Calling Your Bluff

author: Yoongi_trash

length: oneshot

word count: 2241

rating: T

author’s summary:

Jimin’s gotten himself into plenty of awkward situations when he bluffs his hearing, but this one really takes the prize.

(“I’m hoh and brilliant at bluffing, you’re my best friend who insisted on meeting me in the middle of a loud cafe. I can’t hear a word you’re saying but I’m smiling and nodding like I can hear and suddenly you seem really happy — Wait, what do you mean I just agreed to be your boyfriend??” au)

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Lessons (Part 1)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Words: 2k
Warnings: none
Prompt: “Could I possibly get a Peter Parker X reader? Both Peter and reader are very good students, but Peter wants someone to edit his English papers and reader wants help studying math. Aunt may knows readers parents and they set up a deal (kind of a mutual tutoring thing) not knowing that Peter and reader like each other. Tutoring leads to flirting leads to dating. Sorry if that’s too specific. Your writing is amazing tho!” 

So I’m actually breaking this up into I think 2 parts, this being part one. Sorry if this one is kind of boring! There will be more flirting to come!

Originally posted by wxndrwoman

Rocking back on your heels, you stared down at your phone and then up at the door in front of you. This was the third time you had checked the number in the text message to make sure it matched that of the apartment you were standing in front of.

When your parents broached the subject of tutoring someone in English, you were hesitant. Being a relatively shy girl who spent more time in the library at school than the lunch room, you had qualms about spending time with someone you did not know. Until of course they told you that person was Peter Parker.

Of course you knew who Peter was. You knew his favorite class, and what kind of clothes he wore, and how he liked to part his hair; you knew that he liked to salvage old parts of technology that no one would give a second glance to. You knew his eyes were brown and when he smiles, his upper lip disappears. You knew his mannerisms and that sometimes he stutters when he talks. You knew more than you would like to admit to anybody. Not because you had ever spoken to Peter before. These were all your observations. When he walked out of the lunch room while you were walking out of the library, both returning to class. When he came to school late and ran into your shared math class out of breath and hoping no one would notice. You had always noticed Peter. Even if no one else did.

Your small hand knocked quietly against the white-painted wood of the old apartment door. Feeling the weight of your arm drop back to your side, you counted the seconds until a brunette with a sweet smile opened the door.

“Y/N!’ She exclaimed. Presumably, this was Aunt May, a friend of your mother’s from work. She had been the one to bring up the idea of mutual tutoring to your mother. Peter, as brilliant as you knew he was, needed help with English. And you needed serious help in math; your mother was not happy with the D you had received on the last progress report.

“Hi, May? Parker?” you stepped into the small two bedroom apartment.

“Yes, I’m May and this is,” May looked around the small living room and into the kitchen, her forehead wrinkled in confusion. “Peter?” she called out. “He was just here a minute ago. Poor thing, I think he’s nervous. When I told him about you he immediately cleaned his room. I haven’t seen him do that in months.” she rambled.

You heard a loud bang and then a door just off the living room opened up and Peter hesitantly stepped out. “Oh hey, Y/N!” Peter said quickly before giving his aunt a pointed look, as though he had heard everything she said.

“Hi Peter.” You murmured quietly, looking between the two of them while your right hand played idly with the straps on your backpack. It was filled with your English text and the assigned reading, as well as all of your math materials. Fortunately since you were in the same grade as Peter, you were both currently in the middle of reading Moby Dick.

“Is there anything I can get you, Y/N?” May asked sweetly.

You shook your head, “No thank you, Ms. Parker.” you said, trying as hard as you could not to stare at Peter. It was hard but you could see him watching you from the corner of your eye, so you kept your gaze on May. You had promised yourself before coming here that you were not going to make your crush obvious to Peter.

“Please call me May, sweetie!” she insisted while walking towards the kitchen. “Right then,” she looked over her shoulder, “I’ll leave you two to it. I expect both of you to get some work done.” May disappeared into the kitchen.

Your eyes shifted first from your feet, clad in old canvas sneakers, to the wall, to Peter’s face. He was already looking at you, but his eyebrows were drawn close together as if he was pondering something in that moment.

“Hi,” you smiled quickly, nervously, before your eyes darted back to the wall, “So, are we studying in here?” you forced yourself to make eye contact with him.

In truth, seeing his eyes closer than you ever had before was satisfying. They were brown but that was not how you would describe them, had you been writing a book about this boy standing before you. They were dark around the pupil, almost black but they were warm, a dark amber color that extended to the length of the iris. Nerve wracking however, when you realized they were fixed on you.

“What?” he looked confused for a split second before realizing what you were asking. “Y-yeah, yeah, yeah,” Peter’s words flowed together as he motioned towards the couch, “We can just, uh, sit here and um, I’m going to grab my books, um, you can sit right there, I’ll be right back, if that-that’s okay with, y-you.” he said, stepping closer to you. He smiled but his eyes darted between your face and the couch.

This was the Peter that you had often observed only in classes when being called upon by a teacher, even though he hadn’t raised his hand. “Okay,” you couldn’t help but smile at him. You sat on the couch and dropped your bag at your feet. You arranged your book on the coffee table neatly, laying a blue mechanical pencil next to them. Your hands fidgeted with your outfit and your hair.

Peter returned to the living room with his texts in hand, he smiled at you before taking a seat next to you.

Oh. You had figured it would be interesting to work with Peter given your feelings towards him. But you had never been this close to him. Never been able to smell his soap or the laundry detergent that May uses to wash his clothes. The effect his proximity had on you came as a shock to your system.

Peter peered up at you as if he could sense a change in you. You gave him a small smile before forcing yourself to pick up Moby Dick. “So,” you could hear the weakness in your own voice, “do you want to start with Math or English?”

Peter ran a hand through his chestnut colored hair. It was the first time you had ever witnessed him do that and you had to look away. Staring outright was too obvious and the last thing you wanted to do was creep him out. “How about English?” he asked you quietly, his voice always sounded small and amused.

You made eye contact and felt like your heartbeat was betraying you. His eyes were large and warm and all on you. He was swallowing you whole with those eyes. You could hear your heartbeat in your ears, as if you had been running. You mused for a second maybe he could truly hear it. Maybe even May could hear your heart all the way in the kitchen, making dinner.

You shook your head slightly and beamed at him. “Yeah, English.” you affirmed.

The tension you both felt quickly began to dissipate as you studied. Several times through-out you both became side tracked and had fits of laughter. Who would have guessed Peter Parker was going to make you laugh so much, and you would do the same to him? You both gushed about sci-fi movies and superheroes and every other thing you could imagine. May had to yell at you both more than a few times to get back to work.

After transitioning to math your anxiety started to come back. You stared down at the problems in front of you and wanted to cry. It was like trying to read a foreign language. You could feel the wrinkles in your forehead increase the longer you stared at the problems in your math textbook.

You gripped the pencil in your hand tightly, running your thumb nail over the soft white eraser. You could feel Peter’s warmth radiating out of his body and hitting your side. It was calming. But you could also feel his keen eyes on you, watching you stress, watching you over-think the problems, watching you try not to cry. You hoped he couldn’t tell you were trying not to breakdown over these problems. Studying English had gone so well, Peter grasped the concepts you were trying to teach him as if you were the teacher he needed all along.

Peter shifted and his hand brushed up against yours. It was warm and you wished he had kept it there. But as soon as it was there, it was gone just as quick. “Hey,” Peter nudged you with his elbow.

You looked up at him then and noticed what was it? Amusement? Affection? Some kind fondness was present there in his eyes as he looked at you, he smiled as if to confirm whatever it is you thought you saw.

“You’re probably the smartest girl I know, you will get this. We’re just gonna have to have more lessons.” he sounded happy about that prospect.

You dropped your pencil into the textbook and leaned back into the couch, drawing a leg up onto the couch so you could tuck your foot under your thigh. “I’m not the smartest girl you know.” you playfully rolled your eyes.

Peter pretended to contemplate, looking around the room and squinting, he shrugged, “eeeeeeehhh, I beg to differ. But you are the funniest. And I like it when you make funny faces during class when you don’t understand something.” his head dipped down and he avoided your gaze, scoffing at his own words.

“You watch the faces I make in class? I thought you didn’t even know we had the same math class, you sit in front of me!”  He must have been turning around in his seat to peer back at you whenever you weren’t paying attention.

“Uh,” Peter blushed, “I knew” he chuckled, “lets get back to these problems,” he declared, scooting closer to you on the large couch. His thigh was pressed against yours and although it made your stomach flutter, it also calmed you. Something about Peter suddenly made you feel okay. Like you could suck at math and he wouldn’t care because he liked your jokes and you’re really good at reading and comprehension and you liked Star Wars.

Peter quickly had you understanding more than you ever thought possible. Packing your bags up, you could feel his eyes once again on you. You playfully tossed an eraser at him. He caught it quickly, his hands moving faster than you could comprehend. You paused to look up at him.

Rolling the eraser between his index finger and thumb, his eyes met yours. “Hey, Y/N,” he started, his voice sounding more serious than usual. “Do you want to go o-out, somewhere, sometime, like, not to study or anything, I mean to h-hang out, you know?” he sighed, “I had so much fun just joking with you and we could go anywhere, like maybe a museum or um, a park, or just anywhere you want.” he was nervous, you could tell by the way he kept looking everywhere but your eyes. He smiled then when he saw you watching his face. The smile that you loved. When it was so big, his lips thinned out and presented his teeth, eyes crinkling in the corners.

“Did you really have fun?” you giggled, unable to stop yourself. You were giddy with the idea of spending more time with Peter. You didn’t care where he took you as long as you were with him.

“The truth is, I’ve wanted to talk to you for awhile but I never knew what to say. I never know what to say.”

“Yes, the answer is yes. We can go anywhere.” you had dropped your bag back onto the floor, too excited to notice it slip out of your loose grip. Peter’s eyes lit up and you thought for a second you would have said yes to anything he asked just to see him look that happy again.

“G-great! I’ll text you, um, also,” he started to stand up “is it okay if I walk you home?’

I’ll Bring the Stars Home to You

Pairing: Tentoo x Rose     |     Rating: All     |     Word Count: 1.2K
Summary: A very pregnant Rose surprises the Doctor with some work she did on their nursery project. 
A/N: For this prompt a Nonny submitted to @timepetalsprompts. Needless to say this is baby!fic. :)
Read it on: AO3 or Teaspoon 

Rose. Baby. Rose. Baby. Rose. Baby. The Doctor’s mind giddily replayed his two favorite words in the universe on repeat the whole drive home. Friday had taken its bloody time arriving, but here it was finally! His eight months pregnant wife had made a point of complaining to him lately how she was bored out of her mind sitting at home on maternity leave (ordered by himself, Jake, and Pete rather than by her, mind). Well he’d made a promise to his dear Rose that they would spend the weekend working on the nursery for their expected little bundle of joy. After a grueling week nothing would bring the Doctor more joy. 

Six years into his life in Pete’s World the Doctor woke up one morning with Rose tucked under his arm and asked her if she’d like to be a mum. A year and some heartbreak later Rose became pregnant and the Doctor became paranoid. But they’d successfully made it through eight months, he was determined to help deliver a healthy child into the world.

The Doctor was beside himself he was so excited and anxious, and he only had a few agonizingly long weeks to wait before he could greet his precious child. His first human child! First of many, if he could convince Rose. (That might take a while after this pregnancy, with its bumps and hiccups.) That was a whole other adventure for a time when Rose wasn’t threatening him if he didn’t bring home chips - which he did! He was not forgetting this time. He’d learned his lesson.  

Though his own stomach was growling, on the way home the Doctor began devising a plan to convince his Rose to take a load off while he got started on painting the baby’s cot. They’d built it together themselves! The Doctor had even drawn up the plans himself, taking nothing to chance where his unborn child’s safety was concerned. 

“Rose, love I’m home!” the Doctor called from the entryway. 

“In the kitchen,” a muffled shout replied. 

He followed the sound of rushing water. She better not be washing the dishes again, he thought. He promised Rose he’d take care of them when he got home. She in turn promised him she wasn’t porcelain and really did have a difficult time not succumbing to the urge to clean house, but agreed to leave the dishes be at least. But she was merely washing her hands. The Doctor strode up behind her and snaked his arms around her womb. He was just in time to spy some blue paint circling the sink drain. 

“What have you been up to?” the Doctor muttered into the warm nook of her shoulder. “I see that paint there, Rose Tyler.”

Rose craned her neck and brought a kiss to his chin, soft lips warming his winter-stung skin. That viciously wicked tongue of hers peeked between her teeth and she grinned. “Nothing.”

The Doctor hummed disbelief and fell to one knee. Greeting his child every time he saw Rose had long since blossomed from a habit to a tradition. What on TARDIS would he ever do once his little one was scampering up to greet him? His heart swelled at the thought. 

“I think your mum is stretching the truth a bit, don’t you little one?” the Doctor asked his unborn child after nuzzling Rose’s womb through her shirt. 

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenarios with Jimin . You are sitting next to him in a flight and throughout the whole flight you and Jimin just talk. When you and Jimin get off the flight he asks you out and kisses you. Something along those lines 😂😂. Thanks so much ❤️

I’m soooo sorry this took so long but I finally finished. This was very short so I’m sorry about that, too. I stayed up all night ^.^ Hope you like it~


Jimin x Reader

Word count: 2k


Originally posted by ohparkjimin

The drowsiness hits as soon as you sat on down on the plane. You were extremely exhausted from the weekend you just spent back at home. Your sister had a wedding and you didn’t mind catching up with a few old childhood friends. However, you do live half a world away, which made this trip for you very energy-draining. All you want is to just sleep for a few more hours and take a long hot bath as soon as you get home.

You felt someone’s arm brushed against yours. Slowly opening your eyes, you found a handsome young man sitting next to you. His soft kind eyes was locked into yours. Noticing you were staring, he threw on a smile.

“Sorry.” he apologized. It caught you off guard. Did - did he just apologized? His voice. It was so sweet and mellifluous. It felt like his voice was dripping in smooth caramel. You blinked twice to make sure you weren’t dreaming. Nope. He was still here. This attractive fella with a Greek God body and a face of an angel is actually sitting next to you.

“It’s fine.” you managed to choke, suddenly feeling stupid for staring at a random stranger like that. But he wasn’t just an random stranger, he was a smoking hot stranger. At this moment, you just want to slap yourself for checking out this male seated next to you.

“Long day?” he asked you, his voice filled with interest. You gaze at him, he doesn’t look like a bad guy. But you did just met him like 3 minutes ago, but we were probably too busy checking him out. Then you decided you have nothing to lose, your life isn’t even that interesting. Giving a stranger some information wouldn’t hurt. And you do want some company for the next 10 hour flight.

“Yeah, my sister held a wedding so I had to attend.” you explained. He nodded at your response and giving a smile, wanting to deepen the conversation. He rested his hand under his chin on the armrest for support. You found yourself exploring his face.

His peachy smooth skin goes very well with his jet black hair. His plump pink lips were rested in a genuine kind smile. And his eyes staring at you with curiosity. The distance between you two was uncomfortably close, making you flushed with embarrassment. His long fingers was tapping on his defined jawline. Those fingers… you want those fingers exploring the rest of your body and —

“Aren’t you going to ask me a question?” he asked with amusement. You felt your cheeks getting hotter and hotter by seconds. You secretly wish this flight could be faster so you can walk away from this embarrassing encounter. But you do want to know him a bit better. After all, meeting someone new is not necessarily a bad thing.
“Sorry, right. Are you single?” you blurted out quickly. You widened your eyes promptly at you just asked out loud. You just want to crawl into a hole and hide forever. You covered your mouth with your hands and shaking you head.

“Oh my god I didn’t mean to -” you tried to explain yourself but was only interrupted by his reassurance.

“Haha don’t worry about it. And yes, I’m single.” he gave you a sly smirk and winked. Your heart was fluttering at his sudden action. Your hands reached up to feel your heart under the blanket. Your heart was thumping in lightning speed under your hand. You gulped down the nervousness that was built up. He chucked at your reaction and that somewhat made you felt…home. It gave you such a warm and cozy feelings. You felt yourself slowly warming up to his friendly personality.

A small part of your body relaxed at the fact that he’s single, knowing he’s available. A handsome fella like him could easily make heads turn around. You assumed that he’s probably very popular among girls. But you felt the sudden greedy to keep talking to him, wanting to know more about him.

“What’s your name?” he asked with curiosity. He cocked his head to the side, clearly wanting to know more about you, too. You don’t feel the hesitation anymore. You know you should know better, not to talk to random strangers. But when you look at him, you see no harm in this man. All you see was kind eyes and a genuine smile.

“Y/N. What’s yours?” I asked back.

“Jimin. Nice to meet you, Y/N.” he revealed his name. Jimin. You repeated his name at the back of your mind. Never wanting to forget this moment. It’s rare to you for this to happen. You’ve had some experiences with guys before, but they all ended showing their true colors. Bastards.

“Are you single, too?” he shyly questioned. You felt yourself blush at his sudden question. Why was he asking that?

“Yes, I am.” you uttered.

“A beautiful girl like you can’t be single.” he simply stated with a flirtatious smile. Oh god. You felt your head spinning. The fluttering sensation started kicking in. He just complimented you. This attractive guy named Jimin who can probably even model just…complimented you? You started questioning yourself. Am I hallucinating? You pinched your arm and you winced at the pain from your nails. It took you a while to get back to reality from you thoughts.

And the two of you hit it off just liked that. Conversations about hobbies, job, family, love, friends, background, interest, etc. What seemed like a 10 minutes chat turned into a 4 hour deep convo. You noticed it was getting darker, meaning it nighttime was arriving. Nonetheless, you kept talking to him. You must admit, he’s a very charming guy. But then you started wondering if he ever flirted like this with other girls. Is he a player? Did he have any girlfriends? You silently shook those thoughts out of your head and concentrated on your conversation with him, not wanting negative thoughts get to you.

To Jimin, his family and friends are very important. His passion was music and dancing. You paid attention to every little details of his life, you found yourself indulging into him. It was a strange feeling, but you felt it. Your heart slowly opening up to him, you felt a wave a safety and warmth whenever you met his eyes. Out of nowhere, you felt a connection to him. It was as if you’ve known him for so long. It was as if you have been a part of his life for so long. It was that warm feeling you get when you hug someone you trust, that feeling of spark when your hands brushed against each other, that fluttering moment when you feel yourself having feelings, that feeling of home when you look at him. He was someone so special. Someone so special you don’t ever want to let go of their grasps. Someone so special you want to keep.

It was night time, you were tired but you want to keep your eyes open. You stared at him. He was staring back at you. You wondered if he was thinking of the same thing as you. Does he feel it, too? You want to reach your hand to his face, holding him in place so he doesn’t vanish. You want this moment to last, you want this plane ride to last longer, you want him to stay.

“Sleep.” he whispered. He assured you with a sleep smile.

“Ok, only if you’ll sleep, too.” you challenged.

“Alright alright. Goodnight Y/N.” he grinned and his eyes fluttered close.

But you didn’t sleep. You couldn’t. You only met this guy a few hours ago and yet you start to like him. Yes, you want to he his friend. But, what if you want to be more than friends? You stared at him as his chest goes up and down at every breath. You started at his long eyelashes, wanting to look at those beautiful eyes once again. You want to memorize every part of him before you go. You didn’t want to blink because you were scared that once you blink, he would vanish like a dream. The thought of seperated from him had your heart beating faster and aching. Your heart aches even worse at the thought of him moving on and forgetting about you.

You don’t know how long you stared at him, but you felt your eyes weighing you down, wanting you to sleep. You look at Jimin for the last time, and smiled at the thought of him. You felt grateful for today, for meeting him, and for knowing him. You silently thanked God in your mind, for bringing Jimin into your life. Then, you close your eyes and dreamt.


You slowly opened your eyes and found a pair of chocolate brown eyes staring down at you. You sat up from your position and stifled an exhausting yawn. A discomforting pain from your back hurting, you clearly slept in a weird position.

“Morning.” Jimin cheered. The sight of his grin made you grin back at him, too.

“Morning.” you said back.

“We’re landing soon.” he stated. You look into his eyes. His dark eye circles clearly telling you that he was very tired. His eyes were filled with happiness, relieve, and a hint of sadness. You were lost in his eyes for a moment until you snapped back into reality. The feeling of melancholy filled into your chest, causing it to ache. You wished Jimin could stay for a bit longer. But sadly, you do have to let go of him. He had been a lovely company throughout the ride.

After you got off the plane, you slowly walked towards the exit. You were going to go find Jimin, and say one last farewell. But you decided not to, hoping it’s best to keep it that way. After all, he was just a mere guy you met on the plane. You sort of felt glad you met him though, he somewhat fulfilled your heart with warmth. You walked very slowly in the airport, wanting to savor this last moment, this memory of Jimin.

Then you heard your name. You spun around to find him running towards you with his luggages behind him. You were confused why he was dashing to you, but you felt your heart beating faster as he approaches you. He stopped right in front of you, and bent down, catching his breath. You furrowed your eyebrows, totally lost.

“I’ve thought about it. The whole time in the plane. I can’t just let you go, Y/N. I just can’t. To me, I think this was destiny. Destiny who brought us together. The whole time I was talking to you I was just thinking of wanting to be a part of your life. A big part. Please tell me I’m not the only one feeling this way. I can’t let you go.” Jimin panted out.

You felt a big grin creeping up on your face. So he does feel the same way after all. The butterflies were kicking in your stomach and your heart was beating ten miles per second. You thought you were all alone by yourself on this. But no, you weren’t alone.

“Then you don’t have to let go of me. Stay.” you said with certainty. There’s no going back, ever. Because you know you made the right choice. You have never been so certain than right now. You were ready to dedicate your feelings, you weren’t scared of getting hurt. Because he would never hurt you.

“I will.” Jimin said.

Then you felt his soft lips locked into yours and you kissed him back. It was all you ever needed. Him.


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