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The magazines in Gotham are always filled with stuff from the Wayne kids. Quizzes like “Which Wayne-Bachelor Should You Date?” or “Who Would Be Your Wayne Manor Bestie?” are almost always runnning. On the flipside, stuff about their alter egos are also running. Quizzes like “Are You More Bat, Super, or Wonder?” or “Who Would Rescue You From The Riddler?” fill the pages.  The batkids are always taking these


I’ve kept the red hair [after filming finished on Poldark]. I love it. Plus, it was a decision that I really fought for, as well. I had this gut instinct that Demelza should have red hair and it actually wasn’t anything to do with the fact that Angharad Rees had red hair in the previous adaptation - that hadn’t actually crossed my mind - it was just something that I felt very strongly about. Plus, a lot of the cast are brunette; I wanted to really break away from that mould, I just felt that it added an edge to the character.