2nd empire

(Im rereading TME and it’s the scene when she’s looking for Michel…)
I’m more and more dissatisfied w how she doesn’t have a canon physical appearance in dai because every time I draw Briala she looks different in every drawing bx I can’t settle on a consistent design for her💔


I worked on these for approximately 80 years and this is all i got done lmao

48-Han Solo

48. “Kiss me, you dork.”

You walked toward your boyfriend with a broad smirk. He arched an unimpressed brow as he stood just outside of his ship. He straightened his posture the closer you got.

“You’re looking at the best smooth talker in the galaxy,” you proclaimed.
Han smirked. “Oh yeah? And why’s that?”
“For one, I just got the hunter that’s been on our asses since Felucia to back off,” you paused for effect, “And two, it only cost me a broken down blaster.”
“He wanted a broken blaster?” Han asked in disbelief.
You rolled on your feet with a smirk. “Well, he wanted a blaster. He didn’t specify the condition.”

Han let out a silent chuckle while shaking his head. He started to nod at you.

“Not bad, kid.”
“High praise,” you quipped, “I must be royalty.”
He rolled his eyes. “You’re something alright.”
You arched your back slightly. “Please, stop! I can’t handle all of these numerous compliments of my genius and skill.”

Han rolled his eyes before walking into the Millennium Falcon. You were right on his heels. You always enjoyed teasing Han.

“I mean, I know I’ve only been a smuggler for a few months,” you continued, “And we had already tried to outrun the guy…but I couldn’t possibly receive another compliment in relation to either without fainting!”
Han spun on his heels and faced you. “Oh I’m sorry. Would you like a medal for doing your job?”

You arched a brow. Han’s facade broke as he let out a beaming grin with a laugh. He shook his head as you moved closer.

“I gotta tell ya, kid,” he started, “I’d pull out a whole parade dedicated just to you swindling a bounty hunter.”
You chuckled.
“But since I can’t, is there anything else I could do to make up for it?”
You wiggled your eyebrows. “Kiss me, you dork.

Beaming, Han leaned forward until his lips met yours. Despite being in such a risky job, you always felt safe with your boyfriend. Han just felt like home.

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42-Luke Skywalker

42. “That was one time!”

You, Luke, Han, and Leia were passing the time in the Hoth base. It had been recently quiet when it came to news about the Empire. After much convincing, the four of you decided to relax for a little bit. Now, you were sharing stories with each other.

“I remember the first time I met you, kid,” Han spoke up, “You were a whiny kid.”
Luke rolled his eyes. “And you were a smart mouth.”
“And neither of which has changed,” Leia rebutted.

You burst into a fit of giggles. Luke smiled at you, tightening his arm around your shoulders. You smiled at him.

“She’s not wrong.”
“Of course I’m not,” Leia added.
“Well, I suppose you two are just a couple of saints, then,” Han teased.
“I mean, if the shoe fits,” you quipped.

You and Leia chuckled as Han and Luke shared a look. They nodded, knowing the two of you wouldn’t hold a grudge.

“I’d say you’re bossy,” Luke pointed out to Leia.
“And you’re-” Han started.
“Not the one who tripped into a pile of nerf dung?” you finished with an arched brow.
Han knit his brows. “That wasn’t me.”
You turned your gaze to a blushing Luke. “I know.”

Han and Leia raised their eyebrows at the revelation. You knew they hadn’t heard that story and enjoyed the reactions. Luke’s face was entirely red. He was adorable when he was embarrassed.

“At least I didn’t anger a Caamasi, ” he declared defensively.
That was one time!” you shot back. You covered your face in embarrassment.
Han’s eyes lit up. “You angered one of the most peaceful races out there?”
“How is that even possible?” Leia asked in genuine curiosity.
“Well,” you started shyly.
Luke grinned. “She told him polygamy would help rebuild their population.”
“Luke,” you groaned.

Han and Leia were in a fit of giggles. Luke just smiled at you before pulling you into his lap. You hid your face in his shoulder.

“You just had to tell them that,” you murmured.
“You told them I fell in nerf dung,” he retorted playfully.

He kissed your head. You pouted for another moment before just curling into him. You treasured the sound of your friends’ and boyfriend’s laughter while you could. And if they were laughing at your expense, you were overall okay with that.

Want to Request? : Prompt List (2nd Round)

Who still talks nowadays of the extermination of the Armenians?
—  Adolf Hitler in his Obersalzberg Speech, August 22nd, 1939. Hitler, outlining his plan to use Death’s Head units to murder and annihilate the local populaces of the Soviet Union, reassured his Wehrmacht commanders that their actions would not be remembered negatively.

Warrior Culture : Revolutionary War
Subculture : Minutemen

Unlike formal units of the Continental Army they did not receive much formal military training or drilling and they were required arm and equip themselves. They were however a highly mobile, remarably diverse quick reaction force. Allowing the Revolutionaries the ability to block enemy troop movements, and set up ambushes. Pining down British forces until slower Continental Army or standard militia units could respond.

Minutemen were among the first to fight in the Revolutionary war at Concord, MA. And their forces made up around a quarter of all militia forces during the War for American Independence.

Proving the premise of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. As a group of self armed, largely self trained citizens helped to bring a tyrannical dictator to his knees through quick mobilization.