Tho the sun sets on a tough loss today i can truly say that despite it all it feels great to be a Proud Trinbagonian!!! Hats off to @kennyac19 @attinjohnson @blueeyechinee and the rest of the @womensocawarriors in a great game and a great campaign. Hold your heads high!! ………. @xplicitmevon we blamin Aunty Kams lol #2MV #WorldCup #Football #Tough #CruelGame

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2morrows Victory - Lift Off (Live @ Kings Cross)

One of the best rap songs you’ll probably never hear. Straight out of ‘The Food EP’, 2Morrow’s Victory combine savvy wordplay courtesy of front man Greg B with genre altering instrumentation; futuristic while sonic-ally reminiscent of N.E.R.D…. (in my opinion). Anyway I was lucky enough to catch their rather intimate show (No Bruno) @ The Water Rats and decided to make a little viral for you to enjoy. Just a reason to shine a little light on one of music’s best kept secrets!! Thank Me Later.

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anonymous asked:

hi! I saw your post about the Exit series and I was just wondering what was going on with that ? thanks !!

Hey! Winner basically had the same thing as BigBang. They had MADE series while Winner had EXIT series which means that they are dropping one album each month. That worked for BigBang but not for Winner. They only released EXIT:E in February. There was no sign, no dates for EXIT:X, EXIT:I and EXIT:T (f you yg).
Winner is YG’s first boy group after 8 years and they’ve been screwed over so many times. I can see that even the members are sick of not having proper comebacks and promotions.

And now YG is debuting new girl group this month. His plan is to drop 2MVs each month until the end of the year (i don’t trust him at all lol). This means that YG probably won’t do anything with Winner or any other artist in YG because the new girl group will be the main focus for the rest of the year..

I feel really sad about Winner. They should leave company all together and make their own company or sign with another company..