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Humans Are Weird: Women Edition

Okay, so I’ve seen plenty of “Humans Are Weird”, “Humans are Space Orcs”, and the like as I stalked toe “Humans Are Weird” tagged and originally I would never have gone through the tags if it wasn’t for all those posts I kept seeing on my dash thanks to @bisexualscarletbenoit. I haven’t seen much regarding the interaction aliens have had with human women. Just the social structure and ques women have developed for each other.

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Vallion wasn’t much for humans. They never were. Even after a hundred cycles of Earth around its sun, Vallion’s people and the other races were not completely at ease with humans. Sure, humans were an odd collection. Always up to something foolish, troublesome…near suicidal, but they were harmless aside from all that. Their social structures, behaviors, and mannerisms confused many of the H’hish and other outer species, but Vallion learned to “just roll with it” as their human crewmate, Fatima, once told him because “it only becomes more and more nonsensical sensical nonsense from here on out” which of course did not ease any of Vallion’s worries.

The humans, Fatima included, would jump off high, rocky outcroppings into deep water, explore the recesses of seemingly bottomless pits, and befriend feral fauna of other death planets (despite the inclusion of a multiple array of Earthen fauna, including, but not limited to, cats, dogs, ferrets, and iguanas [snakes were forbidden after one escaped and nearly made lunch of one of the human crew’s pet Guinea pig, which was in fact not a pig, but a small rodent]). All in all, Vallion learned not to be surprised by the behavior of humans because humans made no sense at all despite their hardiness and resilience.

However, Vallion started to noticed certain behaviors among the carrier half of the species and the propagators. Many of the carriers would often shy away from certain propagators. On more than one occasion, Vallion overheard carriers warning each other not to “be alone in a room with Brad” and that “Trent gives me the creeps. Just the way he looks at me gives me chills”. Other times, it was “I feel like he’s looking through me” or “I don’t like him” to other propagator crewmates. The cautionary words ranged from frightful or defiant. The carriers would never let the other be alone in a room with one of the blacklisted propagators. When they were on planet leave, the carriers stuck together in packs. They did not easily let propagators near them unless they wanted their attention. When one needed the lavatory, one or more would join them even when they did not need it use. It was curious to watch. Vallion never found fault with these propagators the carriers feared. They all behaved cardinal with them and the other H’hish of their ship.

In fact, these propagators did their absolute finest to befriend and welcome the carriers into crew life. They would be the first to volunteer their time showing the carriers the ship’s layout, controls, and other basic necessities. The propagators would offer to perform physically difficult tasks like transporting a whole pallet of rations or engine parts onto the ship even when they were not assigned to it. They earned high praise from General Lovar and other high ranking officials, yet the carriers remained wary of them.

It wasn’t until Vallion decided to ask Fatima about it because they felt guilty keeping this knowledge from the propagators. “Why do you and the other carriers speak so ill about your propagator counterparts?”

Fatima sighed. “Again. Vallion. Not carriers and propagators, but women and men.” Vallion watched as she massaged the bridge of her brow.

Vallion showed their displeasure at the correction. “It does not make sense to call your half of the species ‘women’ when some who are actually propagators call themselves ‘women’ and vise versa. It is complicated enough for us H’hish– You are avoiding the question!” Vallion nearly lost track of their purpose in their conversation.

“I’m not avoiding it,” Fatima replied. “I just don’t want to be referred to as a carrier. Not all women have children or can have them. Anyways, what do you mean about speaking ill of the guys? Since when?”

Vallion locked their jaw for a moment before answering. “When you and the other women tell each other not to be alone around 2nd Lt. Brad Richards, Chief Engineer Trent Delores, and Dr. Antoine Salone.” The impudence! If it wasn’t for Fatima saving their life once from a sixty degree Celsius pool of water, they would not show such patience.

“They’re creeps, Vallion. We don’t trust them. They don’t see us as human.” Fatima’s gaze was blank. It unnerved Vallion.

“What do you mean by saying that? Of course you’re human! All women are human.”

“You would think so…” she whispered. Vallion was perplexed by the shift in Fatima’s expression and body language.

Vallion watched Fatima turn away from them, her upper appendages wrapping around her torso.


“I gotta get going, Vallion. My shift is coming up in ten minutes.”

And before Vallion could get a word in, Fatima was powering her way down the hall, towards the communications tower.

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2nd Lt. Kenneth E. Neidigh of 355th Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group displaying a German Swastika flag.
He was shot down over Witzenhausen, Hesse in Germany on 31 Mar 1945 and taken prisoner, he later escaped on 10 April when American forces approached the prison camp. (pic taken 17 April 1945)

Kenneth Edwin Neidigh from Spokane County, Washington
27 September 1923 - 4 March 2006

(Colourised by Richard James Molloy from the UK)

the signs as band of brothers
  • aries: stsgt william guarnere
  • taurus: pfc david webster
  • gemini: t-5 joseph liebgott
  • cancer: 1st lt buck compton
  • leo: cpt lewis nixon
  • virgo: technical sgt donald malarkey
  • libra: t-4 eugene 'doc' roe
  • scorpio: cpt ronald speirs
  • sagittarius: t-4 george luz
  • capricorn: t-4 frank perconte
  • aquarius: major richard winters
  • pisces: 2nd lt carwood lipton
Pre-series Royai + [incomplete] FMA Timeline

based on Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect Guidebook 2 + 3 and manga

Everything is canon (i.e. manga-based since it’s the original material by Hiromu Arakawa) unless stated otherwise. Events not taken from the guidebook timeline are marked with an asterisk, and were based on the manga (and/or FMA:B, if necessary) instead.

WARNING: manga and FMA:Brotherhood spoilers!

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 2nd Lt. Tetsujiro Karasawa of Dai 57 Shinbu-ta on top of his KI 84 with the motto “Hissatsu” (sure to kill) on the aircraft. Miyakonojo-Higashi Airbase, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.

This aircraft was flown in a ‘kamikaze’ mission with Dai 58 Shinbu-tai, “Dokuro-tai” on 28 May, 1945 against US ships operating off of Okinawa.


Bomber Boeing B-17G-20-BO “Flying Fortress” (proper name – «Miss Donna Mae II»), was hit by a 1000-pound (453.6 kg) bomb from another B-17 in a raid to Berlin. Bombs have broken the left horizontal stabilizer, the plane went into an uncontrollable spin, at an altitude of 4 km due to overload his wings were broken off and he collapsed to the ground. The entire crew perished.

This is the first photo of a series of four pictures – flying bomb to even the whole stabilizer doomed plane.

Plane, from which it is made of the photo – well B-17 (Lockheed-Vega B-17G-30-VE serial number 42-97791, the name «Trudy»). Both aircraft – from the 332-nd Bomb Squadron of the 94th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force USAF (332nd Bomb Squadron, 94th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force).


List of crew members killed B- 17:

1st Lt. Marion U. Reid – commander;

2nd Lt. Lewis T. Carter – co-pilot;

2nd Lt. Roger F. Tessier – navigator;

2nd Lt. Stanley D. Duffield – scorer;

T/Sgt. Lee Z. Kieffer – Engineer/gunner top installation;

T/Sgt. John F. Boone – radict;

T/Sgt. John B. Davis – radar operator;

S/Sgt. Ludwig H. Huth – ball shooter installation;

S/Sgt. Richard E. Brennan – shooter starboard;

S/Sgt. James A. Kalahar – shooter left side;

S/Sgt. Willard M. Christensen – tail shooter.

anonymous asked:

Could you talk about Riza and her pupper?

CAN I?! I have so many headcannons for these two.

  • Black Hayate, as a puppy, had some real issues with personal space. Riza woke up more than once with him draped over her head.
  • When she first got Hayate, Riza tried leaving him at a dog care center when she worked. Hayate was banned for his multiple escape attempts.
  • Despite popular belief, Hayate was trained through reward rather than discipline. 
  • Riza makes Hayate’s dog treats. She doesn’t trust the ingredients in may store-bought brands.
  • In the same vein, Roy was distressed for the first few months when he would try to earn Hayate’s love through jerky treats in the bottom drawer of his desk, but was constantly rejected.
  • Hayate likes to train with Riza. He’ll run at her heels or try to mimic her movements as best he can.
  • Riza secretly exploits Black Hayate’s 2nd Lt. ranking, and the newer military personnel default to saluting him out of fear of the Lieutenant.
  • Roy perpetuates this charade, and word eventually got to Grumman, who has begun the paperwork for the dog’s promotion along with Riza and Roy.
  • Hayate is jealous of Roy, and will force himself in between the two so that he can demand his love
  • Riza loves the dog more than life itself, and she is secretly a dog-mom. The only people who know this almost-crazy doting are Roy and Kain.
  • Black Hayate has a Romeo and Juliet love affair with the dog down the hall, but they’ve only ever sniffed noses under the door.

I have more, too! Hayate is one of my favorite characters to write.

Thanks for the ask!!! <3

Royai in the Manga

Here is everytime Roy and Riza have been in a panel (not necessarily talking, but also just appearing) there may also be pages numbered because they are either in persona (Elizabeth) or they are talking about the other. *= significant moment (banter, fluff, angst, shows their relationship standpoint etc.) Hopefully I didn’t miss anything and forgive me if the pages are slightly off. I also have all of their appearances in both shows (fma ‘03 and FMAB) here.

Vol 1- Chap 4 pg 145,175,177

Vol 2- Chap 5 pg 7,39,40, Chap 6 pg 74 Chap 7 pg 104,106,108*,109*,111,121,123,127,136,139

Vol 3- Chap 10 pg 58,59 Chap 11 pg 94, Military Festival- 175,176

Vol 4- Chap 14 pg 55,58, Chap 16 pg 147,148*,152-158*

Vol 6- Chap 24 pg 99,100,101,103,104,116,124,125,136, 137, Chap 25 pg 166*,175

Vol 7- Chap the 2nd Lt. Goes To Battle pg 186

Vol 8- Chap 30 pg 49-51*, Chap 31 pg 55-63, Special Selection PS2 prologue pg 177

Vol 9- Chap 35 pg 56,58-61,84, Chap 37 pg 145,146,168,173,175,178*

Vol 10- Chap 38 pg 20,24*,25*,27-29,32,33, Chap 39 pg 57,59,75-80*,85,88,93, Chap 40 pg 112*-117,120-122, Chap 41 pg 146

Vol 11- Chap 42 pg 32-36,39,40 Chap 44 pg 128,129,131,133-135*, Chap 45 pg 164-166,168,169-171,173*

Vol 12- Chap 47 pg 71,72*, Chap 48 pg 133, Chap 49 pg 158-160,166,169-171,175

Vol 13- Chap 50 pg 33,34,35*,36, Chap 51 pg 94, Chap 52 pg 102,108,109

Vol 14- Chap 56 pg 104, 119*,120*,121*,122*, Chap 57 pg 143,144,146,147,172

Vol 15- Chap 58 pg 10-12*, 21, Chap 59 pg 71-74*,75,81,84-87*, Chap 60 pg 88,92-95, Chap 61 pg 165-168*,170-172*

Vol 16- Chap 62 pg 10-15, 44-48*, Chap 63 pg 55

Vol 18- Chap 71 pg 95-98

Vol 19- Chap 74 pg 20-26*

Vol 20- Chap 83 pg 184-186

Vol 21- Chap 85 pg 63, Chap 87 pg 142-145*,148

Vol 22- Chap 89 pg 60, 64-69,86,90,92-93

Vol 23- Chap 93 pg 63-64,79-84*,89-94, Chap 94 pg 111-117*,125-140*,Chap 95 pg 145-157*,160-161,164

Vol 24- Chap 98 pg 133-136, Chap 99 pg 164-169,177-178

Vol 25- Chap 100 pg 46-52**, Chap 101 pg 64-90****,94*,96*, Chap 102 pg 109,111-114, Chap 103 pg 155

Vol 26- Chap 106 pg 157-159*

Vol 27- Chap 107 pg 7*,15,17*,35-37*,42,52*,72, Chap 108 pg 111*,113*,120*,142-143*,191