ok this is probably so confusing and im yelling a lot so let me explain this calmly:

  • i got into brendons periscope chat
  • i asked him if he liked say anything (the band) like 100000 times and he finally saw it and responded by saying “yeah, i used to listen to them! max bemis is awesome!” and sang a part of the futile but messed up a lyric
  • i tweeted max bemis about it
  • max bemis replied and followed brendon
  • brendon saw that max followed him and said “max Bemis is now following me! thanks max! love your band, love you”, then saw that he mentioned him too and was like “oh, sayyrprayers tweeted him” (note sayyyrprayers is ME)
  • i told max what brendon said in the scope about him following him and he replied saying it cheered him up and that brendon should dm him
  • my faves are becoming friends thanks to me and im ascending