2nd climb

Chester Marathon - W8 D7

4 mile interval training on the treadmill!

I deactivated my facebook about a year and a half ago (best decision ever) but I logged back in today so I can download all my pictures then completely delete the thing.

Sooooo…. here’s a picture I found from my very first race! 6 whole years ago! It was 5k, I couldn’t run it all, finished saying I never wanted to run again and here I am currently training for my 2nd marathon :P

No climbing for me tonight as I’m sooooo tired, think I used up all my energy running this morning :(


josh’s endings were sadly typical, so i thought about drawing him a new one. then i found this fic here, loved it, and decided to do some scenes from it. kinda got out of hand (i originally had 3 panels)?? but i wanted to try a few new things! 


You shook your head as you placed the phone down. Not in a million years did you think that that conversation would end with Yoongi asking you out for drinks, but then again you never thought you would have dated Yoongi in the first place. Putting your phone down on your bed, you took another sip of your lukewarm tea. The feeling of bubbling excitement rose in your stomach, but you tried to ignore it and focus on the week you had ahead with your parents.

Yoongi leaned against his headboard as Jin walked into his room. The group still lived together, but BigHit had moved them into a house so they all could have their own bedrooms. Yoongi and Jin had the top floor of the 3-story house, and although they both had their own bedrooms, Jin still spent most of his time sitting in Yoongi’s room, criticizing how messy his former roommate kept his place. Yoongi’s room was full of composition notebooks, recording gear, and cameras, he didn’t have to go to the studio to get work done and he liked it that way. The amount of electronics that he surrounded himself with was probably not healthy, but he didn’t care. Jin looked at Yoongi with skepticism in his eyes.

You’re not working. He said to Yoongi, who nodded nonchalantly.

We just got back from tour, I thought I could take a couple days off. Yoongi responded and Jin’s eyes narrowed even further.

You hate taking time off. You were just telling me on the plane about how you couldn’t wait to get back here and start working on the next album! Jin exclaimed. The commotion was enough that Hobi and Namjoon, who lived on the 2nd floor, climbed the stairs.

What’s going on? Namjoon asked and Jin turned around.

He’s being weird! Jin exclaimed and pointed at Yoongi, Hobi quirked his eyebrow at Jin.

How so, hyung? Hobi asked and Jin huffed.

He wants to take a break after tour! Jin responded and Hobi looked suddenly at Yoongi.

Who are you, and what have you done with Yoongi hyung?! Hobi asked in jest as Namjoon smiled and chuckled.

It has to be Y/N. Namjoon replied and Hobi looked at him.

Y/N? God, she was hot. Hobi said and Yoongi spoke up.

Hey, not yours. Yoongi said and Hobi rolled his eyes.

Not yours either. Hobi quipped and stuck his tongue out at Yoongi. Yoongi sat back on his bed.

Thanks for reminding me. But, it might not be for long. He said vaguely and Hobi rose an eyebrow.

Oh really? You know, you’ve always been amazing with the ladies. Hobi said sarcastically and Yoongi narrowed his eyes on him.

If you must know, we are having drinks this Friday. Yoongi responded without thinking and Hobi looked at Namjoon, then at Jin.

Are you going to try to get her back? Jin asked, there was concern, but also hope in his tone. They had watched Yoongi fall apart when he first broke up with you, although Yoongi was the one who ended it, he still had a really difficult time getting over you. Throughout the entirety of tour, they watched him draft a text, only to delete it and throw his phone down. Jin didn’t want to see Yoongi go through that pain again, but he also remembered how happy Yoongi was when the two of you were dating. It was the only time in the time Jin knew Yoongi that he saw Yoongi really just enjoy himself. When you two dated, Yoongi would take time off to hang out with you, he would smile more, and he genuinely seemed happy. Jin missed that, but there was fear in his stomach.

Yoongi shrugged at Jin’s question.

I would like to at least be friends with her. Yoongi said and the guys nodded. All of them prayed that it could work out for you two this time.

Much to Yoongi’s dismay, the week seemed to go by at a snail’s pace. He didn’t want to bug you by constantly texting, so he tried to find things to keep himself preoccupied, but his usual routine couldn’t stop the butterflies from fluttering around in his stomach. On Wednesday, he spent his night trying to figure out what to wear. This usually wasn’t something he worried about, but he wanted to make a good impression. Sifting through his clothes, he laid out a black button down shirt, a pair of ripped jeans, and a baseball cap. Not far from him, you were doing the same thing. You held a dress up to your pajama clad body and shook your head. It’s just drinks with an ex. You thought to yourself and sighed. An ex that happens to be an international idol. You looked at your room, clothes seemed to cover the floor. Picking up a sweater, pair of skinny jeans, and a simple powder pink beanie, you smiled at the combo. It was simple, casual, and still made you look good. As you began putting things into your closet, you looked into one of the boxes that laid in your closet.

Picking it up gingerly, you took a deep inhale. Opening it, you saw everything from your relationship with Yoongi. Photo booth pictures from dates, ticket stubs from movies and concerts, and then, laying in the middle, in a beautiful wooden jewelry box was a necklace. You could remember it like it was yesterday.

Yoongi had been incredibly busy with his comeback that the two of you had postponed your one year anniversary dinner 4 or 5 times. You sighed when you read another text from him saying that he wouldn’t be able to make it to your apartment for your anniversary, yet again, as you blew out the candles and began packing up the dinner that you had made. There was a part of you that felt underappreciated and used, but a voice in your head that reminded you, this is what you signed up for. The relationship with Yoongi had brought many different things into your life. You had experienced a whole new world of idol life, which brought amazing opportunities, but also a lot of missing Yoongi. It was moments like this, as you put the last of the dinner into your fridge, that you missed having your boyfriend be a normal guy. Yoongi was so busy that he was constantly cancelling and you definitely had shed a few tears on your own.

Crawling into bed and letting yourself cry, you fell asleep strewn about the sheets in a depressed state. Yoongi was mad at himself when he walked into your apartment well after midnight, you had left a note on the counter saying that dinner was in the fridge and he peaked in to see that it was his favorite foods. He thought about how you had probably slaved over the kitchen to make him some of his favorite dishes and smacked himself in the forehead with his palm in frustration. Walking into the bedroom, he saw your mascara stained pillow and felt his heart sink even more. Going back to the kitchen, he found his duffel bag and took the wooden jewelry box out of the bag. Going back to the bedroom, he sat on your bed, stroking the hair out of your face and wiping your stained cheeks with his thumb. You opened your eyes, blurrily seeing your boyfriend in a moonlight glow. Sitting up, you wiped your face and Yoongi calmly took your hands.

What are you — You croaked sleepily and Yoongi shushed you.  

I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy. But I wanted you to have this as a way to always remember I’m thinking about you. He said as he handed you the wooden box. Opening it, you saw a gold necklace, with a circular pendant. The pendant was intricate, little diamonds embroidered little points and the weaving metallic lines formed a beautiful pattern that caught you in a trance. It was a gorgeous necklace and probably worth a ton, but Yoongi didn’t care about the price tag, he just wanted to see the sparkle in your eyes. You smiled at him and reached to tangle a hand in his hair. Your lips met his and he could taste the saltiness of your tears from earlier, but the eagerness of your lips on his made him push the frustration away.

You snapped out of your memory and looked at the necklace. You had worn it every day, until the day he broke up with you. Tracing your hand on the small pendant, you put it away in this box of memories as a way to forget about him, but now you smiled at the piece of jewelry. Taking it out of its box, you clasped the necklace around your neck and looked in the mirror, gently touching it as it hit your chest. Smiling at your reflection, you hoped that one day the necklace would relocate to its old home around your neck.

Zhukov's September Retrospective

The Top Posts of the Month Included:

US Army Nurses Learning Ju-Jitsu

2nd Lt. López climbs the seawall at Inchon, minutes before smoothering a grenade with his body.

A German 24cm mortar at the moment of firing, early in Operation Barbarossa.

An Afghan father and son, armed to fight the Russians.

Mrs. Zhukov’s Favorite Post of the Month:

Female steelworkers wearing oxygen masks to clean out the furnaces.

Blast From the Past! - September, 2012:

Students at Eton drill in 1915.

The Themes of the past month included:

Korean War

Aleutian Islands


Soviet Bombers

Previous Retrospectives


More foreshadowing in Remind (aka i keep rewatching the new op and noticing more things)

Beware of spoilers for the rest of the in-high and something more.

1st pic: the Zekken numbers, members that dropped, there’s Izumida’s 5 and in the previous frame there was Arakita’s 2.

Below you can see a number that looks like a 12 but we know no 12 so my guess is…172? Tadokoro. A bit more to the left, there’s a 17- which is probably Kinjou’s, 171. That way we have the 2 Souhoku members that drop on vol 22.

2nd pic: Naruko’s unusual climb on vol 23.                 

3rd pic: Ishigaki’s Anchor on the ground, so Ishigaki dropping out of the race at the end of vol 23.

4th pic: The feather’s of Manami’s wings, which he uses during his race against Midousuji on vol 24.

5th pic: Imaizumi’s broken frame from his race against Midousuji during vol 25.

6th pic: The bottle that Manami gave to Onoda back then, which Onoda will promptly return after winning against him on vol 27. This also foreshadows the Manami angst from vol 30 when he wants to throw the battle away and regrets helping Onoda. 

anonymous asked:

Thanks to Sam's q&a, we know now that he went to NC only after he couldn't do Kili. This convinces me that his trip never had anything to do with Mackenzie. No girlfriend should come 2nd to mountain climbing! Since he met with an expedition company while there, his trip could very well have to do with MPC 2017.

I’m pretty convinced it did have to do with MPC at this point. It was one of my theories to begin with and I’ve only become more convinced since. We don’t even know that Mackenzie was in NC to begin with. Geotagged pictures mean nothing to me. You can geotag yourself anywhere.