Black Stoners, I have a question for y'all!

Why is it that ya’ll are afraid of glass and only smoke papers? All of my black friends prefer blunts and don’t smoke from bowls or bongs or ANYTHING. Meanwhile, I’ll just sit there STONED OFF MY ASS off of one hit from my steamroller (not really one hit but that’s not the point). Y'all end up having to spend so much money to get high, assuming on average a blunt is 2grams of weed and I’m just like

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“Please don’t hurt her”-Nate Maloley

You pulled into the daycare to pick you your daughter. You walked to her classroom and signed the checkout sheet. You saw her little eyes fill with light and joy when she saw you. She ran to you and couldn’t stop giggling with joy. “You ready to go home and see daddy”,you asked her. She nodded her head and she ran to the car. You buckled her in and drove home. You parked the car in the garage and got your princess from the back seat. You walked inside to see Nate wasn’t home. There was a note on the counter saying “Hey, went to the studio. See you around 6, love you baby”. You smiled at the note and walked into the living room. You turned on cartoons for your daughter and went to do your daily duties. You started dinner which was cheeseburgers and fries. “Momma I’m hungary”,you daughter said coming into the kitchen rubbing her belly. You giggled, “its almost ready. Go wash your hands okay”,you said. “Okay”,she said running to the bathroom.

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You heard the garage door open indicating Nate was finally home. “Daddy, you’re home!”,you daughter yelled with joy. She ran to him and leaped in his arms. He caught her and spun her around. “Oh, how I missed my girls”,Nate said kissing your daughter all over her face. She couldn’t stop giggling and neither could you. He put her down and put her in her highchair. You pick her plate in front of her and she began to eat. “Hi lil mama”,Nate said putting his arms around you. “haha, hey baby”,you giggled. “I missed you so much”,Nate said kissing you. “eww”,your daughter said covering her eyes. You both laughed and ate dinner. 

“Hey Nate, will you bring me your dirty clothes? I need to start a load of clothes”,you said from the laundry room. “Yea, here. Did you want me to give her a bath?”,he asked handing you the clothes. “Ugh your a saint”,you said in relief. “Alright stinky butt, come here”,Nate yelled. You laughed and began to put the clothes in the washer. You fished through the pockets making sure no lighters, blunts, or any pieces of papers because you didn’t want them getting ruined. You pulled out a piece of paper with some writing on it. It said: $1200, 2grams, 145 Quincy Street. He’s selling again. You started the laundry and went and sat in your bedroom. “Mommy, come kiss you goodnight”,you daughter yelled. ‘Coming baby”,you said wiping a tear. 

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“Did daddy read to you?”,you asked her. Nate noticed you had tear marks on your cheeks. . She nodded her head and you kissed her. “I love you”,you said. “I love more mommy”,she said turned on her music machine and turned off the light. You closed her door and walked to your bedroom. “Hey, whats wrong”,Nate said standing behind you. He kissed your neck and you took in the moment. “baby, tell me whats wrong and i’ll make it better”,he said in your ear. You turned around and put the piece of paper in his hand. “Can’t fucking believe you Nate. Not again, we’re doing so good”,you said walking into your bathroom. “Look, I’m not working for them anymore. They just needed one run and I needed the cash”,He said grabbing your hand making you turn around. “We have money, plenty of money”,you yelled. “Well not for what I needed”,he said. “What was so fucking important that you needed to do this again”,you said. “a wedding ring”,he said quietly looking down. “Baby, I told you that doesn’t symbolize our love, I’m always yours”,you said. “But i wanna make it known. I’m tired of people hitting on you. I want you to be mine”,he said. “Well did you even go to Quincy Street”,you asked. “Yea, I got the money. I’m going to get your ring tomorrow”,he said smiling. You couldn’t help but smile back at him, I mean look at those dimples. “C’mon baby lets go to bed”,he said taking your hand. You both got into bed and cuddled. “Goodnight baby”. “Goodnight lil mama”.

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A loud crash awoke you from your sleep. You shot up and heard more glass breaking. “Nate, baby wake up”,you said shaking Nate. “Wha-What is it baby”,he said not fully awake. “I heard something break downstairs”,you said softly. “Okay, let so go see”,he said. “Nate, please be careful”,you said worried. “Its probably just an tree hitting the window”,he said opening the door. You got up and walked to the end of the hallway. “Hey, c’mon man my familys here. Lets just take this somewhere else”,Nate said to someone in the dark. “Nate, is everything okay”,you said. You then felt someone grab you and put something against your neck. “Look, come on man just let her go okay”,Nate said panicking. “Did you sell on Quincy or not”,the other guy said. “I didn’t go, look heres your money and 2 grams”,Nate said giving him the stuff. “So you just take my money and weed and don’t even sell it”,the guy yelled. “Look man, I was desperate for money okay”,Nate said. The guy pulled out a gun and held it up to Nate’s head. “No, no please. He gave it back now please just let us go”,you pleaded. The guy holding the knife against your neck made his grip tighter. “Shut the fuck up bitch”,he said. You started crying and crying. “Nate, you know I don’t like people fucking lying to me”,the guy said. “Well, well, well looks like we’ve got a family here”,the guy said looking at picture frame. It was a picture of all of us on Christmas Day. “Find the kid”,he ordered on of his men. “Nooo please don’t hurt my baby”,you screamed. “What do you want, I gave you everything back”,Nate yelled. “Too late, you broke my trust Nathan”,he said. 

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You heard crying coming from your daughter’s room. “Mommy, mommy!”,she cried. “Daddy, I want my daddy”,she cried out. He brought her into the living room and she saw us crying too. “I’m scared”,she cried. “Its okay baby, daddy is gonna fix it”,you said. “Please don’t hurt her”,he said. “Yes Nate, fix it”,the guy said. “What do you want”,Nate said through his teeth. “Your wife is a fine catch”,he said. You were going to throw up. “I’ll let you all go, if she becomes mine. Or one of you can be shot”,he said. “Look I gave you everything back, now please let my family go. I’ll work for you again. I’ll do anything”,Nate pleaded. “No Nathan, that won’t work. “Bring the two girls over here please”,he instructed the two men holding you and your daughter. They tied you both to chair and tied your hands and feet. 

“Nate, please help us”,you cried. “mommy, hold me”,your daughter cried. “I can’t baby, I wish I could”,you said looking at her beautiful face. She kept crying and crying. “Now Nate, since you killed your trust with me, you must kill something”,he said pushing Nate in front of both of us. He handed a gun to Nate. “No, no I can’t. Kill me,kill me instead”,he said trying to hand the gun back to him. “Nope, you kill one of them. The love of your life or your little princess”,he said.

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Nate started crying and looked at both of us. Your daughter didn’t understand what was happening. You started crying and you looked at Nate. “Nate,just kill me”,you said. “She hasn’t lived yet, she needs to grow up and seek life”,you said. “I can’t do this, I love you. You’re my soulmate”,Nate said kissing you. “I know, but you’ll meet someone new and raise our princess”,you said smiling. “No, no I need you”,he said. “Nate, don’t choose me baby”,you said. “Will you please just choose one of the bitches”,he said. “Shut the fuck up”,Nate said. “Fine, we’ll choose for you”,he said. He pulled out the gun and shot your daughter. “Noooo, my baby”,you screamed. “Now, we’re even Nate”,he said leaving the scene with all his men. Nate untied you and you couldn’t believe your princess was gone. You fell to the floor crying uncontrollably. Nate held you and rocked you. “This is all my fault baby, I’m so sorry baby”,he said kissing you and crying. 

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The police came and you told them everything that happened. You laid in bed all day and all night for three days straight. Nate didn’t talk to you because he felt so guilty. Today was the day of the funeral. You got up and made yourself look presentable. You walked into the living room and flashbacks from that night just kept popping up in your head. Nate was standing there in the kitchen looking at the spot. “Ready”,you said. He smiled at you and nodded his head. 

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One year later

You and Nate were doing better since that night. You had to move out of that house. And you and Nate had become closer than ever. You still think of her every single day. You and Nate are talking about having another baby, but you didn’t want to replace her. And you didn’t want the baby to later think its  here just because their sibling died. We did want more kids after her. You’ve also you’ve been going on tours with Nate. The fans are the sweetest things ever. Nate loves them so much. Ever since the whole thing that happened, hes gotten closer with his fans. Making more and more events and tours.  He pretty much treats them like his own kids.