160904 shinee world v in seoul day 3

ment #2

jonghyun told the members to move back to main stage. Only minho pretended to stay on center stage with a sad face Minho then did a backward moonwalk and smiled before walking to the main stage for the talk segment

minho: are you guys having fun?
shawols: /yeahhh/
shawols: YEAAAHHHH!

(?)That person! He’s here right? 
Fans: Shim ssi? 
*everyone starts cheering*
the camera then caught LSM making a heart sign to the guys! NCT was sitting beside LSM too

minho is resting his body on key’s during the ment again
minho: is taemin’s song called “goodbye? 
T: yes ..
M: then goodbye …. (kicking taemin out of the stage to go change outfits)
*onew jonghyun and taemin about to leave to change
minho: goodbye!*
onew: we will be right back
minho: goodbye!
jjong: wait for us
minho: goodbye!!
key: ENOUGH!!!

*minho talking about key designing the outfits.*
minho: my friend kim kibum please clap for him

Minho pretended to ride a horse because he actually did it when he filmed Hwarang
minho: Filming ‘Hwarang’ & preparing for concert at the same time, it was hard 
minho: when i see you all I forget all the stress I had

minho said how he dyed his hair for shawols and his mom
minho: My mum was saying why my son didn’t dye his hair? So I was thinking I really should. 
minho: As soon as the concert came I dyed my hair!! 
fans: woaaahhhh
minho: and it’s light dye!!!!
fans: whoaaaaaa
key: ahh you are alone on this

minho fixed key’s hair

taemin: farewell my love ..it’s lyrics I wish it will never happen to shinee and shinee world

credit: @Min_hohoho @fantaemsie @sakura_tuanct @fodfran @bumjinki @leesome0718  @MINHOLE