2nd by me


i hit my next follower goal so i thought it would b funny 2 share my original bias list from when i literally just discovered exo and then the one i made a few days later .……mood is that i was literally googling their names when i made them and that i left kyungsoo out of my first one .. . this order….. .. she did not Last Long……. .tragique

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken

“The moss was just trying to bloom”

… and bloomed

there seems such a cruel irony in how 13 reasons why is a netflix series - 13 episodes, released all at once, for us to work our way through in the same way as the 13 could. did you binge watch all in one night, like alex? or did you have to watch it in bits and pieces because it was all too horrific, like clay? is it doing things to your head too? is everyone talking about it at school? is everyone talking about hannah baker again? 


Tom Hiddleston lifting Ladies not so gently with only one arm