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Italy, c.25 April 1945: these commandos showing off captured weapons - including a Panzerfaust and a Beretta SMG - are from the Half-Troop raised in Italy by Normandy veterans of No.3 Tp and attached to 2nd Cdo Bde at Lake Commachio. Kneeling on the right is Pte ‘Allan White’ (Adolf Weiss). Born in Berlin to Jewish Polish parents who moved to England in 1939, he enlisted into the Pioneer Corps in 1944 and transferred to 5th Bn The Buffs, serving in Italy before volunteering for the Half-Troop in April 1945.

Photo & caption featured in Osprey Elite • 142 No.10 (Inter-Allied) Commando 1942-45 Britain’s Secret Commando by Nick van der Bijl BEM


All ghilled up…

Snipers from the 2nd Commando Regiment (2 Cdo Regt) travelled to Canberra to practice advanced sniper techniques and stalking skills at Majura Range on 9 April 2014. The training covered the tactical aspects of sniper training with a focus on stalking skills.

The stalking activity included initial patrolling, reconnaissance of the target, development of firing positions, and engaging the enemy. The sniper teams had to achieve all of this without being detected by enemy spotters. Depending on firing positions, snipers engaged their target at ranges up to 900 metres. (© Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence)


Captain Wales participates in a Counter Terrorism exercise with 2 Commando Regiment.

The 2nd Commando Regiment (2 Cdo Regt) is a joint enabled expeditionary Special Operations force capable of operating across the land, sea or air domains. The Regiment is a force in readiness for the conduct of Advance Force Operations and Direct Action missions. These tasks are conducted both overseas and domestically where the Regiment is optimised to conduct responsive, scalable and tailored special operations, teamed with other Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) Force Elements, Services and Interagency partners in joint and combined operations. *** Local Caption *** His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales – or Captain Harry Wales – as he is known in the British Army is undertaking a short duration attachment with the Australian Army.

Captain Wales patrolled during Exercise Thunder Observer, a Joint Fire Team Exercise with the 8th/12th Medium Regiment, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery.

The 1st Brigade is one of the Australian Army’s three multi-role combat brigades and consists of more than 3,400 civilian and military personnel. Based at Robertson Barracks, Palmerston and located around 20kms south of Darwin in the Northern Territory; the 1st Brigade is home to armoured, cavalry, aviation, artillery, infantry, engineer and combat services support battalions.

During his attachment with the Australian Army, Captain Wales will be working and living alongside Army members in various units and regiments. He is expected to spend time at Army Barracks in Darwin, Perth and Sydney.