2nd lt

the signs as band of brothers
  • aries: stsgt william guarnere
  • taurus: pfc david webster
  • gemini: t-5 joseph liebgott
  • cancer: 1st lt buck compton
  • leo: cpt lewis nixon
  • virgo: technical sgt donald malarkey
  • libra: t-4 eugene 'doc' roe
  • scorpio: cpt ronald speirs
  • sagittarius: t-4 george luz
  • capricorn: t-4 frank perconte
  • aquarius: major richard winters
  • pisces: 2nd lt carwood lipton

So can we talk about how Mark just had the bestfriends necklace those two girls made for him and Jack with him and then:

It looks like Jack is wearing his? They’re so sweet and supportive of us. Like I would have expected the necklaces to be disregarded, but they’re just carrying them around. I love our boys <3

(2nd pic from jack’s insta)

2nd Lt Alton Frazer’s FG-1D Corsair after an engagement with N1K2-J Shiden-Kais of the 343rd. Frazer miraculously managed to nurse his crippled Corsair back to base.

Fini Flight - Brig. Gen. Scott L. Kelly, 175th Wing Commander, performs a maneuver during his final flight in an A-10C aircraft at Warfield Air National Guard, Baltimore, Maryland, October 17, 2015. Kelly’s fini flight marked the end of his service as wing commander because he is transitioning to be the assistant adjutant general – Air for the Maryland National Guard. (Air National Guard photo by 2nd Lt. Benjamin Hughes)

A Mark IV (Male) tank H45 ‘Hyacinth’ of H Battalion ditched in a German trench while supporting the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment, one mile west of Ribecourt. Some men of the battalion are resting in the trench, 20 November 1917.
Commanded by 2nd Lt. Jackson, H Btn, 24 Coy, 10 Sec. During the attack it reached the first objective of the day, The Hindenburg Line, before falling in the ditch. (additional info from John Winner)
(Photo source – © IWM Q 6433)
Photographer – Lt. John Warwick Brooke
(Colourised by Doug)

From FMA Perfect Guidebook 3: Amestrian Military Ranks


2nd LT                             Colonel               Fuhrer          

Warrant Officer                 Lt. Col               General

Master Sgt                        Major                 Lt. General

Sgt Major                        Captain                 Major General

Corporal                          1st LT.                  Brigadier General      

93rd Bomb Group formation flight. Near aircraft is Consolidated B-24D-25-CO (S/N 41-24226) “Joisey Bounce” and second aircraft is (S/N 41-24147) “The Duchess.”

“Joisey Bounce”/“Utah Man”

B-24D-25-CO Liberator
s/n 41-24226, 330th BS, 93rd BG, 8th Air Force
Lost November 13,1943 on mission to Bremen, Germany when it was involved in a mid-air collision with 42-40765 over Husum, Germany. Was named “Utah Man” at time of loss.

2nd Lt. Loren J. Koon - Pilot
South Carolina

2nd Lt. Robert Timmer - Co-Pilot

Sgt. Benjamin Caplan - Navigator

1st Lt. Ralph W. Cummings - Bombardier

Sgt. Robert L. Cox - Engineer/Top Turret Gunner

T/Sgt. Paul E. Johnston - Radio Operator

S/Sgt. William E. Major - Right Waist Gunner

S/Sgt. John E. Connolly - Left Waist Gunner

S/Sgt. Joseph R. Doyle - Tail Gunner

S/Sgt. Richard E. Bartlett - Tunnel Gunner

“The Duchess”/“Evelyn” (A)
s/n 41-24147, 330th BS, 93rd BG, 8th Air Force
Lost on mission over Germany on Feb. 25,1944 mission to Furth Germany. Mechanical troubles caused them to fall back out of the formation where they were jumped by fighters.

1st Lt. David W. Thompson - Pilot

Capt. Miles R. League - Co-Pilot/Deputy Formation Commander
South Carolina

1st Lt. James A. Ivain - Navigator

1st Lt. Robert L. Warner - Bombardier

2nd Lt. Waldron L. Snyder, Jr. - Co-Pilot/Observer/Photographer

T/Sgt. Henry A. Clauser - Engineer/Top Turret Gunner

T/Sgt. Evert A. Ollie - Radio Operator

S/Sgt. John D. Glucs - Right Waist Gunner

S/Sgt. Thomas F. McDermott - Left Waist Gunner
Rhode Island

S/Sgt. Royce O. Magee - Tail Gunner

“Bomberang” ©
B-24D-1-CO Liberator
s/n 41-23722
328th BS, 93rd BG, 8th AF
She was the first 8th Air Force B-24 to complete 50 missions. After her 53rd mission she was flown back to the U.S. for a War Bond tour.

“Thundermug” (F)
B-24D-40-CO Liberator
s/n 42-40246
328th BS, 93rd BG, 8th AF
Was salvaged on Oct. 10,1943.


Silly 2ndLT.

Today me and my buddy where walking back from the School House to the dorms over lunch. As we walk to the door it opens, nothing unusual there. The “door guard” normally opens the door for anyone entering the building if VIP guest are going to be in the dorms during that day. But I looked at this arms out of instinct to see if he had any stripes. He didn’t, figured he was just another Airman Basic. So me and my buddy keep on walking through the door, when he says “Airmen…” and starts to move his hand up to salute. Only then did I notice the Bronze bar on my cover and blouse. So I saluted him.

You were walking out of the door we use to go INSIDE the building, and holding it like an Airman Basic. Not to mention he looked like he was all of 17years old, which didn’t help in realizing he was an officer. Not like butter bars are real officers anyways, more like little Chihuahua’s. All bark no bite.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been standing by the door waiting to open it and get saluted by some Airmen.

Silly butter bars.