QueenCobbleFreeze Masterlist!

-I get asked for this a lot so here you go!

Oswald x Reader fluff-

Why doesn’t he love me? Oswald has been keeping you a secret for a while, ignoring you in public and all you want is to shout your love from the rooftops

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A Gift- Oswald cant resist buying you the kitten you become attached to after dragging him into the pet shop

The Scent of Love- Oswald takes you perfume shopping

Marry Me- Its the evening before the attack on Galavan and Oswald has a very important question for you

Mr Cobblepots Penguin- You steal a Penguin from the zoo for Oswald, he doesn’t see the funny side until he’s convinced otherwise

Tea for TwoYou take a lonely walk, only to spend your day with an unexpected handsome stranger.

My Treasure-   You await Oswald’s release from Arkham, but he isn’t the man you once knew

Tuna Sandwiches-  You comfort a nervous Oswald at the Eye Doctors

Other fluff-

Little Oswald and Gertrude- The ZooGertrude takes Oswald to the Zoo where he encounters a Penguin for the first time, hiding her emotion from her own sadness, she focuses on her son’s happiness

Selina Kyle x Male Reader- Alley Cat - Its your anniversary and Cat has a gift for you 100% fluff

Edward x Male Reader- In his arms- After a hard time at work Edward soothes you

Edward x Reader- Warmth- Ed takes care of you after learning you have a cold

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The Price of a Life (Wonwoo angst/fluff, FallenAngel!AU)

Happy Vitamin (Joshua fluff I think?)

In Every Life (Jun angst/fluff, Blind!AU, Soulmate!AU)

You’re Welcome (Wonwoo Fluff; HighSchool!AU, College!AU)

Last Chance (Joshua Fluff, Predebut!AU)

Christmas Eve Shenanigans (Seungcheol Fluff)

Christmas Confession (Hoshi Fluff)

Prince Series:

Prince Seungcheol

Prince Jeonghan

Prince Jun

Prince Wonwoo

Prince Jihoon

Prince Mingyu

Prince Vernon

Husband Series:

Husband Minghao

Husband Vernon


Sweet Lavender (Wonwoo):

1 I 2

Cookie Dough (Taehyung):

1 I 2

Extra Ordinary (Hansol/Vernon):

Prologue I 1 I 2


Ambrosius Academy (Joshua): Completed 

1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I Epilogue

A Series of Fortunate Events (Mingyu):

1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6


Creatures of the Night (Yoongi):

1 I 2 I 3 I 4

Crimson Snowdrop (Wonwoo):

1 I 2 I 3



Reaction to them making you cry during a fight

You’re insecure about wearing summer clothes

Seventeen tries to scare you, you try to beat them up

Reaction to Seeing You for the First Time

Reaction to a makeup queen 

Reaction to YOU kissing them

Reaction to a literary kind of girl

Reaction to you being a little shaky with your Korean

Reaction to seeing your sleeping face

Reaction to you never having been kissed

Long drive home for Christmas

Reaction to you hanging mistletoe everywhere

How SVT would be on your honeymoon

Gross Habits that they have

Reaction to you always having cold hands


Reaction to you wanting children

Reaction to someone attractive at a fansign

New Years with BTS

Most to Least likely to care if their s/o is conventionally attractive

BTS thinks your pretty but you don’t speak korean

All other AUs:

Bad Boy Wonwoo

Female Hoshi

Text Convos:


Your phone is dead but Dino thinks you are dead 

Seungcheol learning that checking the convo he’s sending messages to is important

Vernon’s Masculinity 

Y/N and the Hyungs (ft Jun’s crush being betrayed) 

You rock a santa beard and Woozi puts it on his snapchat story

Hoshi and your period

Mingyu’s Confession

Greaseball Jun

Maknae line group chat (ft Dino’s crush being betrayed)

Confessing to best friend Hoshi : pt 1 I pt 2

Jealous Woozi

You like Jeonghan and it gets out : pt 1 I pt 2

Jihoon is overworking himself

Visiting Vernon


Needy Yoongi on tour



hello! since it’s the holiday season (and i would like to buy some things for my loved ones) i’m deciding to open up commissions! you can see the prices above, but here are some extra things:

colored lineart - +$2extra characters - $4 per characterbackgrounds (limited to simple things, because i’m not really experienced with backgrounds) - +$3
traditional art: same prices as above! digital art is standard, but i’m very willing to do traditional art as well!

i’m willing to draw anything (ocs, real people, characters, etc.) except the following (simply due to inexperience):

mecha / armor / robots (this one is negotiable, it depends on the complexity of the design)really heavy nsfw (i can draw most nsfw things, but no actual sex scenes please!)anthro characters

if you would like to contact me for commissions or other information, please email me at crvptozoology.art@gmail.com ! there will be three commission slots to start out with. here are examples of my art: tumblr , instagram

even if you can’t afford a commission, please reblog this and spread it around! it would really help me out <3