this random girl glued 2min's butts to each other

and minho seems to like it

but what should they do next?

well ofc, wiggle their butt with the excuse of dancing to “Ring ding dong”

but minho got a little carried away and made taebaby fall

but in the end he apologized and hugged him, so it’s all good

i find it kinda funny that...

first Taemin was all touchy with Jonghyun-hyung right next to minho…

so minho wanted him by his side once he finished his speech (but at the last minute he backed down)

and then he found the courage and dragged Taemin to his rightful place

but then Taemin went to Onew hyung to seek attention (but Onew wouldn’t even look at him)

so he went back to Minho~hyung and now i’m happy. ^^;