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Do you still think that texas kogane (and therefore keith) is korean/not white?

Dreamworks could hand me a birth certificate that says ‘keith ethan jacob jacobson jackson timothy van der waals alexander kogennedy the fifth, born in whiterson town, whitesville, whose ancestors booked it here on the mayflower’ and i’ll still say he’s korean. they will literally have to kill me before i give my boy (and his pa) up

dreamworks: keith is white

me: bad au op :/

This summer if you have the time off maybe try picking up a completely new language! The challenge lasts for however long your summer break lasts and you;

1) pick a completely new language you’ve never studied before

2) make a realistic goal for what you want to achieve out of this time (e.g. reading a beginning book in your target language, maybe having a short conversation with a native/advanced speaker, finishing a Duolingo tree etc)

3) commit to practicing it for a allotted time everyday (it could be 20 minutes to 2hrs everyday what matters is that you stick w/ it!)

4) immerse yourself in that language; listen to music and podcasts, watch movies and tv in your target language, change your tech to the target language-really surround yourself w/ the language

If you decide to take on this challenge make an intro post describing;

  •  who you are
  •  your target language
  • why you are choosing that language
  • what your goal is
  • how long you have for break/summer
  • tag it with #summer language challenge

Then every week

  • post abt something related to your target language (e.g. good movie you watched, cool words, accomplishments you made, vocab you learned etc)
  • post something in your target language (it can be anything)
  • progress on your goal(s)
  • tag it with #summer language challenge

At the end of your break make a post abt how you did. Hopefully you’ll have exceeded your expectations and gotten a solid foundation in your target language while having a series of posts that document your journey!

Join the Deliverance, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.
I’m like 2hrs into the game but man I feel bad for team mom Lukas already lmfao

one of the funniest parts of revenge of the sith is when palpatine is telling anakin about darth plagueis and anakin is like “is it possible to learn this power?” and sheev just SLOWLY turns his head towards anakin and it literally takes about 2 hours out of the 2hr 20m movie before he looks anakin in the eyes and says “not from a jedi”