Dark Knight Rises trailer.

It’s definitely NOT a car. WHOA.

TV is awesome. Movies are more like an episode of BLOSSOM.

First thing’s first…I apologize if you were led here by the misleading BLOSSOM tease. Alas, I will not be spending these pixels praising the understated genius of Michael Stoyanov, who sadly doesn’t even have a profile photo on IMDB. Long live Anthony Caruso!

What I will be doing is talk about what’s looking like a Golden Age for scripted television…and a Poo-Brown Age for narrative film-making (sorry for the bowel imagery). 

Is it just me, or does television kick late-Marlon-Brando-sized ass right now? Let me list off a few shows that have been rocking the tube as of late: BREAKING BAD, MAD MEN, GAME OF THRONES, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, COMMUNITY, MODERN FAMILY. That’s just my top list ofshows…and doesn’t include the dozens of other shows that are just as brilliant.* This doesn’t even include some of the best shows of the last five years.

Although as short as it is, it’s a pretty damn impressive collection. All in wildly different genres on wildly different networks. All with their own distinctive styles. The one thing they all have in common(apart from incredible production value) is how well they tell stories. They all remain true to their characters without being afraid of pushing them to unfamiliar (often uncomfortable) territory.

We’re used to TV pandering to us. That’s what’s so appealing about reality TV. I love hissing at “villains” and cheering on “heroes” on TOP CHEF and THE REAL HOUSEWIVES (of blahbittyblah) or laughing at the ridiculousness of the JERSEY SHORE folk. However, scripted, narrative television is something altogether different. Willing and eager to give their characters more dimension. Showing characters we love in an unappealing light (MODERN FAMILY loves to do this). Giving “villains” just cause (Every episode of BREAKING BAD). Making everything morally murky (BOARDWALK EMPIRE is the murkiest around). Right now, television is simply…AWESOME. 

Movies on the other hand…Where to start?

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