2nd bill of rights

Yesterday, I asked my father a provocative question in regards to gun rights, and his response was one that embodied his immigrant experience that a large majority of anti-gun advocate within this nation CANNOT encapsulate. In a rough translation, he said that the individual citizen should have the right to bear arms not only for his/her own protection, but to protect themselves from any unjust transgression, either forced upon on their being or their human rights by the government and any extensions of the government. Lastly, he alluded to Mexico, their national ban of firearms, and the citizens inability to protect themselves from government mistreatment and cartel hostility, as the prime example.

If you teach incorrect principles Man will not be able to rule himself. You teach correct principles and Man can rule himself. They are teaching all the incorrect principles… God didn’t give you a Right to food and medicine. He gave you a Right to live. He gave you a Right to yourself, and to pursue, and opportunity. You know who gave you a right to housing? You know who gave you a right to food? Adolph Hitler, Stalin, & Mao. Congratulations if you want it.
—  Glenn Beck, Radio 3-22-13, H1