(If any of you would like to share this….I WOULD LOVE YOU. It would be amazing to have Tay see this before Friday!!! Thanks!!!) 

Miss taylorswift my mom surprised me last week when she told me that we are taking a Road Trip to come and see you in Baton Rough Louisiana on Friday the 22nd. We leave tomorrow morning and I cannot believe I see you in 2 DAYS. You have been my role model since 2006, and have helped me through all my health issues this year. To celebrate me getting better we are COMING TO SEE YOU!!! 

I will be in Section: D, Row: 4, Seats 23 and 24 (Just in case you wanted to know ;)) I have a gift for you and I’m hoping I can give it to your mama or Taylor Nation!! 

I love you and I will see you Friday, good luck at tonight’s show, and I hope everyone who is going has a blast.  tree-paine

sigh, all these so fortunate people at #sfcon and im here rotting in bed searching #destiel like, @realmarksheppard @jensenacklesss @jardpad @officialmisha I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED! I DESERVE TO BE LOVED!
i just quoted crowley please send help
oh and there’s one more day until ep 10 😍😱
#supernatural #destiel #jensenackles #jaredpadalecki #destiel #help #crowley #castiel #2moredays (at why am i not sleeping)

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We will all be ruined! In two more days out emotions with be FUCKED with! In two more days the greatest gladiator of them all, Shonda Rhimes, is going to take our innocent little gladiator hearts in her hands and smush them together. In two more days our safe haven is going to be at peace. In TWO MORE EFFING DAYS…Scandal is back kids! It’s back! And their gonna get you!

Took the sports car out for a little fun before we head out on tour #2moredays #corvettez06supercharged *****************************************************************
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Long distance

Once two that are in a long distance relationship meet it puts you so in deep. Once you feel the warmth of there skin against yours, how your hands glide together so smoothly. How each kiss is taken into count because you cant always get them when you want. Actually being able to hear them take each breath listening to there heart beat, instead of being on a computer. Every little thing that people take for granted the endless nights, cuddling, watching movies all of it. So once they meet it honestly takes it to a whole other level of missing someone when they arent there.

When a true @Empire is built like #Shondaland it shouldn’t be #Dysfunctional Yeah it’s t.v. but it can still be classy and transcend racial boundaries & socioeconomic classes. Never really got into #GreysAnatomy can’t get enough of @KerryWashington & the cast #Scandal adding @PortiadeRossi was a #BossMove & #HTGAWM had to grow on me. I was furious when @ShondaRhimes wrote off @officialcshort #AKA #Harrison but I’m ALMOST over it, glad he handled it well 💪🏾 🙌🏽 💋 #TGIT #2moredays

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Desperate times call for desperate measures! @rhianw7 @robyngayle5 @rhirhi8 #2moredays #tympanicmembranegone #foghorn #WWC2015 #canwnt #canadared

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