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Lack of action (bay turtle Leo x reader)

Anon request: I’m totally at a loss of good Leo x reader fanfic right now! I was thinking, maybe something where Leo gradually opens up to the reader and is able to show them his less serious/fun side as they get to know eachother. Maybe a kiss or something of that nature at the end too? (Bay turtles please!)

Never had you thought about getting to know the oldest turtle of the family that well, or to know he at all. Always thinking it might actually be some kind of a success since he was the leader, the serious one, but less did you know how well you were getting to know him, more than just friends. His fun side finally kicking in when he and his brothers had finally beat the Shredder and Splinter was starting to get better. April kept Michelangelo and Raphael busy, while Donatello worked on some other stuff, he was so shy, so it meant you and Leo were in a offside. 

Leo had started to feel a bit restless, wanting to finally do something surprising and spontaneous since he had been in a lack of action for weeks. He was always on a run. Always jumping and rushing everywhere when he just needed to go to get a glass of water from kitchen for example. He needed the exercise. 

When all the other brothers had started to get annoyed of Leo’s constant hyper mode, they came to you. They asked for you to take him outside for a run or a patrol. You declined first, not so sure would that be a good idea. Thinking about the fact who distant you two were. But Raphael didn’t take no as an answer and Donnie wasn’t any better. They almost like forced you to go by telling Leo that you wanted to go on the surface from under the New York with him patrolling at night. Leo of course becoming excited, and a bit curious since you two actually never talked.

In other words, you were screwed. 

So when you were getting ready for the patrol you noticed Leo. He was humming a happy tone and didn’t even bother to take his swords with him, which gave you second thoughts. Did he think it was going to be just a little exercise? A little run around New York? What if something would happen!

“You’re not taking any weapons with you?” You asked. You stood next to him, eyeing what he was up to. Your eyes searching curiously what he had in his hands, he was just bandaging his arms, nothing you’ve never seen before.

“No, we won’t be needing any this night.” He said happily. “Come on! Let’s go!” He took your hand and dragged you with him, all the while through the tunnels and out of the manhole. When you finally got out, he let go of your hand and took a deep breath. He really looked like he enjoyed this. The fresh air in his nostrils and the dim lights upon you two.

“Come! Let’s climb on the roofs!” He said excitedly. He was just about to go jumping and climbing, when you just looked at him doubtingly. You had no such ability, to climb on the roofs. “Oh sorry…” Leo laughed apologizing. He lifted you up and carried you in his arms while he climbed up.

When you two were there, he let you down, his breathing starting to steady. 

“Thanks for coming here with me.” Leo turned to look at you, he sat down on the roof, you next to him. “It was really nice of you.”

“Uh thanks, even though you would really be thanking your brothers. They were the ones who came up with this.” Your voice stuttered, and shaking you thought what was wrong with you. You never stuttered with anyone like this before.

“Yeah, but you’re here to accompany me.” He said. 

“So, are you feeling any better? I mean you had been a bit hyper for a while." 

"I’m good now. Though I may need to run across a street or two.” He laughed. Suddenly he pulled you closer. Your eyes widening from his sudden touch and his warm body. He wrapped his arm behind your back, his hand and fingers gripping your waist.

“I totally angered Raph didn’t I?” He chuckled, making you laugh. “Was this his idea?”

“Well, most of it, yes. Donnie was part of this too.” You smiled. 

“Well, it wasn’t the first time I bugged Raph…” Leo snickered. You knew that almost too well. “He hates it when I get hyper.” He laughed.

You smiled at him. He was so different from what you had expected. He was so easy to talk to! Which was the most surprising thing.

Then you felt something odd touch your forehead. You gazed up to see Leo kissing you at the top of your head. 

Your cheeks getting bright red from his touch, your eyes trying to search something else to look at, trying to find something interesting from the dirt roof. Leo just laughed at your shy expression. He pulled you even closer to him.

“You’re so cute when you blush (Y/n), you know that?” You tried to get the courage to look back at him. “You’re cute when your that shy.” He smiled, making you want to faint under that beautiful smile of his. It was so rare and so pure. His baby blue eyes wanted to make you squirm under his gaze. 

You smiled at him once again, not sure for what to say, but you didn’t need to. Leo leaned close to you, setting his lips on yours and held you against him. The night starting to feel longer than usual, as you two just sat there, watching the city and cuddled, keeping warm with each others.