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Top 5 favourite books (if books aren’t your thing, then top 5 favourite movies instead)
Oh god, umm.. Hitler’s Hangman, Alien Dawn, Cannibal Serial Killers (i went through a macabre stage but it was really good) Exquisite Corpse, The Juliette Society
What’s the best thing you’ve ever purchased?
Does Netflix count?
Favourite quote?
I’ve got lots of them, most of them are just things from Supernatural, or things my friends have said. Cant pinpoint something in particular.
Are you a city or countryside kinda person?
Do you have a guilty pleasure song? What is it?
Not really, but I do like Eminem a lot. (pls dont make fun of me)
What’s your favourite fantasy world from any movie, book or any other type of fiction and would you live there if you could?
Would supernatural count tbh
What’s the tastiest thing that you have ever cooked/baked?
I can’t even make ice
My questions.
I’m really bad at this but:
What’s your wallpaper right now and why? My lock screen on my phone is the picture of dean fixing castiel’s tie and my home screen is a poem!!
Song that you can listen on replay for hours? Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden
Do you like chocolate? What kind is your favorite? Yes!!!! Milk chocolate
If you could have any superpower which one would it be? To read minds
Which words would you like to be the last? “what if you were sucking a dick and it sucked you back”

so im just gonna tag people now k


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  • dislike: not a big fan of the theme :(
  • like: that url is rad
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  • dislike: there is a big lack of links? like for home and other things ?
  • like: the theme and the edits are godly
  • following: yeah!!!

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  • dislike: the theme
  • like: the url is kinda clever
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