Great Lakes Brewing Co. - Lake Erie Monster Double IPA

On my national holiday IPA DAY! IPA DAY! IPA DAY!

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First off, let me state that I grew up in Cleveland, so I have a “thing” for GLBC. However, this doesn’t mean I won’t be critical of them.

This is my first time ever drinking this 2IPA and here’s what I think is going on. First, it smells of very sweet malts, light brown sugar, and carmel notes. The fruit notes consisit of pineapple and mango. There’s not as much hop aroma as I was expecting and the color is golden orange with a slight chill haze in the glass, and a white head.

As for the taste… it’s pretty well balanced but the two dominate things going on are the bitterness and sweetness. I’m not getting the most complex hop flavor, but it’s in there. The 9.1% is pretty well hidden. The ‘best by’ bottle date was late July, so it should still be holding up to standards.

Overall: it’s “OK”, but it doesn’t blow my socks off. I still prefer the Edmund Fitzgerald, Burning River Pale Ale, and of course, Chirstmas Ale, over this seasonal.

Bottom Line: Basic, average and bitter, but still tasty, so I say try it.