during the journey, Polnareff thought it’d be fun to keep sort of a “Captain’s Log” and keep track of their adventure, so he’d buy a bunch of tape recorders with blank tape, and give them to everyone. him, Kak, and Jotaro especially would have fun with them. Kakyoin and Polnareff would record jokes and little stories, sometimes they’d sneakily record everyone and what they had to say. sometimes they’d use them for important info, like where they are/where they’ve been, enemy stand info, etc etc. eventually years and years after the trip, Jotaro is cleaning out an old trunk of his and stumbles across all of his recordings and a couple of the other’s(the rest were taken by either Pol and/or Joseph). Abdul’s and Kakyoin’s were split among them, but never listened to. Jotaro decides to listen to them, and every single memory came flooding back. these voices he hadn’t heard in 20 or so years, laughs, jokes, conversations, details about enemies that have probably forgotten all about them, everything was suddenly coming back. he wasn’t ready to hear them speak to him again, or even to hear his old, slightly different, teenage voice. it was overwhelming to just suddenly go back to Egypt, but he made a stern point to himself that he would spend the rest of the night listening to every last tape he had owned. from start to finish. word for word.