The Samwell Team as things my boyfriend does: Part 4
  • Bitty: Stressbakes brownies at 3 am bc he heard Beyoncé gave birth to the twins
  • Jack: stole over a hundred balloons at his own graduation so that he could make a cute photo of his partner
  • Shitty: wearing his gf clothes, even though she is 5.2 and he is 6.5 feet tall (1.6m and 2m)
  • Lardo: asks for a painting for his birthday that portrays karl marx on a stripper pole
  • Ransom: has 23 alarms he sleeps through, but wakes up when the ducktales intro plays
  • Holster: Dramatically sings "its hard to be the bard" when he has to do homework
  • Chowder: learned the whole text of the lorax, dramatically performed it in front of his ignorant religion teacher
  • Dex: names every pokemon he trades simply "friend" so people who get it will form a faster connection with it
  • Nursey: instead of writing a school report he wrote his own eulogy and gave it to the teacher
  • Tango: falls asleep anywhere, once while lying under his couch
  • Whiskey: got so excited by breakfast he couldnt eat it anymore
  • Foxtrot: once met the principal of my school, hugged him (a complete stranger) and whispered hail hydra in his ear bc someone dared him too.

anonymous asked:

My fav story of yours is Second Meeting and I'm dying to see how the BD showdown looks through Demetri's perspective, and how it will f*ck with his mind and loyalty even more :)))

Thank you for loving my poor neglected Demetri!  *squeezes anon* I’m sorry that final chapter is taking SO LONG, I confess it’s a really daunting scene to write and I’ve totally been putting it off.  But we’ll get there!

I agree. Other than my muse feeling overwhelmed at the thought of writing the showdown, I’m really excited for what’s going to go down in Demetri’s poor confuzzled brain.  I’m especially looking forward to the moment he sees Amun and co. across the field, and what that’s going to feel like for him.  I know in general where I’m heading with it all, but as always I love to include reader suggestions when I can, if there’s anything particular you’d like to see :)

Thank you for your kind words!