2nd flush

Unrequited ?

(Mike Wheeler x Reader)

Warnings: none

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You knew the moment you walked into that gym you’d walk outside broken. Feelings you keep inside from everyone that you can’t hold in anymore. They flow out like tears.

Though it’s painful to admit, you’re not sorry for feeling that way. Standing there in front of the mirror with your hair in its natural state falling to your shoulders (or not if you have short hair!!). In a periwinkle dress (any style that’s appropriate for a middle school dance) that your mother had made just for you.

Your mother knocked on your door lightly then proceeded to come in and stand by your side. She smiled softly and rubbed your shoulder pulling you close to her “You look beautiful, (y/n/n)”. You stayed silent but nodded to her.

Eventually you got to the dance taking the new environment in. The blue and silver decorations. The huge crowd of kids dancing with girls in small groups probably gossiping. You felt overwhelmed. Thank god Max finally got there.

“Hey, (y/n)!” She said hugging you. You smiled at that. You thought back to when max first showed up at school easily winning Dustin and Lucas’s attention but failing to get mike’s. You easily got along with her and helped her ignore mike’s grouchiness.

“Hey” Was all you could manage to say in response. Understanding how uncomfortable you were getting she walked with you to get some punch before everyone else got there.

Eventually Lucas got there removing some of your stress. Until he showed up.

Mike Wheeler

Your unrequited love ever since 2nd grade when you met him, Dustin, Will, and Lucas. In your head it seemed like know one ever knew how you felt when in reality everyone but him knew. Well, maybe not El either.

Thinking of El you felt a pang in your chest. You loved El with all your heart but couldn’t help but envy her relationship with mike. The night when you guys stayed in the school’s cafeteria you saw their kiss. It was heartbreaking but you saw how happy El was so you stopped worrying about yourself.

Mike had stopped in his tracks when he saw you. He was like a deer caught in headlights. You looked absolutely stunning and he immediately felt butterflies. Unaware of his obvious ga ga eyes you wave shyly to him. “Hey, Mike. You finally got here!”

He gulped and nodded “Yeah, my mom took forever taking pictures though” rolling his eyes. You smiled thinking of Mrs.Wheeler trying to take a picture of him in his suit.

Lucas and Max shared knowing looks and went to the entrance to wait for will and Dustin.

“Where’s El?” You ask.

His eyes widened realizing he completely forgot about her “Hopper said she still had to stay out of the public eye”

You shrugged “That sucks. I thought you guys were gonna have a special moment together.”

He felt disappointed thinking you weren’t interested in him.

Meanwhile Dustin and Will had shown up a while ago. El had also came and smiled at the sight of you and mike. Max, confused asked her “Don’t you like Mike?”

El shook her head “I didn’t know what he meant that night but I know she feels the way he thought I did.” Max smiled.

Slow songs started to play and it was getting awkward between you and Mike. He shook and nervous thoughts in his head and turned to you “Would you like to dance?”

You smiled and nodded walking with him to the middle of the gym. Your arms wrapped around his neck and his went to your waist. After multiple slow songs you had lost track of time feeling lost in each other’s presence. You tilted your head up and placed your lips on his.

It was a bold move but you couldn’t take it anymore. Surprisingly he kissed back. When you both pulled away smiling he said “I’ve been waiting to do that since 2nd grade”

Your cheeks flushed while you smiled “Me too”