I understand how mainstream popularity can be traced to relevancy of an artist but I think if anything, that’s more damaging to the career now compared to before.

The second an artist fucks up now, it’s over for them. Strictly from a musical standpoint. You drop a trash project, you’re basically asking to drop into the shadows to let the next artist eat.

If you can keep dropping quality, you’ll stay relevant, but that’s rarely ever the case with mainstream artist these days. They’re made for consumption and then people move on to the next thing.

Jay-Z got half a career of garbage albums and he didn’t start moving down the ladder until MCHG. Migos drop a trash project next and I guarantee you the hype will be dead.

ragnarok spoilers  but I wanna talk about how much I loved that scene where loki actually came face to face with stephen strange bc U KNOW U KNOW THAT I WAS WORRIED for so long I worried about the rumored “magic fight” between loki and strange and that they would treat loki inconsequentially bc he’s always the joke and the punchline and marvel doesn’t take him seriously, which is pretty much what happened but not as badly as I thought.  you know if shit had gone down for real and strange didn’t get wasted I would have been spitting fire.  but I LOVED the way loki squared up with his daggers , no magic or tricks , just pure fury ready to absolutely tear into strange with his blades and that ‘you think you’re some kind of a sorcerer??’  and honestly that’s the loki i’m here for


I’m a performer. I sing my life. It’s like I’m having group therapy 350 days a year, and the people who come to the show get that, and they’re there for that – whether it’s to be lifted up, or to be lifted out, or just entertained or inspired, or to feel not so alone. That’s how I feel when I’m singing my songs: These people are all going through the same things I am. I’m not alone either. I’m getting something out of it too. – Alecia Moore

hi everybody

i went to see justice league and it was packed so my friend and i sat beside strangers and the girl to my left was the one i had a crush on in high school who told me she liked me in that very theatre only to hear me say “haha, i think you’re cool too!” and watch me sprint to my car