2nd lead syndrome

today’s episode of while you were sleeping was so sweet?? like the ending?? my heart clenched when jae chan held hong joo’s hand so she could walk across the street and face her fears. & then when she rested her head on his shoulder and he just held her there?? i love them

“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is one of those dramas where I do not experience 2nd lead syndrome. Guk Doo is an asshole in his misogynistic and sexist view of women (constantly referring to them as weak and frail). I wanted to scream when he told Bong Soon, “Even if you’re strong you’re still a weak woman to me.” Idk why Bong Soon is so dazzled by him when he degrades her as a woman.”


Cheese in the Trap (2016)

“People around me only approached me because they wanted something. I could see that so clearly, but what could I do? I just went along with it. It`s easier that way. Seol, you really like me don`t you? Your feelings are genuine, right?”


Meet our Goryeo’s Hot 7 Princes (Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

Lee Jun Ki - 4th Prince (Wang So), Kang Ha Neul - 8th Prince (Wang Wook), Hong Jong Hyun - 3rd Prince (Wang Yo), Yoon Sun Woo - 9th Prince (Wang Won), Byun Baekhyun - 10th Prince (Wang Eun), Nam Joo Hyuk - 13th Prince (Wang Wook), Ji Soo - 14th Prince (Wang Jung)

Upcoming SBS Sageuk drama coming this August 29, 2016

(In these drama for the first time we will suffer multiple 2nd lead syndrome) 

When the 2nd male lead in a K-drama changes his hairstyle, his aura changes too.
  • Up: Complete douchebag, mean to everybody (PARTICULARLY the female lead), violent, arrogant, gets into alpha male fights with the lead male.
  • Down: ULTIMATE PUPPY, gentle, romantic, makes you fall for him so hard and get 2nd male lead syndrome (and then he changes his hair)