I totally wrote a hateful diary entry about Christina Ricci because she kissed Devon Sawa here AND in Casper. I wanted him SO BAD guys. So bad. I don’t want anything that bad anymore.

Some favorite comments from xoJane’s article on getting nostalgic over Now and Then. And they’re mostly about Devon Sawa, naturally. Suffice it to say: We feel the exact same way.

“I still to this day didn’t know if I wanted to bang Devon Sawa or BE him”

“Back when it first came out on VHS, my friends and I would always try to pause it at the exact moment Devon Sawa bends down in his towel in hopes we might ‘see something’. Pre teen pervs we were..”

“WE DID THAT SAME THING TOO!!!! And at the part where his clothes are stolen and he runs after the girls, and he jumps OVER the camera. As if a movie would intentionally capture film of a child’s penis. Oh god.”

“Also we rewound it about a thousand times trying to see the alleged dick shot. It probably wasn’t that big anyway.”

“It’s become one of those films that I’m so familiar and comfortable with that it is actually something of an old friend to me. Watching it makes me feel young (well, I’m young now, but definitely younger than I currently am), hopeful, and makes me remember that my "inner child” is always within me, and is there for me when I choose to embrace it.“