donate to cat money

hey! i’m catherine monetizeyourcat, a radical trans lesbian whose online presence people seem to feel pretty strongly about. i’m sort of broke and struggling and need help.

me and my partner of 8 years are separating. we’re still on good terms and we’re neither of us thrilled with the situation, but honestly we’re both better off moving away from the relationship we had. it stopped being great for either of us emotionally a while ago.

here’s the thing: that separation can’t involve me staying here. we kind of tried that and it just didn’t work. for a variety of reasons i need to move. the tricky part of that is that we don’t really have money. we’d barely have enough to move both of us, and moving one of us requires us both to replace shared things and have money on hand to take care of unexpected challenges.

spouse has enough money to cover that on their end, but i don’t. i have $19; i’m not confident i’ll be able to eat in seattle, let alone replace vital things like my desk and chair, pay for medication, or take public transit.

i have friends who often help me with things like this, and their generosity is the only reason i’m still alive right now, but their resources are limited and getting me out of the situation i’m currently in has taken most of what they have. i’m safe, but only just.

i will be launching a patreon later, along with a number of new sale items, to help stabilize my situation further - a lump sum is only going to go so far, i need a stable income and the only work i’m good at is shit for that. but for right now, i am probably going to be able to spend every cent that comes into my hands on making my life less of a medical, social, and emotional disaster. quinn, my spouse’s gf and a dear friend of mine, has agreed to help handle the money with her paypal account, so i’m going to ask you send donations to her in my name.

it would mean a lot to me if you could donate whatever you can to keep me afloat, and maybe signal boost whether or not you can donate.

thanks, everybody!

help my friend caroline

hey! a friend of mine has recently had to deal with her parents spying on her, sending her to an extremely hostile therapist for Gender Shit, and in general she faces a pretty grim situation. a lot of people in her life have been betraying her trust to her parents and she has a lot of good reasons to be paranoid. she asked me to relay this:

hi im caroline, im a 22 year old unemployed trans woman and im in some desperate need of help. i was recently outed to my parents who were less than supportive and very abusive and i’ve been put into a position where i have to either go through everyday of my life being belittled and denied my identity by my parents or turn my back and make it on my own and i think that’s what i have to do. im moving across the country and i already have a place to stay and roommates lined up but i only have about one months rent to my name and a kind of unclear schedule on when i’ll be able to even start looking for a job in my new area as well as having other expenses such as food and a new phone because im ditching my old one to fully drop off the map. i’d appreciate any kind of help at all.

please help! donate and signal boost!

money up a quinn

hey, guys! for a little while i’ve been lucky to have quinn as part of my life. she’s 19, currently getting the fuck out of lubbock tx, and a struggling gay radical trans lady from a weird and shitty class background. and i don’t know if you know how it is having a really unstable relationship to capital and no fucking money! but bills just sort of come out of nowhere and eat everything. you start to sort of hate yourself for eating or breathing. it’s brutal! it’s the worst shit.

she lost $500 today, for the privilege of using shit she thought she had already paid for. but haha, you jumped through the wrong hoops, so fuck you, pay us! that has run her completely out of money. she’s had to sell clothes and appliances, and throw out a lot of shit with sentimental value but no resale value, because she can’t pay to move more than a suitcase cross-country.

quinn is getting the fuck out of lubbock because being a trans lady in a small town in north texas is basically hell. she’s got that much taken care of! but after that she’s broke.

if you have money, i would really, really appreciate it if you would donate to her. it would be really nice if she could actually eat hot food, see doctors, and have a phone. whether or not you do it would mean a lot to me if you reblogged this.

let’s make things less fucking awful for one of the most wonderful women i know

Support Gender of the Day with a Christmas donation!

Hey followers! Merry Christmas Adam Eve-Eve!

I have a paypal donation box now, and it would mean the world to me if you gave a little something! I honestly, errr, kind of broke the bank this holiday season with gifts for the important people in my life, and I’m not in any extremely serious trouble, but it would make things so much easier for me if I had something to patch up the hole that is my bank account!

If you like what I do on this blog, I’d love if you showed some holiday generosity tumblr! Thank you so much everyone for making this year so great for gender exploration! Merry christmas and happy holidays to the 72,066 of you who have joined me on this silly gender journey so far!

January 2015 HOROSCOPES!

**Pre Note Note**

I am working towards setting up my own website of astrology and advice for the New Year and hope that by February, you will be enjoying a new set-up with me! Feel free to send me some love questions!

If you feel moved to leave a donation toward the making of these horoscopes, anything is welcome and everything is appreciated. Here is the Link:


Sorry I am bad at making buttons.


Dear Rabbits of the Four Corners,

This time around I am writing the letter first, trying so hard to pull myself back into the cosmos. My best friend (who is the Prince of Pluto) taught me once that we are never lost from our orbit. But, one cannot help feeling lost. Or let go. It’s the crux of a painful season for many of us. We’ve survived the open wound of the holidays and the darkest night of the year. I try to remember that the light keeps coming on more and more (one day at a time).

I’m listening to Mazzy Star, keeper of the softest hearts, (Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star is a Cancer which makes every sense there is) and sucking up WIFI at the Brighton Beach Starbucks. A weirder Starbucks more full of criminal Russian elements there never was! Why I just stole a bottle of juice.

This is the year of the blue wooden goat. I don’t know about you but I’ve never known a year to have a color. I’m glad it’s blue because I’ve been blue for years. The goat is gregarious, gets things done in her own way: steady with faith. I’ve heard that the only way to receive the treasures of this universe is to stay open so I’m trying and I hope you are too. In that spirit, I am sending the goat’s fortitude in your direction. And her grace.

                                                          With Blue Love and Dark Light,
                                                                             Galactic Rabbit



 When we were young things, we obsessed freely. We bought one cd and, lying in our secret beds, listened to it on loop until it was useless. Posters of our idols covered our walls and the names of crushes filled up our notebooks. We bent the spines of books over and over like tireless lovers, committing their bodies to memory. It’s harder now to love that way. Our attention is stretched so thin and we know too much about the nature of beauty, its limitations. What can you do, at this age, with such an ardent heart? This month, think about obsession like a wand of honey dripping into the cup of your life: sweet in small doses, overwhelming in large ones and sticky when it spills over into the wrong places. The opening of a new year is a great time to begin moving steadily towards what moves you. Romance ideas and lovers alike, Aquarius. Drip a little honey at a time until it tastes just right.



“Everyone is mad at me but I’m just telling the truth,” my mother, the Capricorn, has more than once complained to me. Despite feeling like a broken record, I have each time replied: “No one needs your truth. They have their own.” With Mars knocking on your door after leaving Capricorn’s house, it might be a good time to evaluate how you connect with others. Mars’s bold energy might have you wanting to tell everyone exactly what you think of them and why but, Pisces, rein that impulse in. There are few souls in this world that can hold two truths in their hearts. If you’re weighed down by your perceptions, Pisces, if your disillusionment is a heavy brass ring around your neck, consider the benefit of transforming your truth into your compassion. Start with love, start with listening. Then be firm and gentle when it’s your turn to speak.


Did last month near wipe you out? Capricorn’s work ethic mixed with your drive must have had you working harder than anyone likes to work in the holiday season. Well, with Mars sliding into Pisces in the middle of this month, you might find you can breathe a little easier. Don’t get me wrong; the work keeps coming on, as it must. But, you have never been afraid of a little work have you Aries? No. Work keeps you moving, keeps you alive. What brings you down is tedious drudgery. Well, get ready for the influence of Pisces’s cosmic consciousness! You’ve done the legwork and now it’s time to dream, to complicate, and make new what has felt stuck and stagnant. The pleasure you will find from this creative time will give you a great balm for whatever ails you. Keep yourself open to visions, Sweet One. This is a world that refuses to give up on you, no matter how tired your body, how bad your hand or how broken your heart.


The bull runs again in my heart, Taurus. How wide is the sky where you are? How open is that field? I want to run with you until running is a kind of flying. I want to roll in the dark grass of our sadness until it is just a small indent in the earth—something we can walk away from. Want, I have found, is only half the journey. We must, unfortunately, make room for seeing what we have and what can be salvaged thereof. This month, air elements will surround you with their influence and you will feel (what relief) diplomacy and peace where you once felt a burning hole in your chest. This month, you might find yourself in service to beauty, a work you find safety and comfort it. Just be careful that you don’t retreat so far into the diplomatic recesses of your mind that you forget your body with its beautiful desires. Always there, that want you feel is as essential as logic and twenty times more powerful.


There is nothing sure in this world, my Twin Star. I want to write that you’re “practically another person,” but that’s not right. You’ve been journeying toward your truest self and the closer you get the harder the walking becomes. Personal journeys are never easy but transformations take energy, the kind of energy you’ve got less and less of. Thankfully, this month Mercury (your planet) slips softly into methodical Capricorn and you might find yourself with a little more time. For two weeks Mercury will move slow and direct in the sky, and you can feel free to do the same—being careful with your actions and agreements. You might find yourself re-thinking your relationships, re-evaluating your work, re-tracing the steps that got you where you are. This behavior will fit hand in glove with Mercury’s retrograde motion at the end of the month. Twin Star, the trick now is to look forward and act like you’re sure you’re where you should be. The rest will come.


Soft bright heart, what could non-individual success mean to you? The whole working with the help of its parts: one red kite, paper, string, and sticks, rising as if weightless in the air. What does the whole look like for you? Perhaps it looks like your family or maybe your workspace. Perhaps it’s a non-traditional relationship. However you define it, this month will ask you to surrender to it, to find pride and relief in working toward something bigger and beyond yourself. This might require a little divinity, a little more faith than you have on hand. It’s your challenge to find more, to press the most vulnerable parts of you against whatever difficulties come. Just think about how January opened: the moon full in Cancer. It filled your heart with more than you thought you could bear but you’re here, unbreakable. The moon is light and darkness, consort to the sun and the sea. If faith is transferrable from one star to another, then I want you know I have faith in you.


 Not many people know that there are days you have trouble speaking. Words come, but they’re not the words you want, not the ones you intended. You want people to perceive the nurturer in you, but not so much that they use you. It’s a tough balancing act and your soft secret self gets tired, resentful, retreats. It might feel safe in the quiet cave of your solitude but it’s debilitating too, feeling like your lesser self. Loneliness is not for you—no matter how good it sounds. You are not that kind of animal. This is why it’s so hard for you to let go of intimate relationships in your life, even when you perceive their detriment to your wellbeing. It takes so long for you to truly open up, then it’s over. You might ask: what’s all this work for anyway?! It doesn’t matter what it’s for. Losing is ok. Starting over is ok. Solitude is ok. Love is a work no one has made simple. Learn to love the work for how it changes you and teaches you what living is.


Recently I was reading up on ruling planets, as one does. Under Mercury (who rules Virgo and Gemini), I found this description: “Virgos take control of their world by establishing hierarchies that they alone understand.” I am thinking about this description as we enter the New Year. What hierarchies have you constructed in your life? Have you found yourself unable to communicate your needs because you yourself have set them aside for the sake of something you deemed more valuable? Perhaps this past year has been an emotional roller-coaster for you, and you spent all of winter running from one promising adventure to another. Now that it’s January, you find yourself wondering what you were searching for to begin with. With Mercury still in Capricorn and slipping into retrograde, there’s no better time to figure that out. Start slow, Virgo, start with the parts of yourself you set aside, they’re more valuable than you’ve admitted to yourself.


It’s easy, sometimes, to forget how our hearts work. We get busy; we make plans and get through the day. Whatever stones collect in our throats, we push them down with whiskey or coffee or someone else’s stones, anything we can find. When it comes to our emotions, we are at times wild with our avoidance but avoidance brings us little relief. You can’t, after all, go through life collecting the weight of secret sorrow until you sink into the ground. The ground, that stubborn thing, keeps refusing you. This month, you might be tempted to put mind over matter yet again and, although the planets will support your choice, I encourage choosing otherwise. Use this slow and thoughtful January to spend some time figuring out how to care for whatever wounds you’ve chosen to ignore for the sake of getting through. Let yourself remember the workings of your secret heart, it’s necessary work, it’s the only work that matters.


Scorpio, I write to you and to myself. To every Scorpio I have ever loved and love still. You are my closest witch-sister, the hawk and the phoenix, the scorpion and the snake. You recklessly sacrifice yourself on night’s alter again and again just to feel the pulse of power that lies there. You die and resurrect. You are no more a woman than Christ was a man. There are laws in this universe. There are things we cannot bury beneath the velvet of each other’s bodies. There is a girl inside you whose hand you let go of every time you choose to ignore that. I don’t know who ever taught you that love is enough to save you. It’s not enough. Not unless you start with yourself. Not unless you are the animal that loves you. So be the animal that loves you. Whatever has held you back from being the one you’ve been waiting for—let it go or drown.


This is the year everything falls into place! That feels nice to hear doesn’t it? I wish I could guarantee the truth of that statement—alas I’m not a fortune-teller, just a girl with some clairvoyance in her blood. What I can do, is tell you that this month offers you the chance to make better use of your workspace; make better time of your calendar. All these endless errands and small fights have a way of catching up with you and they don’t serve you. Not the part of you that matters anyway. You’re a dreamer. Perhaps there’s a dream you forgot to aspire to. An opportunity you forgot to give yourself. Are you really so busy or do you keep busy so that you might not have to spend too much time wondering what’s missing? I know you’re a tough critic Archer. I admire that about you. Problem is, you don’t give yourself a chance! Put your tireless determination and work ethic to good use and turn it toward yourself. Take charge of all your rituals; let your life be more again.


How can a sign whose planet (Saturn) influences so many, feel so pressed upon by circumstance beyond her control? The weight of this world wasn’t meant to sit on your shoulders alone. Isn’t a time of great loss the perfect time to love more? Oh Sea-Goat, I don’t think that you feel powerless. All around you there are lovers and friends who come to you easily and without hesitation. Do you let them? You have won the admiration of many with your good and generous presence, your quick full laugh and easy gait. Yet you feel unable to fully trust in the connections you make and it is this distrust that separates you, keeps you isolated and unsure of your best qualities. You are right to be discerning, to hold your secrets close. You are right to wait before you let the right ones in. The only catch is that sometimes you wait too long. Sometimes in the course of all that discerning, you lose your belief in magic, in trusting the good to come to you.


*****I would like to send a special shout out to Katie Jaeger of Angst Cat who is amazing. You should check out the Angst Cat Tumblr here: 


donate 2 cat money

hey! it’s cat “moneycat” money. my living situation has sort of fallen apart. i economized what i had pretty well but my emergency fund from april has evaporated, my roommates are shorter on rent sooner than they figured they would be, and i’m currently letting a lot more medical and personal shit go than i should.

to put it bluntly, i need money really bad. my share of rent is a couple of hundred that i don’t have, i didn’t wind up getting a bike before my sundries fund evaporated, and i don’t expect to have EBT for long enough to cause me problems paying for food and rent at the same time. the people i’d turn to in these emergencies are, by unfortunate coincidence, themselves in tight spots right now.

please give what you can and signal boost. i know not everyone can swing the patreon thing but if you can swing anything at all it’d be really helpful.

thank you!

Help us out for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and the girl I’m in love with lives on the other side of the country. That’s over 2,500 miles away. I already have most of the money I need to go visit her; but if some of you guys would be kind enough to help us with the rest by donating at least a dollar or something, I will love you forever. The only reason I’m asking for help is because it would be great to finally be with her on Valentine’s Day, I’m just falling a little short, but that’d be incredible. The button to donate is in my bio or you can just click the link above. 

Thank you guys and have a good day. 😘☺️
I hate that I have to do this but

I’m a homeless, mentally ill trans woman and I only  have 41 dollars to my name. I should have a home waiting for me in August hopefully but if it turns out I do not I need help. I set up this paypal so I can hopefully get some help and support while I’m going through tough times. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I would really really appreciate it.

If you can’t help money-wise please reblog this, I don’t have many folks to turn to so please.

I need your help

Hello there Tumblr. As some of you may know I have been kicked out of my house for being gender queer. My mother has given me no support in paying for anything and my job has cut my hours to basically nothing. I have no money to eat, buy my personal things, or take care of my senior payments for school. I’m lucky enough to be living with a friend but this ends in May after graduation. I am in desperate need of money and every cent counts. If you could take the time to help me out or signal boost this it could mean my next meal. Thank you everyone.

i need a little help from my friends
help me noraa sue with my utilities & food troubles plz!

hey again friends :/ i know i make one of these like once every other month but i need some help again…

mostly i need to garner some help for utilities (electricity&internet) and food. i haven’t ben paying any utilities for awhile but we had some unexpected “security deposits” so we need all the help we can get for those (these range in the 100′s of $) and we also have about three or so people living mostly on my foodstamps alone so by halfway into the month we’re all totally out of food…

i know i ask a lot, but if you could find a spare dime or just the time to reblog this, i’d be incredibly grateful. thanks much :)
noraa sue

URGENT: help us get our van fixed!

hey y'all - 

the alternator on the van that my mom gave to jess and i to use in richmond, va to get around just broke. the cost of fixing this is at least $400 for labor + the part itself. 

i really have nothing to say except for we’re really fucking broke and are gonna try to get this fixed as soon as possible. i’m out of town right now but jess needs a vehicle to get around in this hot ass weather, we also have a dog and live with jess’s dad. we all need support getting around. 

right now i don’t have much but i have about $200 to put towards this, if folks can donate a few bucks so that we can at least have $400 to start putting into the car that would be great. in 2/3 weeks i can even try to pay some of y'all back! you just have to let me know. 

thanks so much y'all. i’m so stressed about this right now - anything would be helpful.

please reblog and share. thanks again.


help me pay for an ID with my new name!

hey everyone! i’m noraa, an agender trans girl, and as you might be aware i recently got my name changed as part of my transition. i am now legally the name i hear in my head and which people call me.

that’s really great but it means i have to get a new ID/drivers license since my current one still has my old name on it and is technically invalid now. and in my state (washington) getting a new license costs around $80, and there’s no way to get it waived through being low income (i tried).

so, reluctantly, i’m asking for help to pay for it. any amount at all would be a huge help to me and i would appreciate it so much. and i also totally understand if you can’t give anything, or if you can only signal boost this, which i would love. thank you so much for taking the time to even read this. thank you, thank you.

we are getting out of our shitty house! please help us.

hey y'all,

some of y'all may know that we’ve been dealing with constant issues with our housing over the past several months: mold, mice infestation, foundational issues, electrical issues… and unfortunately, our landlord has not been responsive to our concerns. 

we already have chronic pain and other health issues to deal with and moving into this house we thought it would be a more accessible option to our previous living situation. but the constant stress and feelings of being unsafe have outweighed some of the pros of our current place. 

we have found a place we hope will be better and we need assistance with moving costs. we are already selling some of our belongings that we just can’t transport or afford to take with us. 

if you have a few dollars to spare, please consider donating and please share regardless of your capacity to give. 

Please Help Jake!

(kinda old pictures ;; )

This is my best friend Jake. We met in my freshman year of high school when I decided to sit out of P.E. because I didn’t feel like swimming, and I brought up the courage to compliment his Homestuck jacket. From there we just became more and more close and now I can’t imagine a life without him. Jake has gone through a lot of difficult things in his life (he was adopted, and has depression and anxiety). Recently, his stepmother has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and it is most likely terminal.

External image

^This is Kim, Jake’s Mom. She runs a hair salon here in Dublin (California)^

His dad has had to quit his job to take care of his family, and because of this they are becoming low on money. Even if its just a little bit, any amount of money would help tremendously. If you can’t donate, then spread the word, please. Jake means the world to me and I want the best for him..


If you live around the bay area, please come to Kim’s Cut-a-thon and Raffle! All funds go to Kim’s cancer fund. Another fundraiser is the “Smoke N Bones” at Gallagher’s in Dublin.

Also, I do oto.ini commissions. From now on, the money I get from my commissions will go to Jake and his family.

Online Payment, Merchant Account - PayPal
PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay online without revealing your credit card number.

Hey everyone! 

I need a little help here as my bank account has gone into the red zone and I have no way of making money right now. While its not urgent at the moment, I would like to be in a safe zone with my account, so please consider donating!

I also offer commissions right over here!!! 

Anybody able to help me out?

So. Last night, my computer died. Flat-out hard drive death, it looks like, unfortunately.

This puts me in a difficult spot. I don’t have the money to repair or replace my laptop, and I almost certainly won’t for the foreseeable future. Which is really rough for me, because me, because my laptop was kind of central to a lot of things I did- it was a big part of how I’ve been handling my depression and anxiety, it’s key to my social life, it’s how I look for jobs, it’s how I get my writing done. I feel a little isolated here under normal circumstances, but especially so without my laptop. It’s kind of a cornerstone of my life and my coping skills.

So, I apologize for this, but I feel like I’ve got very few options left available to me, so I’d really appreciate it if people would consider kicking me a few bucks on Paypal to help out buying a new computer. I can’t really offer too much in return, unfortunately, but I know a lot of people enjoy my blog and seem to like the stuff I’ve written, so if you feel like donating or signal boosting this, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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