I’ve never done one of these, but I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to tag everyone (try to anyway) in one big post saying THANK YOU!!! Thank you for all the giggles, excitement, tears, freak outs (haha) and warm cyber cuddles that’s we’ve shared together! My dash is a lovely place because of all of you!!!! <333

The Wives:

iamjohnlocked4life * il0vedaydreaming * johnlockaddled  You are so special to me, more than you’ll ever know! You were the first ones to reach out and try to get to know me and make me feel so loved and special…you brighten each and every day and I love you so much!


Some of you I’ve had the privileged of getting to know really well and have shared so many lovely conversations with! Others, even though we may not talk much, I consider us friends and enjoy seeing you on my dash!!!! I’m here if ever you want to chat! <333

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Hey! You all are awesome and I admire you from afar, ok? ;-)

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v for vendetta is a film with a female protagonist that criticises capitalism, condemns pedophilia, encourages the viewers to question their governments, has a central plot about how LGBT people are condemned in right wing societies (more than three LGBT characters are in it) and was directed by a trans woman and her brother.

why has this become a fuckboy classic