I have no actual problems myself, I’m pretty happy in the rp community itself. The only thing that bothers me is people talking about drama I don’t see or people whining about the fandom on the dash. It’s like, you are creating your OWN drama and it’s really killing the mood. Like chill and enjoy yourselves.

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And almost like clockwork, @oculuslens / @fluxdiscourse​ is at it again.

For the record: @sassytail​ is a wonderful human being and any accusations you hear about him right now are patently false, which should be blatantly obvious if you actually know him at all.

He’s lovely and friendly and will legit forcibly counsel you into a healthier relationship if he has to. The dude’s an actual angel who has descended from some divine plane in the form of a cute skinny dork.



Video by J U N I P E R The Fox

YouTube Star Jake Paul's Neighbors Tell Him: We're Not Jake Paulers
Residents of the street where Paul rents a large house are meeting with police and city officials to review code requirements, after a series of pranks and antics at his West Hollywood home.

“This is a Team 10 house, and it is lit every single day, bro,” Paul says in one of his videos.

His neighbors would like for it to not be lit so often — and not so loudly.

Ohm and Bryce drama

Cut it the fuck out. Do not get involved into this. Everybody who said that Ohm is jealous of Bryce because of x reason and blah blah blah- STOP. You guys (the ones that’s living for the drama and shit) are making it worse. YOU guys are the reason why Ohm and Bryce friendship is strained. And to the ones thinking that Ohm is throwing shade at Bryce because of Bryce’s tweet on working out. News flash- he’s not. He telling everyone that you don’t have to have a 6 pack to be beautiful and that any body type is okay.

Now I know what you guys are saying.

“Why didn’t Ohm do this to CaRtOoNz when he posted his working out pictures?”

Well, there could be multiple reasons for this.

1) We don’t know their friendship outside of their YouTube career.

2) We don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors.

And 3) We don’t know them personally to be making assumptions about what happened.

So everyone who asks Bryce about Ohm and vise versa- please stop because that’s making it worse. When the time comes they will make up and start playing with each other again.

So please, all I ask of you is to stop getting involved and leave it alone.