who's that boy with the honey face

fandom: bts
pairing: jeon jungkook/park jimin
rated: pg
genre: fluff
summary: Jimin’s knowledge on and opinion about Jeon Jeongguk were limited. He knew they both came from the same childhood hometown, they shared some classes because Jeongguk minored in performance arts, and according to some rumors, he was a bad boy. Whatever that meant.
wordcount: 2K
note #1: title from punk boy by helen love 

Jimin’s ice cream cone smashed into his nose when Taehyung abruptly hugged him, squealing, “I still can’t believe you’re here!”

Taehyung gave the best hugs, and Jimin never minded spoiling himself within the arms of someone he cherished dearly. But he didn’t like it when cold, creamy desserts he was trying to enjoy was shoved up his nostrils, and now all he could smell was mint chocolate chip.

Tae, please, this is uncomfortable!” Jimin cried, scowling once Taehyung pulled back and offered him a tissue.

“Sorry about that,” Taehyung said, but not entirely apologetic for his actions. “I know it’s been a few weeks and all, but I still can’t get over it. You’re like, finally here and not on my laptop screen.”

While he was a little annoyed that his ice cream cone was ruined (he’d still eat it anyway), Jimin couldn’t stop his fondness for Taehyung. Jimin felt the same–he couldn’t get over the fact that he got to see his best friend every day now, and they were going to the same university, a place Jimin was actually happy to be at.

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Ashton’s Troubles

Main Pairing(s): N/A

Sub Pairing(s): N/A

AU: None. This is based off of Ashton’s absence but this is all basically fiction.

Warning(s): Mentions of depression and anxiety, self hatred.

Rating: PG

Words: 2K

Note(s): Now this is 99% fiction but Ashton is in fact taking a break from social media. Please leave him the fuck alone. We’ve all been bugging him to come back and buggin him about the album. Give the kid a fucking break. I’d be ripping my hair out if I was him.


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Sue Min Yoongi | MY {Pt.3}

Pairing: Min Yoongi X Lawyer!Reader

Summary: Yoongi leaving his family behind in order to pursue his musical career. He also left his girlfriend that supported his dream and ends up running into her after his success. Y/n is a corporate lawyer who is suing big hit for copyright infringement. He still has feelings for her but doesn’t want to seem like he only likes her so the lawsuit could be dropped. Even though she tries to avoid him, they keep meetings inevitably through charity galas and corporate parties.

Genre: Fluff, angst

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2k

Note: Part 3 is finally up! Hope you all enjoy it!

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I Want To Be Your Boyfriend (Dino Fluff)

Summary: You were childhood best friends with Chan, and are now friends with SVT, but you were intimidated by the China line so you were awkward with them. You didn’t expect a surprise from them, leading you to be closer to them. Jealous bestfriend!Chan who wants to be more appears.

Genre: Fluff, Crack, Comedy, Jealous!Chan, Bestfriend!Chan, Bestfriend!Chan to Boyfriend!Chan real quick, featuring China Line and Seventeen.

Word Count: 2K

Note: This is my first SVT scenario, do tell me what you think hehe (,:

Originally posted by hvung

You had been best friends with Chan before he debuted, knowing him from your elementary school days. Being close to him from most your childhood meant you grew up being stuck to the hip, and once he debuted that didn’t change.

One thing you weren’t aware of though, was how Chan really liked you. Like, really liked you. Maybe it was just the effect of spending so much time with you, but he never did find anyone he wanted to date as much as you. You were perfect in his eyes, all your weird habits were normal to him. He knew your routine like it was nothing, remembering little things about you.

You thought that he was just being a good best friend, but of course, you did like him too. I mean, how could you not, have you seen the boy? It was inevitable. Both of you were made for each other, even admitting that you felt the other was your soul mate. You knew it would be impossible for the both of you to date, so you settled for just best friends.

The one thing you did know was that Seventeen had treated you like their baby sister, very protective over you and had always cared about you. You were technically Jeonghan’s second baby and everyone else’s baby sister. The only people you were still awkward around was the China line, Jun and Minghao, who had intimidated you for quite some time and you were always shy to speak up around them.

Until one fine day, Chan texted you to come over to the practice room. It was normal for him to do that but when you walked into the practice room to see Minghao and Jun talking in Chinese, wrapping something in the corner, you were a bit confused.

You knocked on the door, which effectively stopped the both of them in their tracks. “He-hello… Uh, can someone tell me where to find Chan?” You asked shyly, fidgeting as Jun stepped forward, blocking your view of what Minghao was hiding in the corner.

“Him and the rest are out getting food, could you get out for a while?” Jun asked, rather bluntly. You were taken aback at the question, expecting him to let you stay in the room. 

You nodded and stepped out, deciding to sit outside the practice room and wait for the boys to come back. You did feel a little hurt at how they didn’t want you in there. It was silent in the minutes that you waited outside for the boys, with an occasional mummer coming from inside the practice room. 

“Y/N? What are you doing out here?” Vernon asked as the group of boys returned. 

“Oh, Jun asked me to get out so I was just sitting here waiting for you guys to get back.” You answered, shrugging.

Chan came to help you up, pulling you up and slinging his arms around your shoulder. You felt your heartbeat pick up a little before it calmed down.

“He asked you to get out?” Hoshi asked with a bewildered expression on his face. 

You simply nodded in response as you all made your way back into the room. 

“Yah! You two!” Seungcheol immediately yells once we get into the room. This time the two boys were in the same corner and they seemed to be writing something.

“What the heck, you guys were supposed to give her a surprise not kick her out.” Joshua said. 

Wait, surprise?

You look at Chan who just stared straight ahead, not wanting to look at you. 

“Lee Chan what is going on?” You questioned, removing his arm from your shoulders. You stand right in front of him, but he whistles as his eyes dart around the room. The older boys just watched you two in silence, until you felt someone tap you on your shoulder. 

You turn to find Jun holding onto a nicely wrapped box and Minghao holding onto an envelope.

“Y/N… We know that you’re intimidated by us, so we wanted to give you something.” Jun told you, handing you the box. 

“Here this goes along with that.” Minghao added, passing you the letter too.

You were confused, that’s for sure. 

“I didn’t mean to ask you to get out like that, but we weren’t done with the surprise and we didn’t want to ruin it… I guess maybe kicking you out was worse? I’m sorry.” Jun apologizes, rubbing his neck.

You were still confused but you were touched, I mean, they did a lot. You immediately engulf Jun and Minghao in a group hug; they were shocked to say the least.

“Thank you so much, I’m sorry I was intimidated by you guys, you all are actually really sweet." 

After this surprise, you spent time reading the letter they wrote, which was basically both of them talking about themselves and dissing the rest of Seventeen. You received a teddy bear from them as well, one wearing a tiny seventeen t-shirt with their faces printed on it.

The next time you visited the practice room, you bought Jun and Minghao some Chinese food that they said they missed in the letter.

"Y/N what.” Was the only thing Chan said when you saw you handing things out to them with nothing to give the rest. It was a first since you were always like Santa Claus when you came over, handing things out to everyone.

The rest of the boys echoed him as you sat with Jun and Minghao, stealing a spring roll. 

“Did they steal Y/N from us?” Seokmin asked in confusion. 

Seungkwan fell to his knees, dramatically screaming “Andwae” (No), while Jeonghan called for you. 

“Y/N, my baby… I think Chan is feeling lonely.”

Chan was casually sulking in a corner, staring at you as you were learning Chinese from Minghao and Jun, without him there. His plan had backfired, he didn’t mean to get himself replaced, but just wanted to help you be friends with Jun and Minghao.

“我很饿 (Wǒ hěn è) means I’m hungry.” Jun told you. You repeated after him, sounding weird. “No it's 饿 (è), it kinda goes down.” Minghao explained as you tried again. 

“How do you say baby?” You asked, eager to learn more.

“宝贝 (Bǎobèi) means baby, as in like a term of endearment. 宝宝 (Bǎobǎo) means baby, as in how Chan is Jeonghan’s baby.” Jun explained as you giggled. “Okay so I can say that you’re my 宝贝(Bǎobèi)?” You asked as Jun blushed. “Uh, I guess so?" 

It took you a while to learn other phrases that you eventually forgot, but the two words that stuck with you were 宝贝(Bǎobèi). This was because everytime you showed up at Seventeen’s events or rehearsals, you would greet Jun and Minghao specially, calling them 宝贝(Bǎobèi) which made them laugh as the boys looked confused. This went on for a while until Wonwoo asked Minghao what the heck you were saying.

"She’s been calling us her babies. Like in a lover’s kind of way, not a Dino-Jeonghan kind of way.”

The boys were shocked but they laughed it off, well, except Chan. That boy was beyond pissed. You had been friends with him literally all your life and he didn’t even get a cute nickname. Not to mention you addressed them like lovers, what was that supposed to mean?

The time you visited after that, you sat in a corner of their practice room as the boys were practicing for their comeback stage, while you were watching their Music Bank performance of Aju Nice. Once the camera zoomed in on Minghao and Jun’s faces, you accidentally yelled, “That’s my 宝贝(Bǎobèi) right there!" 

You internally cringed before looking up at the boys who stopped and were staring at you in silence. You smiled sheepishly and bowed slightly in your chair to apologize before showing them your phone. 

"Sorry my 宝贝s(Bǎobèi) were killing the stage." 

Jun and Minghao started to slightly blush as the boys whopped in the background. You noticed that Chan looked angry, his eyebrow furrowed as he didn’t even bother to look at you. 

To be honest, you hadn’t been spending time with him since you’ve been getting to know Jun and Minghao more. You were sure he didn’t mind, but seeing him angry reminded you that you were still his best friend.

You had kept quiet the rest of their practice, occasionally leaving to buy them food and drinks. The moment they had ended, Chan was zooming around the room, packing his stuff. He was the first one packed up and was about to leave before you stopped him.

“Chan, can I talk to you?” You asked, gripping onto his arm.

“Why don’t you go talk to your 宝贝(Bǎobèi)?” He mumbled back, probably not meaning for you to hear.

“Wait… Lee Chan…” You started, yanking him aside as the rest of the boys left, ruffling your hair.

“Are you jealous right now? Oh my god, I never thought I would see the day.” You said, feeling quite happy as you smoothed down your hair. The room was empty by now, everyone leaving once they saw you approach Chan.

“Are you kidding me Y/N? Are you actually happy right now? Well I’m god damn livid, so I’m going to leave right now.” He spits out, striding to the door.

“Nope, get back here Lee Chan. Explain yourself.” You instructed, hugging onto his arm, leaning all your weight back.

Not expecting that added weight, Chan loses his footing leading to the both of you toppling backwards. Luckily, Chan caught himself before he landed on you. Now the both of you were in an awkward position, your head was between Chan’s hands and he was hovering over your body, his face directly above yours.

It was suggestive to say the least, and you were probably a bright shade of fire truck red.

“I don’t want to be your best friend anymore. I’ve been best friends with you for years and I don’t get a cute nickname.” Chan confesses, looking at you straight in the eyes.

You were taken aback by his sudden confession, and the fact that he hasn’t gotten off you yet.

“Then what do you want? A cute nickname? You could have just asked.” You told him, slightly confused.

“If you call Jun and Minghao 宝贝(Bǎobèi), then I don’t want to just be your best friend.” He hints, his face heating up and turning red.

“I don’t get it Chan, what do you want to be?” You questioned.

“Y/N… I want to be your boyfriend.” He stated.

You froze. Holy shit did Lee Chan just confess? You blinked several times, your eyes looking at everything but the boy hovering about you. It is silent in the room and you can feel Chan waiting for you to say something as you studied the table in the corner.

“Y/N? I just screwed up didn’t I? Well good job Lee Chan.” He mumbles the last part, pushing himself up. He picks up his bag and takes a step towards the door, but your voice stops him.


He whips around and stares at you with wide eyes.

“Yes?” He repeats, as you nodded in response.

He tosses his backpack aside, hoisting you off the floor and into his arms. You felt your heartbeat rise as you wrap your arms around his waist.

You heard a faint sound from outside before you shared a look with Chan. The both of you push the door open, only to have a pile of 12 boys on the floor within the next second.

“Congratulations maknae! You did it! Finally!” Mingyu shouts, which earns the applause of the rest of the boys who were piled on top of each other.

“Y/N! Congratulations, aren’t you glad too?” Woozi asks you as your face heats up.

“Look at my babies, I’m so proud.” Jeonghan says, sniffling and wiping a fake tear away.

You and Chan shared a look before laughing simultaneously. 

“Arcade fire” Prompt #16

Anonim powiedział(a): Hej!❤ larry prompt 😘 harry jest wysoko postawionym urzędnikiem w starożytnej Grecji a lou ma być jego chłopcem do pieprzenia ( lou mali delikatny i drobny) opisz proszę ich pierwsze spotkanie i 1raz ❤ h29l17 KC !

Pairing: Larry

Autorka: feelthestyles

Ilość słów: ok. 2k

Note: Znam z historii może cztery daty, nie mam pojęcia o starożytnej Grecji, ale tutaj to chyba niepotrzebne :D Mam nadzieję, że Ci się spodoba anonimku! Bardzo dobrze mi się to pisało, kocham ten pomysł. Gdybym miała więcej czasu i talent to napisałabym z tego całe opowiadanie haha x

Dziękuję za taką oryginalną propozycję prompta! Miłego czytania x

+++Zapraszam na moje nowe, rozdziałowe opowiadanie “Forgive Me”


Harry miał wszystko. Miał władzę, miał bogactwo, szacunek i uznanie ludu. Cieszył się, naprawdę się cieszył. Przychodziły jednak chwile ,w których towarzystwo jego służących przestawało mu wystarczać.

Pewnego dnia leżał naskórzanej sofie, jedząc winogrona. Obok siedział jego główny służący, a raczej jego prawa ręka, Basil.

-Basil? -Zaczął Harry.


-Chcę towarzystwa. –Wyznał.

-Co masz na myśli?

-Znajdź mi chłopca.

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(Stupid) Artificially Intelligent Cupid, or That Time Tony Wrote a Matchmaking Algorithm to Get Steve Laid, Because That's How He Rolls by uraneia

Summary: Steve has the worst luck when it comes to dating, so Tony writes a matchmaking program to help him find the right girl. Then the program overrides his parameters and hands him a clue.

Originally posted on LJ.

Words: 2k

Notes: I loved this the first time I read it, and I’ve loved every re-reading since. Honestly, I’m a huge sucker for technology getting Steve and Tony together, and this just hit that in all the right ways. ♥

hands over our hearts (built our own house) (1/1)

Show: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Emma Swan, Killian Jones
Ship: Emma/Killian (Captain Swan)
Words: ~2k
Notes: i just wanted to write something so @bluestoplights prompted me “killian begins moving things from the jolly into the house” this is what came from that! also on AO3

He can tell Emma doesn’t quite expect it. He drags her down to the docks once it’s over and as calm as Storybrooke will ever be. Killian had held her to her promise to sleep. He’d holed up with her for two days in their home while they allowed themselves the luxury of sleep, dragged their hands over each other’s skin in the quiet moments between and remapped the shape of one another.

It had been nearly idyllic. Domestic. Fairytale, if you will.

Killian isn’t foolish enough to think this won’t mean something, to both himself and Emma. The thing about their home is that Emma had furnished it, magically, entirely by herself. He’s hardly complaining, he’d picked the house after all and the little details are somehow a wonderful mix of the two of them. Killian’s only known two homes in his life - his ship and Emma Swan. He’s willing to take the chance of adding a third to the list.

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"Hug in a cup" Prompt #11


littlebigbullshit powiedział(a):
heej :) mama propozycję na prompta, mogę? Więc Larry. Harry i Louis są przyjaciółmi i mieszkają razem, nadchodzą walentynki, a żaden z nich nie jest w związku. Obaj są blisko, więc 14 lutego, jeden z nich zaprasza drugiego na “antywalentynkową niby-randkę”, tak dla zabawy (?) świetnie się bawią i w pewnym momencie są bliscy pocałunku lub czegoś więcej, po tym czują się niepewnie w swoim towarzystwie jakiś czas później mają “poważną rozmowę” i postanawiają spróbować być razem :)

Pairing: Larry

Autorka: feelthestyles

Ilość słów: ok. 2k

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“Frozen Gin” RWS


“-Masz dziewiętnaście lat, dlaczego chcesz tak robić?
-Bo lubię.
-Wcale nie.
-Ty to powiedziałeś.”

Pairing: Larry

Nagłówek: x

Ilość słów: ok. 2k

Note: Mam nadzieję, że kolejna część RWS Wam się spodoba. Proszę dajcie znać co myślicie, to motywuje do poprawiania błędów i dalszego pisania x

♡ dedykacja dla bananablowjob ♡

+++Trzecia część “Red Wine Series”


Nieważne jak bardzo Harry, by tego chciał, ostatnia noc z Louisem, także skończyła się bez kontaktu z chłopakiem. Szatyn znów zniknął z pokoju hotelowego, zupełnie jakby specjalnie uciekał, nie chcąc mieć z mężczyzną nic wspólnego. Za pierwszy razem udało im się spotkać po raz drugi, ale teraz może już być okazji. 

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DONT pirate oscar’s hotel!!

i cant believe people are actually doing this…

so i just saw someone tell people that they are currently uploading episode one and two of oscar’s hotel to youtube.

this is so WRONG and i am in shock that someone could have the mind process to think this is okay:

this isnt some big blockbuster or tv show that’s pretty much guaranteed to get its revenue back…this is a small webseries. pj needs to get that revenue back to pay off the cast, and the expenses. that’s why you need to charge money for films.

it’s not appreciating or helping to spread around oscar’s hotel, it’s taking much-needed revenue away from the cast and pj, who worked all year for this. it really feels awful when you work really hard and spend lots of your own money on something and people just take it away from you to chuck on youtube.

 it isnt expensive - and if you wait a few months, the price will, most likely, go down.

not to mention it’s FUCKING ILLEGAL