Skippin’ e'ryday keeps Dems happ-ay. 😉 #vansoul #fitness #skipping #2girls1van (at Tarragona, Spain)

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So after leaving the life and noise of the city we’ve headed an hour or so north, into the hills and mountains of Montseny. Using the scraps of the veg we have left along with our chickpeas and beans that took hours to soak, this is our dinner tonight. Chickpea, black leyed bean, red pepper and spinach curry with rice. Cooking extra as always for those second and third helpings! 😉🍚🍴 #vansoul #2girls1van #vanlife #vanmeals #vegan #veggie #spicyspicy (at El Montseny)

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A year ago, we left our flat moved back in with our folks and begrudgingly worked our asses off to save for what felt like a far off dream. After quitting our jobs 2 months ago we have worked on our beloved home on wheels ‘Voxy the Vauxhall’ preparing and planning for our 1 year journey around Europe. We have been putting it off but now we have finally taken the plunge. We have booked the ferry and now we are ready to explore and create many beautiful memories together as a couple.

Over the next year we want to take a more nomadic approach to life and discover what you actually need to be happy and fulfilled. You can follow our movement where we will be documenting our everyday van life from food, well being and fitness to natural beauty and creativity.

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All our love,

Amy & Demi

2 girls 1 van

We Got Jobs!!!!

Officially are workin woman again…makin dollars! The company is called BeStaff and pretty much they just text us when other venues need catering/banquet staff and we go there. Sooo last night for instance I was working at the Sky City Casino taking drink orders and bringing rich fellas beers. Pretty funny and making $15 dollars an hour!! Whoop Whoooop! And we are still working for food and accommodation at the hostel so life is good.

And probably the best news ever…got Dance Central for kinect in our staff apartment. Getting pretty dang good at it. So between cleaning, BeStaff, dancing, and exploring our lives our pretty full of funsies.

I do miss coffee though (sooo expensive here).

Until next time! Byeeeee

(Almost) Packed Up!

Well I do believe I have just about everything I am going to bring ready…and displayed so beautifully on my bed. So if your curious here are the goodies:

• 4 T-Shirts, V-Neck, Sleeping T
• 3 Nice Tanks, 2 Casual Tanks
• 2 Jeans, Cargo Pants, Leggings
• Black Dress Pants
• 2 Athletic Shorts, Jean Shorts
• 2 Trucker Hats, Winter Hat, Headbands
• 2 Dresses
• 1 Swim Suite, Instadry Towel
• 2 Sweatshirts, Sweatpants
• Fleece Jacket, Wind Jacket
• Socks and such…..
• Flip Flops, Boat Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Hiking Boots, Cute Boots
• Sleeping Bag
• Handkerchief, Laundry Sac
• Sunglasses, Sunblock
• Toiletries
• 2 Books, Notebook, Journal
• Water-bottle
• Camera, I-pad, MP3 Player
• Flashlight, Headlamp
• Frisbee, Ball, Cards
• Harmonica (:
• Purse/Drawstring
• Visa/Identification and Certifications crap
• Backpack

• AND A Best Friend!

Have currently not tried to fit all of this in my suite case…but power of positive thinking right?? If anything I’ll just wear it ALL on the plane.

In less than 13 days Gina and I will be off on one slightly crazy adventure…backpacking around New Zealand for a year. With the time dwindling down we have done pretty much everything in our power to creep the bagebbies out of NZ including but not limited to:
*Talked to the head ref at the Auckland Ice Arena in hopes we can get involved with hockey over yonder
*Watched an unnecessary amount of sheep herding videos so if the chance presents itself we’ll know what to do
*Booked our first two nights in hostel!
*Came up with a clever name for ourselves
*Asked randoms from Auckland to be our friend on Facebook (did I really just admit to that?
*Researched how much it will cost to drink over there
*Found our dream campervan… Have not bought it though

Sooo even though we have no jobs, no place to stay after night two, and no outlook for what’s next, we at least know where the nearest bar is and how many sheep are in NZ.

Life is good!