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I never thought I would open up commissions for videos, but since editing has taken up four years of my life… here we are!

Unfortunately the list of shows/movies I have watched and can edit with are way too long to put into a post, so just suggest anything and I’ll let you know if I have seen it or not alksdf If I haven’t, I will still edit the video for you [just be extra patient with me, cause I’m going to need to go and research it]!


UNDER A MINUTE ( $2 - $4 )
ex. X, X, X, XXX

UNDER 2 MINUTES ( $5 - $7 )
ex. XX, X, X, X, X

UNDER 3 MINUTES ( $8 - $10 )
ex. X, X

3 TO 4 MINUTES ( $11 - $12 )
ex. X

+ 50c if it is an unfamiliar show/movie

Videos take a lot of time to make, but I also understand not everyone can fork out $$$ for a video so I have kept the prices as low as I possibly can and I am certainly up to discuss the prices further.

There will be no additional price for what will be put into the video such as: effects, typography, voice overs, overlays, sound effects… all of this is a given!


You can message me on tumblr here, or I can give you my skype. We will discuss the fandom, pairing/individual character, colouring, style and song/part of the song!

As I work on the commission, I will send you previews throughout to show you what to expect & you can tell me what you like, don’t like or if you want me to change/add anything!


I will be using PayPal. My currency is AUD, so please make sure to convert your currency to mine.

I will be taking a max of 4 requests at a time. A wait-list will be created on my blog under the appropriate tag if I somehow manage to exceed 4 a;lskdjf 

Please remain patient with me! I am a student and under a lot of pressure to complete 2 courses a year at the moment so my time varies but I will attempt to have the requests done in 1-2 months!