lessons learned from 2k14:

1. got7 has no chill

2. im jaebum should not be allowed to own a forehead or a jawline or arms or teeth or a body or a face

3. jackson wang debuted in order to ruin all standards for human relationships of any kind #protectjacksonwang2k15

4. mark tuan is a fuckboy

5. park jinyoung knows exactly what he’s doing #bye

6. choi youngjae is an angel

7. kunpimook bhuwakul bambam is mark tuan’s fuckboy-in-training

8. kim yugyeom is still underage


“ She inherited my big mouth and her dad’s temperament. She’s not someone who should be in the public eye, at this point. I’m glad she didn’t do all the kind of things she was offered because of her beauty and provenance, like to be in Twilight at 15.”

- Courtney Love, 2014.