A 3DS/2DS & ANIMATES IN 2D

If you have created a “My Nintendo” account, Nintendo’s new rewards website, you can download “Flipnote Studio 3D” for FREE until April 30th, 2016! Animate or even plan animations on the go! :D You can even export your animations as an AVI or GIF file!!

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To sign up for a “My Nintendo” account, just go to :)

This guy is ready for Smash Bros. 3DS ⊟

Loopy, the same bloke who brought us video capture boards for the 3DS, is showing off a GameCube controller adapter mod he whipped up for a 2DS.

“What I do to amuse myself. I re-purposed an old capture board. Along with the standard buttons, the GC analog stick is also mapped to the 3DS d-pad. C-stick also goes to Y/X/B/A.”

You can watch a video of him playing Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition with the controller after the break.

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She just beat her first Zelda ⊟

“Can I play again?” Too adorable. It looks like she played The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on her 2DS, which is a great game worth crying over. Maybe her parents will download Link’s Awakening for her next?

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