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can i ask you a question about politics? i mean you don't have to answer if you dont want, but are you pro labour and pro corbyn or just pro labour?

Don’t mind answering this - I’m pro-Labour and pro-Corbyn, especially for the upcoming election. I’m not a fanatic - I’ve wavered over him due to the EU stuff and he has his faults, blah blah, but if any of you are undecided but have heard vaguely negative shit about him, read up on his election pledges (2nd link below).

I think it’s hard for young British people to conceive of life under a non-rightwing government, and to assume that their current situation is ‘just the way it is’ - it doesn’t have to be! This all feels very “How do you do fellow kids” but ya, I’m a ‘young person’ too and I want these things for all of us.

There’ll prob be some comments under this saying “Yeah but Corbyn blah blah” and my only answer to that is, “So you want more of the Tories?”. And I don’t.

Articles on why all people aged 18-24 should vote on June 8th:



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Wait, could you please summarise the whole plebiscite deal that's going on? The news talks about it like the viewer should already know and my parents are bigots and won't explain, im rly confused about what's happening atm

OK so the idea of a plebiscite is to put an issue to the vote of the people. We don’t normally do this because that’s what elections are for and so politicians should already know how the population leans on certain issues. The reason the news assumes you already know is because this has been going on for a while now. The previous idea of a plebiscite on the issue of marriage equality was shut down in the Senate and didn’t pass. Malcolm Turnbull (before he was PM) said he was in favour of marriage equality but he’s also a spineless leader so doesn’t want to upset the right wing part of his party (which is an entirely right wing party so he basically never stands up to them) so the idea of a plebiscite is to allow the possibility of marriage equality happen without him having to be a conservative Prime Minister bringing in a progressive social policy (thus making him unpopular with the conservative base of the party and potentially losing him voters). He’s adamantly trying to push this terrible idea forward to avoid a conscious/free vote and let the majority of people in parliament who are for marriage equality make it law.

There are two plebiscite ideas: the first was a compulsory vote (like an election). The 2nd (newer) one that’s being floated right now is a postal one that isn’t compulsory and is… via post. So basically just a shittier version of an already bad idea. (Also make sure you’re enrolled to vote and your mailing address details are up to date at the AEC website)

The issue with this is a) it costs money. Original plebiscite was estimated to cost $160 million and the postal plebiscite at $122 million. Why spend money that when politicians were elected to do this exact kind of job for us? b) This will start a campaign from both sides of the argument and if you’ve ever read a comments section under any LGBT+ positive video on youtube you’ll know that death threats and abuse aren’t exactly unfamiliar territory. It’d be much better for the collective self esteem and mental health of the LGBT+ community if politicians were just like “you’re right: you do deserve this right and are equal citizens.” c) God this is tiring. Just… fucking get this done… this issue is not a political football to kick around trying to make either party look bad. This is people’s lives that would greatly benefit by a country recognising their love as valid and equal to everyone else’s. This is all pointless when we could just put a bill forward and have a free vote on this issue.

Oh and P.S. Neither of those ideas are binding. It’s just really to get a vibe of what the country wants and even if it comes back overwhelmingly “YES. LET THEM MARRY!” some Liberals are still saying “Nope. Going to say no if it comes to a vote.” So fuck it.

SNH48 2nd Senbatsu Election

July 25, 2015

  1.  Zhao JiaMin (Savoki)(Team SII) (74,393 votes) (↑2)
  2.  Ju JingYi (Kiku)(Team NII) (64,785.5 votes) (↑2)
  3. Li YiTong (Team NII) (47,134.5 votes) (↑3)
  4. Huang TingTing (Team NII) (35,189 votes) (NEW)
  5. Zhang YuGe (Team SII) (32,306 votes) (-)
  6.  Wan LiNa (Team NII) (31,608.3 votes) (NEW)
  7.  Li YuQi (Team SII) (31,215.9 votes) (↑4)
  8.  Yi JiaAi (Team NII) (30,004.8 votes) (↑6)
  9.  Zeng YanFen (Team NII) (25,861.2 votes) (NEW)
10. Lu Ting (Team NII) (25,669.2 votes) (NEW)
11. Zhao Yue (Team NII) (25,245 votes) (NEW)
12. Feng XinDuo (Team NII) (22,028.7 votes) (NEW)
13. Mo Han (Team SII) (20,201.7 votes) (↓6)
14. Qiu XinYi (Team SII) (20,078.3 votes) (NEW)
15. Dai Meng (Team SII) (17,907.3 votes) (↓2)
16. Kong XiaoYin (Team SII) (17,658.9 votes) (↓1)


  17.  Lin SiYi (Team NII) (16,050.5 votes) (NEW)
  18.  Gong ShiQi (Team NII) (16,047.3 votes) (↓6)
  19.  Shao XueCong (Team X) (15,874.3 votes) (NEW)
  20.  Xu JiaQi (Team SII) (14,351.7 votes) (↓12)
  21. Jiang Yun (Team SII) (11,174.1 votes) (NEW)
  22. Chen GuanHui (Team SII) (10,897 votes) (↓12)
  23. Song XinRan (Team X) (10,179.2 votes) (NEW)
  24. Chen Si (Team SII) (9,811.7 votes) (↓15)
  25. Liu JiongRan (Team HII) (9,718.4 votes) (NEW)
  26.  Qian BeiTing (Team SII) (9,407.5 votes) (NEW)
  27. Liu PeiXin (Team HII) (9,023.6 votes) (NEW)
  28. Tang AnQi (Team NII) (9,015.2 votes) (NEW)
  29. Li DouDou (Team HII) (8,590.1 votes) (NEW)
  30. Hao WanQing (Team HII) (8,523.8 votes) (NEW)
  31. Xu Han (Team HII) (8,415.1 votes) (NEW)
  32. Meng Yue (Team NII) (8,218 votes) (NEW)

I’m Tia, a 17 y/o high school sophomore (yeah i messed up lol, don’t be like me, kids. stay focused.) I figured that I needed to improve my study game and stop procrastinating and develop better study habits, so I chose to make a studyblr.

About me:

- i live in the mideastern u.s

- I am an esfp

- co’20 (19 if lucky lmao)

- i’m obsessed with astrology, SAGITTARIUS POWER!

- I’ll be 18 on November 30th, how lit?

- I attended summer school for the first time EVER on July 5th until August 4th for Algebra 1 (10 credits) and Physics 9 (5 credits) it was embarrassing because I’d never had to go to summer school before, ever.

Things I Like:

- K-pop (EXO, Pristin, Monsta X, NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U, BTS, Cosmic Girls, Girls’ Generation, Miss A, Boyfriend, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST, Boys Republic, Gugudan, VIXX, Wonder Girls, and more.) I’ve been a k-pop fan for years and honestly, it’s been the best two years ever, man.

- LEARNING LANGUAGES. I’m in the process of learning Spanish and Korean. I grew up speaking Spanish pretty well, but I guess I grew out of it? And I’ve been *trying* to learn Korean, but each time IN THE PAST 2 YEARS, I become a language hoe and begin learning a different language- I need to stop.

- K-dramas. Yeah… My free time went into these. They are to blame for why my gpa is terrible, imo.

- Stationery. I love buying stationery, but I’m a little messy(?) and clumsy so I end up losing it or never getting it back from someone loaned something to. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. I always buy so much stationery every year only for teachers to say “oh you don’t need this” or “this isn’t necessary” or even the classic “why’d you buy that? didn’t the school send a list home?”

- BUBBLE TEA, FROZEN YOGURT… all i can say is yes. Buy me a Red Velvet bubble tea and I’ll love you forever. Froyo is just everything, yes. You can’t not like froyo.

- Art. I like reading, writing poems/short stories, essays, and all that. I want to take photography this year, graphic design or even intro to psychology (ok maybe Early Childhood Education too. I don’t even think I can switch that many classes)

Full Year Classes

- Geometry (5 credits)

- English 10 (5 credits)

- Chemistry (5 credits)

- U.S History 1 (5 credits)

- Spanish 1 (5 credits)

1st Semester Electives

- Physical Education 10 (2.5 credits)

- Theatre 2 (2.5 credits)

- Financial Literacy (Switching to Photography 1 or Graphic Design 1 if available) (2.5 credits)

2nd Semester Electives

- Health 10/Driver’s Education (2.5 credits)

- Criminal Justice (Switching to Psychology if available) (2.5 credits)

- Clothing 1 (2.5 credits)

Why ‘Soju-Studies’?

I honestly have no idea. I thought it sounded very cute, so I picked it… creativity was not flowing well, ok? Don’t come for me, it was a brain-fart!

Studyblrs I love a lot:

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APRIL 2: Kathy Kozachenko is elected on the Ann Arbor city council (1974)

We’ve already talked about a few lesbian/bi public figures running for office and winning, but today we’d like to introduce you to a real trailblazer: the first openly gay candidate to run for public office and win. Meet Kathy Kozachenko who, on April 2nd, 1974, was elected onto the Ann Arbor city council.

There are several things that make Kozachenko’s election pretty special: she was a woman, openly lesbian, and she belonged to neither of the two major political parties in the US since she ran on the ticket of the Human Rights Party, a local, radical, and progressive party. Funnily enough, the decision to be out during her campaign was not one she really cared about: when the campaign manager came up with the idea, she just rolled with it and, well, kicked ass.

She had predecessors, too: Nancy Wechsler and Jerry DeGrieck, who were also members of the HRP and gay; but here’s the catch: they didn’t come out until after their election onto the city council in 1972.

When Kozachenko won, her landmark victory was largely ignored by the newspapers: a third-party out lesbian getting elected in public office was apparently not headline fodder. This erasure still continues today, since we’re prompt to remember people like Harvey Milk while many other figures have been swept aside. (We’ve already written about Elaine Noble who, in November 1974, a few months after Kozachenko’s victory, was elected as a state rep, becoming the first out person to win this kind of public office, but who’s also often forgotten in mainstream political history.)

Kozachenko served one term on the council, until 1976, when she headed to NY and Pittsburgh, and continued her activist work there. In 1984, she met her lifelong partner, MaryAnn Geiger (who passed away in 2010), and in 1987, gave birth to her son, Justin. Politics largely receded from her life around then, as it seems she didn’t want Justin to be weighed down by the contemporary stigma against lesbian mothers, and she needed to be more cautious about her visibility.

Overall, not much is known about her life, though a 2015 Bloomberg article did a thorough investigative piece on her, trying to rectify the erasure of which she was a victim. The article ends with this quote: though Kathy left politics soon after her time on the city council, and never really went back to being political involved, she understood how inspirational her decision to campaign as an out third-party lesbian was, and still is:

“I don’t think I was brave, because I was in a college town where it was cool to be who I was,” she says. “On the other hand, I stepped up and did what I felt needed to be done at the time. Maybe that’s the whole story, that ordinary people can do something that then other people later can look back on and feel really good that they did this.”



WikiLeaks: Clinton plans gun control by “executive order”

I can't even begin to put into words how good it feels to finally know that the person who will soon be in charge of my country won't be constantly attacking my 2nd Amendment rights every chance he gets.

I’ve only been a gun owner since January of 2012, so all I know is life as a gun owner under the Obama Administration.

I know that we must always continue to fight for our rights and stay vigilant, but man it sure feels good to finally take a quick sigh of relief.

I love the 2nd Amendment and everything that it entails.

I love the United States of America.

AKB48 Sousenkyo Official Guidebook 2016, Yamamoto Sayaka’s part

AKB48 General Election 2016

Predicted 2nd place

Yamamoto Sayaka, age 22, NMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team K

Aimed place: 1st, last year’s place: 6th

The song she centered, 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki, became the representative song of AKB48. Last year she managed to maintain her place in Sousenkyo, but after that she made a great breakthrough that anyone would admit. What thoughts does this genius of hard work, Sayanee’s heart hide?

More than anything else I want to win the 1st place for the sake of NMB48

I don’t want to lose to myself, so I do my best to get closer to „the me I want to become”

The steady advance of Yamamoto Sayaka, who acquired the center position of AKB48 and held it for the group’s sake, perhaps started from her Sousenkyo speech last year. When it was revealed that she ranked 6th just like the time before last, just for a moment she showed her frustrated face. But the moment she stood in front of the microphone, she became the usual “Sayanee” oozing with her leader aura. “My future dream is to become a singer/songwriter. I still have ways to go, so I must work hard and polish my skills. I wish to be the one to broaden 48 Group’s horizons and become a new kind of existence in it.” We asked her once again about her feelings at the time she said those words.

I think the senpai members of 48 Group that I know opened a path for the younger members by making progress in the fields they wanted to work in and thus telling them “it’s okay to have individuality and do your job like that.” And now I have to become like that too. More than the future of this group, I wanted to express in my own way the possibilities of being a member of this group.

Easier said than done. But Yamamoto Sayaka is as good as her words. 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki was the first ever song by AKB48 to be used as the theme song of a morning TV drama. For that song, Yamamoto was chosen for the first time to center an AKB48 song alone. What were her feelings when she heard of that decision?

I thought “it’s finally happening” (laugh). Like, “I’m finally centering AKB48!” Thanks to this song I was able to get many jobs such as appearing on music TV shows; I decided to make songs whenever I have some free time; I decided to touch my guitar more; my feelings towards music have become even stronger. What really impressed me was when I appeared in TV show Studio Park kara Konnichiwa, and many older people came to the viewing. Not to see me, but to hear the song. Perhaps thanks to this song people who didn’t know much about 48 Group before also picked up some interest. It made me really happy that things seemed that way.

I hated myself for thinking „as expected, you couldn’t beat them”

This one year was full of your personal successes, but NMB48 also had its turning point. In October last year, having celebrated your 5th anniversary, it was revealed that you would be the only sister group to appear on Kouhaku Utagassen at the end of the year.

I think this one year made the members aware once again of what „NMB48-likeness” is. I think each of them respectively realized the meaning of being in this group. The amount of times I look at the members and think of them as reliable has increased by a lot.

Nevertheless, the one leading this group is undeniably you, Sayanee. All members speak of your leadership, hard work and will-power with respect. One time the former Soukantoku, Takahashi Minami, called Sayanee, who possesses singing and dancing skills as well as is good at MC, “a genius.” “But she herself doesn’t think she’s a genius. That’s why she’s able to continue working hard, that part of her is amazing” was what she said.

That makes me happy. But I really am not a genius or anything like that. If anything, I think she (T/N: Takamina) may have meant that I have the talent to work hard. And even then, I’m really bad at dealing with pressure, so I always lose my confidence when it’s needed (bitter laugh). I’m the type of person who is unable to think “it’ll be fine!” when the performance begins, so until the very moment I have to go up on the stage I practice more than anyone. Not because I don’t want to lose to others, but because I don’t want to lose to myself. By working hard I want to get even just a little closer to “the me I want to become.”

The challenges you face daily are your battle with yourself. “I have the confidence in having been able to come this far. I think the people who support me understand that the best.” When 48 Group handshake events are held, you’re a top class member who shows everyone the same kamitaiou (T/N: godly treatment). The confidence that has let you be this way has never been shaken by your place in Sousenkyo or the number of votes.

Maybe I’m not suited for Sousenkyo (bitter laugh). Having said that, I feel that saying “I am myself” might be a kind of an insurance from getting hurt. I always worry about how I should face my feelings.

Last year, soon after Sousenkyo, you expressed in your blog your sadness of having only been able to maintain your rank from the year before. You also wrote “if there’s a Sousenkyo next year, I promise I will participate in it, and I will crush the firm Top 3!”

I remember the moment I was writing that blog post very well. I had thought “as expected, you couldn’t beat them.” I really hated that about myself. I thought I don’t want to feel like that the next year.

Nevertheless, one year later you hesitated about participating. The last NMB48 member to hand in her candidacy application was you. What was the reason of your hesitation?

In that one year, because I was able to do the things I wanted to do, I felt the desire to make even more out of it. Because the Sousenkyo period is tough for you mentally and physically, I thought maybe it would be better to use that time for making music instead, that maybe it would be better for my future that way.

To follow your own dreams, or to carry out your role as a member of the group. While you were pondering, the face that came up in your mind was that of the 2nd Soukantoku, Yokoyama Yui.

After Takamina-san’s (Takahashi Minami) graduation concert ended, when I went to see Yuihan (Yokoyama Yui), she said, although in a slightly light tone, “So she really has graduated, huh. Sayaka-chan, stay here a little longer.” I was happy to know there are people who count on me. I think especially Yuihan, who had been by Takamina-san’s side, knew of the damage the graduation of the leading members would bring. I wanted to shoulder a part of that responsibility too.

The one you consulted right before handing in your candidacy application, when there was still some doubt left in you, was Shimazaki Haruka.

Talking with Paruru (Shimazaki Haruka) about various things in the waiting room of the facility accepting the applications also had a huge effect on me. We both had the same problem. And the reason we both eventually decided to run in Sousenkyo was the same, too. It was the intention to enliven the group and return the favor (T/N: for everything it’s done for us).

To enliven NMB48, to become 48 Group’s strength

This is the first time for you to participate in Sousenkyo without your rival from the same group, Watanabe Miyuki.

When Milky (Watanabe Miyuki) announced her graduation, I said that too, but as the captain, as well as a member of NMB48, I don’t want to let that group end. I also decided about canceling my concurrent position with AKB48 on my own. I can think about myself as much as I want after I graduate. I will do my best for everyone. Now that I’ve made up my mind, I will aim for the top.

And the place you’re aiming for is the 1st.

Takamina-san, who ranked higher than me last year, is a really enchanting person, and the other members above me are all very professional people too. This year, I think it wouldn’t be surprising if either Sashihara-san (Sashihara Rino, HKT48), Kashiwagi-san (Kashiwagi Yuki), Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu) or Jurina-san (Matsui Jurina, SKE48) ranked 1st. I want to take part in that battle too. I’ll also aim for the 1st place. More than anything else I want to win the 1st place for the sake of NMB48.