this is the king video of cringe. IF IT WERE CANON, GARNET WOULD KILL FRISK/CHARA. Garnet was shown to attack larger things in canon. And 2edgy frisk kills steven. Please kill me.

“Hurr this iz my skele oc and hurr name is Electra and she’s souper powerferl but dohsent like using her powers buttcuz she loves everyone in the underground and everyone in dee underground loves hurr. Sge’s part cat and has cat ears and says nya a lot especially at Sans he always nyas back at her. She’s dating Sans and they luhv eachother and she’s also dating Papyrus and she has memtatmatons legs, but dere !111!!1100000% better. She hats undybe because undiner is jellyous of her becuase everyone loves her and her cooookieing is so much butter than hers. Dis is my orgibinal character DONUT STEAL!!!!11!!!!1!!!”

I have done a very bad thing.

69/10 Congrats :^) ~Mod Paps