😬💕 Update !! Part 2 Meeting for the first time

“ Thursday morning ”
My moms girlfriend and I we’re texting each other since 4:45 am haha .. shes letting me know when shes at the airport .. boarding … landing .. getting a taxi and checking into her hotel .. she called me when she got to the hotel and I told her I was worried that my mom was going to leave home to get a few things and by the time she finishes she’d head straight to the airport which would ruin the surprise because her Gf was no longer there. My mom thinks she would be here at 2pm but she was actually there at 7:45am .. waiting for her room to be ready took awhile ..
We spoke for a bit then hung up
I tried stalling my mom telling her I’ll come with you but my Stomach hurts we have to wait a bit lol ….

Her girlfriend forwarded me a text saying .. this is what I sent your mom

Boo I’ll call you when I’m leaving the airport
Don’t leave your house until I call you because I just check my flight number on line and it said flight delayed I’m going to keep checking it
Maybe it’s a sign that I shouldn’t come
I’m so scared and nervous
I can’t breath properly

I was weeeeak af lmao . Knowing my mom she’s freaking out for sure so I ran upstairs to see if she got the text .. but I noticed the phone was on her bed , she didn’t see it 🙄 why ? Cause she’s in the middle room ironing pillow cases LMAOOOOO again. So i asked .. heyyyy have you heard anything yet ? She told me no and asked if I can bring her cell lol I stood right next to her and read the text for her. My moms facial expression totally changed and I was there like oh wowww. Aww don’t worry mommy I’m sure it’s just nerves , she wouldn’t not come..
Anyways lmao I went back downstairs and heard my mom say I have a headache I’m going to lay down

I texted her girlfriend and told her my mom went to her room she looks sad. She told me I’m on my way I’m literally 15 mins away. I checked on my mom and she was laying in the dark 😂 I asked if she needed anything .. water maybe ?

I got a text saying I’m here so I opened the patio door to let her in … I didn’t want her to buzz cause my mom will ask about it .. I opened the door but she wasn’t there … Was she lost ? I was freaking out cause my mom called my At the same time. I had to run my ass upstairs then back down to look outside lol. Finally the taxi pulled up my hand were sweating 😂… she got out n ran inside we hugged and quickly exchanged words .. how the heck am I gunna get my mom downstairs now ? .. I went to the stairs asking my mom for help i said the patio door came off the track ? Lmao it’s about to fall and break 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ .. I’m like really tho lol .. but she got out of bed .. I went up a few steps upstairs and the minute she stepped out of her room she started crying .. HOLY It caught me soooo off guard 😩😭 I wanted to pull out my camera. I was like oh shit why are you crying She said I feel like I’m losing my best friend .. I feel like she’s not coming to see me anymore I’ve been getting mixed messages for a couple days .. I love her so much .. she hugged me and cried even more. My face was blank Im was like omg no mommy don’t cry .. BUT can you come help me with this door thooooo
( she’s right there standing in the living room 😂 ) she kept trying to talk n I’m like ok yes yes we will talk about it after you help me with the door please it’s about to fall and break 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😭… we got downstairs, me a few steps ahead pretending the door was stuck or whatever the fuck. I turned around her gf was stand in the corner of the living room & my mom walking towards me … she noticed a pair of shoes and was like ……..? I walked away trying not to laugh .. as she turned around she screamed and started crying!! They ran to each other and hugged .. FUCK I started crying too !! 😂 shit i need some love too GAH DAMN ..

Soooooo My mom hasn’t been home since Thursday night .. it’s now. Saturday afternon 😏 .. lol .. her gf leaves tomorrow morning :( I wish I was able to capture the moment on camera it was truly amazing & to see my mom n her gf so happy after all those texts and video calls 💕 I’ll definitely keep you guys updated here and there

Ok byeeeee ☺️
Hopefully this makes sense lol i was rambling 😂



A Season 11 Novel-Length Story by @piecesofscully and @2moms-0fucks. Told in six chapters, each chapter “airs” on Sunday at 9:00pm. 

This is the season 11 story you’re not going to get from FOX. 

~225k in length, rated R-NC17 for graphic depictions of violence, imagery and sexual situations.

anonymous asked:

Prompt if you want it: Mulder finds out Scully is pregnant and gets super adorably excited

So my original Skinner gets abducted rather than Mulder story was originally going to be a one-shot, but then I got to thinking about expanding on it, and @2moms-0fucks twisted my arm, and then I received this prompt, so here you go. Tagging @today-in-fic and @fictober. This all sounded better in my head, as does everything I write. 


Mulder pauses at the entrance to the hospital room, taking in the scene. His partner is sat up in bed, her complexion pale and her expression concerned, and he immediately knows something is wrong. She looks up as she notices him by the door and her eyes fill with tears. Shit, Mulder curses inwardly. Something is very wrong indeed.

Before she can say anything Mulder crosses the room to her side, perching on the bed as he takes hold of her hand and presses his lips to her forehead, trying to compose himself and to give her the courage to be honest with him. In response Scully let’s out the breath she’s been holding and squeezes his hand.

“I thought you were on your way to Oregon,” she says, her voice faltering as Mulder sits back and tucks a strand of her hair back behind her ear. He needs to touch her to reassure himself she’s okay.

“The Gunmen called just as we were about to board. I left Skinner to get on the plane while I came straight here.”

“I’m sorry. You should have gone too.”

“Scully I’m not leaving town while you’re in hospital.” He knows she wants to question him further but he’s more interested in her right now. “They said you collapsed again?”

She nods. “I’m fine though.”

Mulder tries not to flinch at her words, knowing full well she’s anything but. “If you were fine they wouldn’t be keeping you in hospital. Passing out twice in less than a week isn’t fine.”

“They’re just keeping me in for observation.”

“They’ve been running tests?” As she nods her tears spill over. Mulder grasps her hand tightly. “What is it Scully?” He asks, wanting to know yet at the same time terrified as to what she’s about to tell him.

“I’m having a hard time explaining it. Or believing it. But, um…” Time seems to stand still for Mulder as he waits for her to continue, and then he feels his stomach drop when she next speaks. “I’m pregnant,” she announces, the hint of smile appearing through her tears. She looks as shocked as Mulder feels. He looks at her, speechless, half wondering whether or not this is actually happening, and half convinced he’s about to wake up from the most beautiful dream. Scully attempts to smile but instead lets out a sob, her nails now raking into Mulder’s hand. “You’re…you’re what?”

“I’m pregnant.”

His throat dries up as he tries to find the ability to speak. “But…I mean…how? I thought we couldn’t…the IVF…are you…are you….?” He doesn’t want to say the words, but thankfully Scully knows what he’s asking.

“I made them rerun the tests,” she explains. “It’s true, I’m pregnant.” She lets out a nervous laugh before continuing. “I don’t know how, but they’ve put me at about six weeks, which adds up to that weekend with…”

Mulder casts his mind back six weeks, trying to recall what had happened. He grins as he suddenly remembers, and Scully’s next words confirm his thoughts. “Caddyshack.”

They’d spent the whole weekend together, only getting out of bed for food and necessities. It was a weekend that at the time Mulder knew he’d never forget, and now he knows it’s the case. The odds may certainly have been against them in trying to conceive, but that weekend they certainly gave it their best shot. And it had worked.

“I…I can’t believe this,” he says, shaking his head. His meaning however isn’t quite clear, and Scully’s smile fades.

“I know it’s a shock,” she replies, the understatement of the century. “And we never really discussed this after the IVF failed, so it’s understandable if you don’t…” As Mulder gives her a perplexed look she trails off. It doesn’t take him long to realize exactly what she’s implying.

“You mean if I’m not happy about this?” Scully says nothing, but she can no longer meet his eye. With his free hand, Mulder cups her chin and lifts her gaze. “Of course I am Scully. We wanted this. I’m just trying to take all of this in.” She nods. She feels the same way. “When our last try failed I remember saying that we should never give up on a miracle. I wasn’t in this just for the IVF Scully, I wanted to help you have a child in any way that you could. Help us have a child.” As the news starts to filter through to his brain Mulder smiles, suddenly feels lighter than he has in a long time. “I’m not saying I’m going to be Father of the Year, and my experience with my own dad hasn’t exactly set me up well for the future, but I want this baby.” He laughs, shaking his head once again. “A baby, Scully.”

“I know.” She shoots him a watery smile.

“When they said you were in hospital I presumed the worst. I thought the cancer…”

“So did I. I certainly wasn’t expecting this.”

His grin widens. “A baby.”

“I know.”

“A little me, and hopefully a lot of you. Wow I…” His mind is racing, and he’s still wondering whether he’ll wake up alone back at Hegal Place any moment soon. “Do you know what you’re having?”

Scully shakes her head. “It’s too soon for that.”

“A girl, it’ll be a girl.” He sounds so sure, he can almost picture her. “I hope she has your eyes and nose, your coloring too. A mini Scully. Oh god,” he suddenly exclaims. “We’re going to need a car seat, and I’m going to have to put the crib together. Your apartment is bigger than mine but we can think about that and find somewhere else if we need to.”

“Mulder…” There’s amusement in Scully’s voice but he’s too busy voicing his thoughts to grasp why.

“We’ll have to tell your mom. Maybe you could tell Bill and Charlie when I’m out of the room though. Bill is not going to be pleased I knocked his little sister up…” Another shake of the head. “I knocked his little sister up.” He barely had time to breathe before speaking again. “We should get married.”

“Mulder!” Scully’s laughing now, unable to stop herself. “Slow down!”

He pauses, his smile fades as he considers her words. “I’m sorry,” he says a few minutes later. “You’re right. I haven’t even stopped to ask you how you’re feeling about this…or my involvement.”

“Mulder.” She realizes he’s jumped to the wrong conclusion, and she rushes to explain, squeezing his hand to attract his attention. “I’m not questioning your involvement. I just meant slow down before you’ve got this kid graduating and moving out before he or she’s even born.”

At this he relaxes. “Sorry.” He let’s go of Scully’s hand and moves it down to her abdomen, still flat for the moment. “I can’t believe this.”

“We did it.” Scully’s breath hitches as she tries to suppress another sob, the events of the day too much for her.

Mulder leans forward and captures her lips with his own, trying to convey just how much he loves her and how happy he is. “Yes we did.” He sighs contentedly, his heart unbelievably full. Finally, after years of disappointment and heartache, something is going right for them. “I love you.”

“I’m glad you didn’t get on the plane,” Scully whispers, before they kiss once again.

“Me too,” replies Mulder. “Me too.”

my fic masterlist

[MSR unless otherwise indicated.]


Shrinking Scully - PG-13. Drunk drabble. Pre-revival. Collab with @2moms-0fucks“If you could choose to have your son back, but that meant you would lose Mulder, would you still choose your son?”

Gas Station Coffee - PG. Drabble. Post IWTB. Pre-revival. “But it’s been an entire year, and sometimes all it takes is a cup of coffee and a fucking cigarette to stoke the good memories of him, of them, of the times when she wanted to stay.”

Two Weeks, Too ColdR. Prompt. Heavy Angst. Post IWTB. “Her chest aches at the memory – of the desperate tears and of his voice breaking on each I’m sorry and please don’t leave me.”

Four Weeks, Forgive - NC17. Angst + smut. Post IWTB. Sequel to Two Weeks, Too Cold. “She doesn’t listen to the messages he leaves, either, after the first one. I’m so sorry, Scully. His voice is rough with tears and probably whiskey. Please come home.”

Things You Said When I Was Crying - R. Prompt. Drabble. Post-episode for Orison. “You deserve to be touched like that, Scully. You didn’t deserve what happened tonight. You didn’t deserve any of it.”

Listening - PG. Light angst. Drabble. Post-episode for Revelations. Written for the @txf-fic-chicks post-episode challenge. “What truly terrifies her, what causes her blood to freeze in her veins as the lump in her throat grows, is that Mulder isn’t listening.” 

Tell Me You Need Me PG-13. Prompt. Drabble. Post IWTB. “What’s happening now is not normal. She’s packing a bag, her freckled cheeks wet with tears, and you’re begging her to stop.”

Make Me - PG-13. Prompt. Drabble. Post-episode for Never Again. “You want me to tell you what I did with Ed Jerse?” He doesn’t respond. “I could tell you,” she offers venomously. “Or – “ You really want to know, Mulder? Fine. “You could come over here and make me.

Don’t Talk, You’re Scaring Me - NC-17. Prompt. Angst/Smut. Post-episode for Elegy. Sequel for Make Me. “He means well, she knows. But his wounded gaze and the blend of condescension and concern in his voice makes her belly tighten. Makes her want to lash out or curl in.”


It’s Always Been You - PG. Slightly angsty fluff. Drabble. Post-episode for Field Trip. Written as a request. “All scientific seriousness and shoulder pads.” 

I’m Not Wearing A Dress - PG. Prompt. Drabble. Slightly angsty fluff. “You don’t deserve that, Mulder. You’re better than all of them.”

Good To Let Him Win - PG. Prompt. Drabble. Pure fluff. “I am not watching Caddyshack again.”

Bad Kisser - PG. Prompt. Drabble. “I could show him how a real man kisses a woman.”

You Can’t Banish Me - PG. Prompt. Drabble. Pure fluff. “Even pissed off and sleep deprived, she takes his breath away.”


Scream If You Want NC-17. Prompt. Sequel to Bad Kisser. “Life is destroying us anyway, she decides. We’ll burn together.”

Rip It Off - NC-17 light. Written for the “dialogue only” challenge. “Oh, believe me, I’m enjoying the view. Thoroughly.”

Things You Said In Your Sleep - NC-17. Prompt. Drabble. “You want to know what she likes, what makes her hot, what causes her to lose control.”

Things You Were Afraid to Say - NC-17. Prompt. Drabble. Sequel for Things You Said In Your Sleep. Warning for rough (consensual) sex. “You’re terrified to speak the words aloud, knowing that you couldn’t possibly handle his judgment. You can barely handle your own.”


Standstill - PG-13 – NC-17. Heavy angst. Post The Truth. Warning for depression, self-harm, suicidal ideations, & sexual assault. Having lost her job, her son, & her identity, Scully has trouble coping. Everyone has a breaking point. 

Just A Drink - PG – NC-17. Scully/Other. WLWWritten for the prompt“Encounter with a beautiful stranger -  “When was the last time you did something just because you wanted to?” Scully meets someone who reminds her of a part of herself she’s been denying

Post-Episode Challenge Masterlist

Hey Philes!  In lieu of a Novel-Length Friday and for a very special Bonus Saturday, we’re reblogging the updated masterlist for our Post-Episode Challenge.  Thank you so much for writing, everyone.  We were so floored by the response to this challenge, and we hope you had fun writing, whether it was your first fic or your fiftieth!  

If you haven’t read these fantastic ficlets for some of the most random episodes, curl up with a warm beverage of your choice and give these a read! 

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@wtfmulder (Avatar)

Dirty Talk

Prompt from anon: “EXTREMELY ooc smut prompt that I can’t stop thinking about: “I’m gonna stretch that tight little pussy.”

Prompt from @2moms-0fucks“k. you ready? My head canon. Plot Twist: Scully is the one who dirty talks during sex. He wasn’t expecting that.”

Title: Dirty Talk

Rating: NSFW/Explicit

A/N: Thanks, you two, for the sexy little prompts! This was a fun one to write! I hope you enjoy! Thanks to @piecesofscully for taking a look over it to make sure I didn’t write something too stupid. 

I’m putting everything under a cut, because the following is very nsfw. Enjoy!


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Authors: @2moms-0fucks and @piecesofscully

Rating: Teen

Chapter Word Count: ~6,000

“Like watching a dream, the sounds and movements around her are exaggerated with each passing millisecond. Muffled sounds. People moving in slow motion. If Dana Scully is ever asked one day to explain the events on the bridge, she won’t know what to tell them.”

Notes: This is our gift to the fandom. Patty and I have spent 8 months working on this monster, and while there were times when we didn’t think we’d be able to finish it, we believed in the story we were telling – and even more so, we wanted to share it with you all. It’s our love for the show, its characters, and our desperate needs for redemption in their emotional arcs that led us to write this. And so, we share it with you. A special thanks to @bohoartist for helping to beta this beast, giving us your honest feedback and helping us to write to the best of our abilities. Countless love and appreciation to everyone else who listened to our bitching and moaning these last 8 months. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. 


Cars sit bumper to bumper along the two-way road that leads to the bridge. The night ahead of them is flooded with a sea of red lights, glowing and flickering as the cluster of drivers tap on their brakes to scoot ahead inch by inch. For miles and miles, horns blare angrily as fearful motorists do all they can to move. Gridlock enslaves the city and it’s outskirts as everyone attempts to evacuate, all too fearful of being the next victim, the next target.

The weathered truck sits idly and its headlights reflect off the car only inches from his front bumper. Years of being parked under the hot sun has aged the blue paint of the truck’s hood, oxidizing and chipping the once vibrant color, leaving it stripped bare and dull before its time. As the owner of the truck scratches his thick and prickly beard that was quickly becoming more gray than brown, he smirks to himself that his beloved truck isn’t the only thing aging prematurely. He lifts his chin to look in the rearview mirror, and his blue eyes stare back at him, their edges lined and wrinkled from harsh living conditions under the sun. When did he get so fucking old?

“This will be our final broadcast before we head off air here in a sec–” a shaky voice speaks to them from the speakers. “The station wants us to play a clip on a loop…something about a vaccine being made…I don’t know–” the announcer trails off, and the older man in the cab reaches forward to turn up the volume. His young passenger sits up, eyes glued to the green numbers on the small radio.

“From everyone here at KDCR, we wish everyone…,” the voice pauses, and the radio silence is dead air for seconds on end. Finally, the shaky voice returns, his message simple. “God help us.” Then nothing.

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Chapter One: Past and Present


Authors: @2moms-0fucks and @piecesofscully

Rating: Teen

Chapter Word Count: ~14,800

“Maybe he’s right, she thinks. They’d survived the toxic poison of alien blood, abductions, freaks and monsters, murderers and sociopaths. They’d survived alien viruses, and near-death trips to the Antarctic. They’d survived medical experiments, cancer, and stays in the psychiatric ward. They’d even survived death itself.

Maybe there is hope, she reassures herself as she pulls their hands closer to her body. Mulder looks over at her with a small smile, and she meets his eyes.”  

Notes: Both Liz and I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this, our lovechild. This fic was such a challenge for both of us, and we are so excited to give you chapter 2 of this saga. Special thanks to @bohoartist for the keen beta eye and for dealing with my and Liz’s psychotic bullshit as we were went through the editing process, kicking and stomping the entire way.  



She was quiet, unusually so as she sat in the dark corner of his porch, waiting for him. The vanilla orange musk of her body oil clued him into her presence even before her moonlit outline became apparent. Her scent permeated the air around him, making his cock twitch even as the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, her silence eerie and unnerving. She had waited for him before, surprising him at the end of his day with a beer and brush of her soft lips against his. But never like this. She lit a cigarette, and he watched the tip glow in the darkness, and soon the scent of burning tobacco overpowered her rich, intoxicating scent.

Both annoyed and intrigued by her presence, he adjusted his weight from one foot to the other.  He sensed a shift in her, and he wondered if she was aware of it herself. Watching a long trail of smoke dissipate into the soft breeze, he opened his mouth, finally breaking the thick silence.  “I thought you’d quit.”

He felt her wry smile, even if he couldn’t see it. “Desperate times call for desperate coping mechanisms,” she said as she flicked the ash from the tip, and it floated into the air, carried away into the night.

He nodded once, his jaw twitching. “Are you going to tell me why you’re sitting in the dark on my porch?”

Ignoring his question, the tip of the cigarette glowed brightly again, and she inhaled deeply.

He crossed his arms with an impatient sigh. “Monica, what–?” he started, but she cut him off.

“Something happened today.”


She stubbed out her cigarette, and stood, brushing her dark hair back from her face. “We need to talk, John.”

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I’m f*%#ing done with that shit

@2moms-0fucks I’m am so done with your fucking hypocritical bullshit. Yes, I said that she fucks for an Oscar. Yes, I was upset, and if she does it good for her, if not good for her. This was said in a private setting, and you know what? I don’t give a fuck I said it. So what! Next time have the Fucking balls you pretend to have and tag me.

You can run your hmsgilligan blog all you want- mocking, making fun of others and at the same time be part of the WE bookclub pretending to be kind and respectful. You are nothing but bitter and mean and a coward.

You demand respect for Gillian and keep saying people shouldn’t bring up things she said in the past. Yet at the same time all you do is bring up shit from David’s past.

I don’t know why you hate David so much yet you go to his concerts etc.

And most importantly, do you really think Gillian Fucking Anderson gives two shits about your fucking opinion? Who gave you the right to tell people what a “good” fan is supposed to do? Yes, you can say and do what you want; you can mock others, but don’t you act surprised when it hits back. You constantly think you have the right to censure what others do - news flash you are not entitled to do that. your opinions/beliefs are not worth more than others. You demand respect yet you and others run a blog with the sole purpose of being mean and calling out others without even tagging them so they can defend their viewpoint.

Yes i saw what PM said and guess what? I don’t like the things he says..I would ship Gillian and Idris Elba or Keanu Reeves in a heartbeat so you can shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine that ppl are just angry it’s not David. I think PM is full of himself and a pompous ass. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t make my standpoint wrong. Your words are not the holy grail, and neither are mine. But at least I can say for myself that I don’t have the need to “call others out” but at the same time not doing it because I don’t have the balls to actually do it. And you know what, it’s okay that you will probably not answer or hide behind “well I didn’t mean you” BS. i don’t expect anything else . And you know what? I don’t give a flying fuck that I am not being polite and respectful right now because you don’t deserve my respect or politeness because you don’t treat me that way either. What goes around comes around.

Sincerely fuck off,



CHAPTER 4: Ashes, Ashes
AUTHORS: @piecesofscully & @2moms-0fucks
RATING: Teen/Mature

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3

Notes: Huge thanks and so much love to @bohoartist for not only the fantastic and much needed beta, but also for the love and support she’s offered us as we worked (and continue to work) on this beast. We couldn’t have done it without you, boo thing. 

The late morning sun shines brightly through the windows, casting an erroneous sense of alertness over the exhausted people at the kitchen table.  

“How long we stayin’ here?” John asks after stifling a yawn behind his cup of coffee. He stretches his back from side to side, groaning at the tight muscles that line his spine.  After he’d made his way upstairs a few hours earlier, he’d entered the room to find William fast asleep in the bed.  Rather than waking him with a “Scoot over, kid,” he’d pulled the spare blanket and pillow from the bed, and slept on the floor.

Mulder fixes his gaze on Scully, but she looks at John, eyebrow raised, and asks,  “What do you mean, John?”

He clears his throat.  “I mean, do we camp out here for a few days?  A few weeks? What are you guys thinking, what’s the plan?”

William’s eyes jump from adult to adult: Mulder chewing his bottom lip, Scully staring at her plate, Skinner cocking his head to the side, and finally his Papa, who’s looking directly at him.   

“How about it, Will? What do you think?  Do we stay or go? Wanna camp out here for a while?”  John asks while reaching over and squeezing William’s shoulder.

Scully’s eyes narrow, and William feels the wave of confusion rush from her, tinged with irrational sparks of anger.  “Excuse me? Go?” she asks, the look of betrayal on her face speaking louder than her dangerously even voice.  Everyone at the table remains quiet as a heavy tension manifests in the kitchen, afraid that if they even breathe too loudly that it would pull the pin of her internal grenade that’s meticulously hidden beneath her cool exterior.

Mulder slides his hand across the few inches on the table to grasp hers, giving it a gentle squeeze.  After a deep breath, her eyes shift to meet his and he shakes his head ‘no.’

“Did I miss something?” John asks, looking between the two.  

“In the hospital, you said…” Scully’s voice fades, then she shakes her head.  “No, John, you didn’t miss anything.  Clearly I did.  Fourteen years to be exact,” she mutters, then stands and walks swiftly to the front door.  “I need some air.”  

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Whoever you are. Wherever you are…

If you’ve ever wondered if this fandom is worth it. If you’ve ever looked at the “delete this blog” button and thought “maybe”. If you’ve ever received a hurtful anon or been made to feel you don’t belong here.

Hang on.

You do belong. And for all the knocks and the bullshit (and yall know I have been through a few!) On this hellpit site there are people who will change your life.

Meeting Gillian was cool. Meeting these guys was the best. I never knew when I started a chat with a random blog that one day I’d be travelling the US with them, or sleeping in their guest room, or screaming at a bar or eating shrimp and grits or snuggling or….

So don’t give up. Stick about. Say hi. Say hi again. There are so many people here who deserve to have you in their lives and will enrich yours more than you could ever imagine. Find them. Let them find you. And then love em hard. Online and maybe one day in person

@dangerscully @2moms-0fucks @kateyes224 @startwreck @defnotmeyo @rosewater7

Fictober is Coming...

Hello Philes, October is just around the corner and in honor of the phenomenon known as FICTOBER, I am calling out my fellow lapsed fanfic writers to make your writing intentions known! @fictober

My pledge: During Fictober, I plan to post at least one chapter a week of my two WIPs, “Paging Dr. Scully,” and “Reach of Justice.”

Who’s with me? @kateyes224 @settle-down-frohike @lepus-arcticus @sunflowerseedsandscience @frangipanidownunder @baronessblixen @wtfmulder @icedteainthebag @how-i-met-your-mulder @storybycorey @2moms-0fucks @contrivedcoincidences6 @weremonster AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO JOIN IN! (I’m sure I have overlooked some major players and I already feel bad about it)

Make your own post and tag @fictober and I will reblog your plan there so readers can find your writing this month.

Master Fic Post

Friends, it was brought to my attention that I should make a master-list of everything I’ve written so far.  So here it is, in all of its glory in no particular order.  And, of course, I’m always writing something so it’ll forever be getting longer. Peace out, girl scouts. 


Ravenous -  Fresh off a particularly brutal case, Mulder tries to finally make good on his promise to take Scully on a nice trip to the forest, only to stumble onto evidence that there may be more to a local urban legend than just rumor and superstition. NC-17

Achluophobia -  Mulder and Scully are called in on a personal favor by Maggie Scully to investigate a haunting. NC-17


Manual Labor -  It’s Season 7 smut. That’s it. NC-17

The Stability of Pain -  One night, Scully deals with the grief over losing Emily and what could have been. PG

Missing Scene from The Truth -  This is my attempt to fill in one of the blanks for The Truth. PG-13

The Porch Swing -  The happenings on and around a porch swing at the unremarkable house. NC-17

The Art of Grieving -  Scully processes the death of her mother. Post Revival. PG

Not Today -  Tempers flare between Mulder and Scully when it comes to doing the paperwork. NC-17

8 Days, 5 Hours, 42 Minutes, and 39 Seconds -  “He hated to admit it, but it took over a week for it to really sink in that she was gone. 8 days, 5 hours, 42 minutes, and 35 seconds to be exact. 36 seconds. 37.”  Pre Revival. PG

Pink Glazed Donut -  “He knew she was close by the way her thighs twitched beneath the grip of his hands and how her hips rocked against his face, thrusting in a greedy search for more.” NC-17

Intercoursus Iterruptus -  “Her voice was dangerously low and had adopted a tone of warning as his pelvis ‘accidentally’ grazed her ass again for the third time in fifteen minutes.” NC-17


Cancer Arc Part 1: Mint Chocolate Chip -  Sometimes 96 tennis balls on the ocean floor is just 96 tennis balls on the ocean floor. 

Cancer Arc Part 2: Love Me Tender - Fears, wants, and desperately needs. 

Cancer Arc Part 3: I See You -  How am I supposed to die with dignity and self respect, when I don’t even know who I am anymore, Mulder?

Cancer Arc Part 4:  Bubbles in the Wind -  I should have warned her of what was to come, of what she would likely have to sacrifice in hopes of righting those wrongs.

The Tsunami Series - That of Which Cannot Be Undone -  “You’re going to be a father.”

The Tsunami Series - Part 1 -  Out in the furthest reaches of her periphery, she senses the beginnings of a storm manifesting  within her, its tumultuous energy churning angrily, absorbed by the vast ocean of her subconscious.

The Tsunami Series - Part 2 -  She sways in the chair, the numbness metastasizing like a cancer from her legs throughout her entire body.

The Tsunami Series - Part 3 - WIP, Final chapter coming soon. 


The Voicemail Series, cowritten with @kateyes224 : A pre-revival angst series, Rated: R.

Part 1 - Mulder
Part 2 - Scully
Part 3 - Mulder

And Ashes Fell From the Sky with @2moms-0fucks : A virtual Season 11, Rated: NC-17. 

1- Past and Present
2- Ring Around the Rosy
3- A Pocket Full of Posey
4- Ashes, Ashes
5- We All Fall Down
6- Present and Future 

@twoagentsmissing-presumeddead with @bohoartist : A casefile told unconventionally. Rated: R


How Long Have You Been Standing There?  NC-17, MSR

You Make Me Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough. PG-13, MSR

I Had To See You Again. NC-17, Scully/Stella

Wanna Bet? NC-17, MSR

Wanna Dance? PG, MSR

Like a Ghost Through the FogPG, MSR

That Which Cannot Be Undone, R, MSR / Mulder/Other

William’s Space Onesie, PG, MSR

anonymous asked:

1. Gorgons are so happy to find photos of the crowd that have both PM and GA in it but are still nowhere near each other. You would think they were joking but they're not. 2. In the "family" photos they aren't even interacting, they're standing in a group with other members of the cast. 3. That these two things are so exciting for the gorgons says a lot a lot. A lot. 4. I thought there was a black rope separating them from taking photos together? I guess that was an exaggeration.

Someone sent me the pictures where they circled Gillian and PM faces being on the same frame but not next to each other and I was clueless on what it was supposed to prove. After Becks post, I went to 2moms’ to go read what happened here and I saw that she made fun of us dissecting those pictures, and again, I was clueless. We’re not dissecting the pictures, but she literally posted them on her other horrible blog that shall not be named and circled their face for some obscur reason. They dissect them!
I too thought it was a joke, but turns out they truly believe these pictures are meaningful. 

So I’m going to break my rule of PM Free, but he’s so far away that it’s not even breaking the rule. Let’s dissect all together!

For the record, that is meaningfull:

That is not:

Got it?

Try it again, Gorgons. Repeat after me; That is a sweet red carpet picture:

That is just Gillian talking to someone on a red carpet while her supposedly boyfriend is somewhere else with someone else doing something else:

A simple advice maybe: when you need to circle their face so everybody can see how deeply in love they are, don’t. 9 times out of 10, you’re going to make a fool of yourself. 


AUTHORS: @2moms-0fucks @piecesofscully

RATING: Teen-Mature


NOTES: Chapter One // Chapter Two 

Trigger Warning for potentially disturbing medical imagery related to children, and angst galore.

SUMMARY: “Tonight as he lay there in the guest bed with the old ratty comforter and lumpy pillows, he yawns as he listens to Dana and Mulder’s voices below him telling a story from their lifetime before.  It isn’t sadness he would rid himself of, he thinks to himself as his parents run through his sleepy mind.  It’s utter disappointment.”

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