Back to School's Eve TF2 With Ando


I’m gonna be playing TF2 on the Cafe of Broken Dreams at about 8 PM Eastern time; so anyone who wants to hang out and play/spycrab/trade/CONGA PARTY/chat is welcome. Also: PRIZES will be given. I don’t know how many or what I’ll be giving away; we’ll play it by ear.

I’ll probably get off around 10 PM or earlier. We’re gonna have fun whether you want to or not. the server features some custom maps and non-standard game modes sometimes too. Here’s the server address:

And in the spirit of Back to School + Valve


today was rly hectic, ive been settling into my new apartment and getting things ready. my orientation is 2morro and whatnot. my mom is still here but i feel the sadness/loneliness starting to consume me even though it’s only the first day. san diego’s real pretty and it’s meant to be *mine* for the next four years. it’s a friendly benign place but still big and alienating. i miss my parents home already. im gonna be the sad hoe ™ that’s always homesick probably