on you emotionally and controls how secure you feel. You need to strengthen your emotions so that you don’t rely on them to dictate your security.

Mercury: You are logical, and use any information you already have to solve problems. You may think otherwise, but you can only focus on one project at once. Don’t take on more and complete them to a worse standard.

Venus: You want possessions that are expensive and of great value. You use gifts as a way to convince people to side with you. Remember that gifts cannot fix all your mistakes, it takes more than that.

Mars: You are a hard worker and are willing to dedicate yourself to something as long as there is a clear end goal. However, you may have difficulting saving onto your money. You buy things impulsively.

Jupiter: You can be lucky with money, but remember not to go about life believing that everything will be given to you. You will have to work hard for money, so put in some effort and be proud of what you have worked for.

Saturn: You never feel completely satisfied, and may have difficulty reaching a comfortable sense of stability or security. You are very cautious when it comes to finance, embrace this. It will reward you later in life.

Uranus: You may have weak-ish ties to money and objects. You only use them to get closer to the lifestyle you want. You enjoy freedom, but also value financial stability. You are willing to work hard  so you have enough to accommodate for emergencies.

Neptune: Money doesn’t mean a lot for you,  but don’t sacrifice basic necessities because of this. Work on developing a good sense of self-esteem,  and that should stop you from being compassionate to the point where it hurts you.

Pluto: Possessions give you a sense of power and control. If you have more, you feel powerful and you dislike sharing. Sometimes, you have to remember to be generous and open up to people. Being social will increase growth of character.