[Tweet|Trans] Kim JongHyun: Lee Jonghyun revealed our private start!!

@realjonghyun90 Lee Jonghyun revealed our private start that was supposed to be a secret in an interview. But am I allowed to post what the internet says? Elle Girl I love you.


: 이종현이가 비방용인 우리들의 시작을 인터뷰에서 폭로했다. 근데 인터뷰 글 올려도 되나??? 엘르걸 사랑해요 


Picture Translation:  

EG: Did you two get close because you share the same name?

LJH: That is a big reason. But we actually found out that we have a common friend. I’ve met him before during promotions, but we weren’t that close. But my friend called me and asked if I was close to Jonghyun. I thought I’d get embarrassed if I said we were close, so I said, “we’re not close,” and then Jonghyun called me right away and he was like, “hey, you’re not friends with me?” so I answered again, “Yeah, we’re friends,” and he said, “What are you talking about? We’re not friends.” He’s a really mischievous and fun friend. But he’s very serious when he’s singing. He used to be in a band, so we got close talking about music.)

Translated by @shiningtweets


There’s only one word for this ~ fricking glorious …okay that was 2

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