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Frank Castle:

Suicide Squad:

Riz Ahmed

Boyd Holdbrook

Jake Gyllenhaal

Colin Farrell

Tom Holland

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Warren Worthington:

Imagine Warren Helping You With School

Imagine Making Warren feel less insecure about his wings

Peter Maximoff:

Imagine Peter using dirty pickup lines on you

Dating Peter Maximoff

Hank McCoy:

Imagine Hank being really nervous when he firsts meets you

Alex Summers:

Imagine meeting Alex in the military after being drafted

Dating Alex Summers would include…

Charles Xavier:

Drabble 1


Jake Riley: 

Bump In The Road // part 2

Jake asking you on a date

The Vampire Diaries:

Kai Parker:

Imagine Having A Lazy Day with Kai Parker

Imagine Making Dinner For Kai Now That He Can Taste Again

Imagine Kai Texting You

Imagine Being The Only Thing Kai Cares About

Imagine Choosing Kai Over Damon

Being Best Friends With Kai Parker

Imagine Kai Coming To You Whenever He Experiences New Emotions

Damon Salvatore:

Overprotective Damon 

Customer’s always right (ft. Stefan Salvatore)

Back off (ft. Stefan Salvatore)

Imagine Having A Crush On Damon And Him Always Teasing You About It

Stefan Salvatore: 

Customer’s always right (ft. Damon Salvatore) 

Back off (ft. Damon Salvatore)

Matt Donovan:

Being Matt’s sister

Imagine hanging out with your best friends Matt and Jeremy

Imagine your boyfriend helping you when you’re on your period

Jeremy Gilbert:

Imagine hanging out with your best friends Matt and Jeremy

Caroline Forbes:

Imagine Elena Introducing You to Caroline Because Caroline Likes You

The Originals:

Kol Mikaelson:

Being best friend’s with Kol

Klaus Mikaelson: 

Dating Klaus

Elijah Mikaelson:

Dating Elijah


Dean Winchester:

Imagine Dean waking up next to you for the first time 

Imagine Dean trying to impress you with new clothes


Castiel trying nutella for the first time

Teen Wolf:

Isaac Lahey:

Dating Isaac Lahey

Drabble 1

Scott McCall:

Scott trying to be sweet to you late at night

Being Scott’s little sister

Imagine Isaac texting you even though you’re dead

Stiles Stilinski:

You’re turning for the first time and Stiles can’t bear to see you hurt

Stiles accepting the fact that you’re broken

To This Day

Confronting Stiles on why he’s been ignoring you lately

Breaking up with Stiles

I Love You So Much

Imagine Stiles Insisting On Being With You When You’re On Your Period

Drabble 1 

Derek Hale:

Dating Derek Hale

Texting Derek to pick you up some food late at night

Liam Dunbar:

Dating Liam Dunbar

Imagine Malia, Liam And Mason Confronting You When They See You Getting Bullied

Imagine baking cupcakes with Liam

Malia Tate:

Imagine Malia, Liam And Mason Confronting You When They See You Getting Bullied 

The Avengers:

Peter Parker:

Dating Peter Parker Would Include…

Imagine Peter Trying To Make Conversation With You Because He Likes You